How to implement blue makeup

Blue makeup long been perceived as something vulgar. It is believed that the blue shadows paint the eyes only women who have absolutely no taste. Meanwhile, skillfully applied makeup in blue tones are able to visually make the eyes bigger and look deeper. Blue shadows can be different colors and be combined with absolutely all colors with skillful shading.

The application of blue makeup

The methods of applying bold makeup

Before you put on makeup with blue eye shadow, you need to consider some of the nuances of their use. Caution is required because:

  • such shade, regardless of shade, you can pull the focus from the eye itself;
  • they create the effect of bruises.

So do the shadows of the dark – and light-blue color requires carefully observing all the rules about makeup.

  1. First masked the circles under the eyes. This can be done with a special corrector with reflective particles or a liquid toner.
  2. On the eyelids apply a basic. As he applies the primer, a special base mineral powder creamy texture or light from the same samples.

The designers of the famous brands I offer the following makeup options blue shadows.

Evening option:

Evening makeup in blue tones

  1. After applying concealer on the upper eyelid apply a primer. This is necessary in order to facilitate further selection.
  2. Softly shaded tones of brown, applied above the fold of the upper eyelid along its entire length.
  3. Strokes matte black eyeshadow – use eye pencil, to use the – obscured upper eyelid with the inner and outer corner of the eye.
  4. Strokes are shaded, with the overlap edge of the brown shadow.
  5. On the upper mobile eyelid applied sparkly blue shade in the dark, based, deep, reminiscent of the velvet. They need easy to blend.
  6. Along the lower eyelid brown eye shadow is a fuzzy line.
  7. Eyeliner runs black pencil along the lash line, slightly shaded.
  8. In the inner corner of the eye cause bright shining dot or short bar with mother of pearl.
  9. Eyelashes stained with black ink or ink of dark blue color.

Day version applying makeup blue-grey shades by the Eastern technology:

Outline eye pencil

  1. The substrate or base is transparent or cream-colored pearl eye shadow on the upper eyelid to brow. Then applied the shade will look air, water, Shine from inside.
  2. Then overlap the shadow in that order from top to bottom:
  • pink on the movable eyelid;
  • at them a thin line of dark blue – leaving the sector in the inner corner of eye along the lash, shading;
  • outer corner of the eye is set off by shiny grey shadows.

The lower eyelid is made of gel pencil purple.

This make-up in daylight does not look cheap and tacky.

Bright makeup designers from Yves Rocher:

  1. Make-up technique is unexpected – it starts with a bright shooter with a blue pencil.

Over these arrows black shadows do not cause fine lines, shading them. On all the upper eyelid shadow dark blue. Purple is distributed on the corners of the eye – internal and external. Bright mother of pearl applied to the inner corner of the eye and shade under the eyebrows. It remains only to paint over the lashes.

All colors are bright, the transition from one to another with a feather.

If you want to experiment

Applying light eye shadow under the eyebrow

Makeup with blue eye shadow will surprise you if:

  1. Apply a bright turquoise tone on the upper mobile eyelid, extending the line of eyelash growth, make a barely noticeable black eyeliner and underline the lower eyelid with a blue pencil.
  2. The dark blue shade on the upper eyelid apply all the canonical rules, with the transition to a dark gray, then from gray to light blue, solid eyeliner on the upper eyelid to make a bright blue pencil on the lower eyeliner to interrupt in the Central part. This will create the effect of wolakota.

Makeup with blue eye shadow can give a festive Shine and show the efficiency to be daytime and evening.

Importantly, the tone should be combined with each other, with clothes, shoes and even bag.

The younger the girl, the lighter can be a shade of blue. But don’t go to extremes: woman, aged deep blue, applied a thick layer, will make even older. If no blue is indispensable – favorite color, it will be enough to make blue eyeliner or paint over the lashes with blue mascara.