Independent eyebrows

Paint the eyebrows the procedure, which is done in all beauty salons. At first it seems that it makes no sense to pay money for what can easily be done at home. However, this procedure only at first glance seems simple. If you doubt that you will be able to make painting the eyebrows, it is best to seek help from a professional.

Figure 1. Eyebrow

Often girls daily brows with a pencil. This method is harmless, painless, but ineffective. If the hairs become wet or girl accidentally touches their hand, you can get or streaks, or smeared eyebrows. Therefore, the eyebrows is a good way to deal with such annoying inconveniences.

Preparation for dyeing eyebrows

You can make coloring eyebrows independently. If the procedure is carried out in the home, from the point of view of financial costs will significantly cheaper, but it will require great care. In advance you can watch a few videos to have an idea about this procedure.

First we need to determine the paint. The choice is not so big, but in specialized stores you can offer a mixture of:

  • disposable;
  • reusable;
  • gel;
  • powdered.

Preparation for dyeing eyebrows

Poor mix at best, may not produce the desired effect. Much worse, if it will damage the hairs or the skin will get a chemical burn. Ecological dyes are henna and Basma. Plus, they contribute to the strengthening of hairs. Now there are many hypoallergenic paints which are not only safe, but also offer a wide range of shades.

In no case should not take hair dye for eyebrows. Reviews of girls that have tried, urge to refrain from this method. Naturally, the hairs will not fall out, but the result is unlikely to please.

The color should be chosen to match the hair, however blondes are considered the exception. If you have dark hair, it is recommended to choose paint in a lighter tone. If you are blonde, you the opposite. Brunette perfect shades of brown. Red-haired girls are encouraged to pick up the paint Terra-cotta color.

Typically, the paint is sold with the necessary accessories. If for some reason they do not, you will need:

  • For mixing ceramic or glass bowl. The paint contains an oxidizer, so a metal container is not recommended.
  • For paint – brush for eyelashes or cotton swab.
  • To prevent getting paint on the skin – gloves, cloak on the shoulders.
  • To remove excess paint – rich cream, cotton pads.

If paint no accessories, it’s not terrible. However, if the set has no instructions, it is best not to buy this paint.

Not recommended for colouring of eyebrows to those girls who have a tendency to inflammatory diseases of the eye.

In this case, you should consult with specialists and to pay special attention to the choice of colors.

Self coloring eyebrows

Self coloring eyebrows

Before painting you must make sure that the shape of the eyebrow suits you. If not, you first need to adjust the shape and remove excess hairs. Sometimes on the shape of the eyebrows work after staining. It is appropriate in that case, if you have very light hairs and difficult to consider.
After that you should prepare the mixture for painting. All the ingredients you need to mix well until smooth and immediately apply on the eyebrows. Not that the mixture idle. Pre the skin around your eyebrows, it is recommended to grease fat cream, to then easily remove the excess paint.

Paint for eyebrows apply a thick layer along the shape. Do not expect the end result to erase the unwanted paint, it should be done immediately. So you need to be very careful while applying the mixture.

Usually in the instructions for use specify how long to keep paint on the eyebrows. It mainly depends on the desired effect: the longer, the darker or richer the color will be.

Before you wash off the paint, you must first wipe it dry with a cotton pad and then removed with running water.

Very often it happens that, together with the hairs was painted and leather. To resolve this, you can try to wipe the skin swab with a fat cream. Perfect eyebrows visible in the photo before and after the procedure (Fig.1).

After staining it is recommended to lubricate the eyebrows nourishing creams or oils.