How to increase eyelashes: secrets procedures

Every girl’s dream – it’s incredibly expressive eyes and a mysterious, seductive look from under long bushy eyelashes. However, not everyone can boast of such a gift of nature. Therefore, modern beauty using this popular method, as eyelash. Interestingly, this does not have to visit a beauty salon. All you can do at home and at a convenient time for you. How to increase eyelashes by yourself?

Extended eyelashes

The essence eyelash

At the moment, the eyelash is considered somewhat unusual, even quite exotic procedure. But the conventional gluing of the eyelashes, which is a consolidation of false eyelashes with special cosmetic glue, familiar to any girl. In essence, these two procedures are very similar. The difference is that we are increasing our eyelashes paste, or one, or in small bundles.

The types of eyelash extensions

How to increase eyelashes? The process of eyelash extensions consists of several distinct phases. The first thing to master in the beauty salon removes make-up from client. To cope with this task helps special skin degreasing agent. Another important point is the choice of colors and length increasing of eyelashes.

The process of eyelash extension is simple and easy. It consists in the fact that the wizard with the help of special tweezers with curved ends attaches to the base of your eyelashes artificial eyelashes. Do not be afraid of the term “artificial” as extended lashes made from natural hair.

A few words about the types of eyelash extensions

How to increase eyelashes? Experts distinguish two kinds of capacity. Each of them has its advantages.

The first is to build each cilia (poresnichnoe). The founders of this method considered the Japanese master. Such a process is particularly painstaking, from the master requires full attention and concentration. After all, the fact that the attachment of the artificial cilia is happening to each natural eyelash using an adhesive, which contains a specific composition.

Eyelashes before and after extension

Within 2-4 weeks, the owner of such eyelashes can be calm. This is the time period attached lashes will stay in place. Thanks to this method it is possible to achieve quite expressive volume lashes.

Beam building – this is the second method. This species is not very lasting. In most cases it is used for any specific events such as wedding, birthday and the like.

As increase using this method? You commit bundles of artificial eyelashes on the eyelid. In such a situation is a special glue for beam build. The duration of fixation is very short, only a few days. The reason for this is that the load on the eyelid and natural lashes are extremely high, which leads to delaminating of artificial materials.

The pros and cons of eyelash extensions


Changing the shape of the eye using eyelash

Undoubted and undisputed advantage of eyelash extensions is that in the presence of the cilia of the small size you can give your eyes the amazing look which you have dreamed for a very long time.

Other benefits:

  1. Visual change eye shape.
  2. The eyes look deep, expression, and mystery.
  3. Skillfully extended eyelashes look natural, does not weigh down the eyelids.
  4. There is no need to twist and dyeing eyelashes because they are elegant without it.


Note that this procedure contains some negative points.

The greatest disadvantage is that the active application of this procedure leads to the deterioration of their own cilia.

Correction of extended eyelashes

They have become a weakness over time fall out and almost beyond repair. Before you opt for this procedure should take into account both positive and negative feedback from girls who have used this method on their cilia.

Main disadvantages:

  1. Quite expensive and very short-lived.
  2. Necessary every 3-4 weeks to make the correction otherwise accrued cilia will lose their appeal.
  3. Just wash is not as easy as before.
  4. Paint eyes need to more carefully and to ensure that eyeliner, eye shadow and concealer cream did not get on the lashes.

Contraidications to eyelash extensions

If you want to know how to build lashes, then you definitely should be familiar with the contraindications to this procedure.

Acute respiratory infections as a contraindication for eyelash

  1. In diseases of acute respiratory infections, SARS, colds strongly recommended to eyelashes.
  2. In infectious diseases of the skin of the eyelids (blepharitis) are contraindicated such cosmetic procedure.
  3. Capacity is also not recommended in the case if the girl has an Allergy or individual intolerance to the components included in the composition used in the procedure of glue.
  4. Girls with oily skin won’t be able to enjoy the effect of this technology. The fact that the extended eyelashes will quickly disappear.
  5. The increased sensitivity of the eye, causing copious tears, is also a contraindication to this procedure.
  6. Eyelash extensions cannot be performed by the girls who are by nature weak lashes.

Secrets of the procedure at home

How to increase eyelashes? When carrying out this procedure at home you should not neglect the help of a friend, mom or sister. The fact that the process of attaching artificial eyelashes, the eyelids need to be lowered down, and this greatly complicates the individual work.

The first thing you need to do any girl is sure to identify the type of artificial eyelashes. Here the choice is not very wide: small bundles or isolated cilia. Another criterion that should be guided, is the quality of the cilia. They can be both natural and synthetic.

Eyelash extensions at home

The length of cilia is very important to realize the fact that the longer they are, the less strongly they will hold on to your own lashes. No need to hurry. Best to start with the minimum length (7 mm), and after some time you can safely increase to the existing maximum, which consists of 12 mm. And it will do the right thing.

A list of required materials:

  • oil-free cleanser to remove makeup, a good option for a base under adhesive;
  • cosmetic adhesive for building;
  • a set of artificial eyelashes;
  • tweezers (used in application process. for bonding);
  • a special parting tweezers.

Before you start to build lashes, you need to prepare all the materials on a flat saucer to squeeze out a small amount of glue, then on any light surface to put themselves cilia.

  1. Using the tweezers, pick up any lash, then apply it with glue at the entire length from the root to the tip.
  2. With the separation of tweezers runs the office of one of the cilia (mandatory from the outer corner of the eye). After that, you need to make to it previously smeared with adhesive artificial eyelash and glue.

Such manipulations are carried out with all the cilia.

Completely lacks any clear requirements for the amount of glue eyelashes. Here all especially individually. To achieve the most effective result it is recommended to glue artificial lashes to each native, and to prevent a single pass. Thus the “puppet” result. If you need a natural, then gluing artificial eyelashes need one native.

Some important rules and secrets

After the procedure of increasing of the cilia should be mandatory to adhere to the following tips and recommendations:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to rub the eyelashes and eyes.
  2. In any case do not expose the eyelashes any heat and mechanical treatment.
  3. Any oil – banned. Use oil for eyelashes will lead to very negative and undesirable results, because it erodes the glue. What then are the consequences, not difficult to guess.
  4. A complete rejection of the cream. The reason is the same – any cream is made of oil-based.
  5. For the procedure of cleansing, it is recommended to use only clean, distilled water.
  6. Proper sleep. The girl who is the owner of artificial cilia, simply has no right to sleep on my stomach. Otherwise you can get broken and wrinkled eyelash.
  7. Do not use waterproof mascara.

If you need to remove the extended eyelashes, it is also very simple. This will help olive oil. It is necessary to moisten it with a cotton swab and hold on the contour of the lash extensions.

The lashes give a special expressiveness and languor feminine look. But this is the dream of every representative of the beautiful half of humanity.