How to make eyebrows?

Eyebrows play a huge role in creating the external image. With their help you can emphasize the depth of the look and even change the shape of the face. The movement of the eyebrows helps to Express emotions without the use of speech: surprise, irony, joy, anger, disapproval, curiosity. Many people understand how important their regular correction, but not everyone knows how to do it. You can go to the beauty parlor where the wizard will perform the necessary procedure, however, is not always possible to visit such places. Acquainted with simple techniques and useful tips are easy to carry out the correction of eyebrows at home. That also includes this procedure?

Eyebrow shaping

The choice of the desired form

Choosing the shape of your eyebrows, you should carefully examine in the mirror or on the zoomed in photo of his face. It was his type is in the basis of modeling appearance. How to draw eyebrows in accordance with a particular face shape?

The right eyebrow shape for different face type

  1. A round face will fit classic shape with a slight kink. During the correction, it is important not to overdo it: too high brow will give it a surprised look, too low – is tragic. Avoid round shapes, in order not to turn the face into a ball. Chubby cheeks easily visually reduce if the special eyebrow pencil to make the shape of a triangle.
  2. Long face can be softened by rounded brow shape with a smooth line of fracture. Too narrow face look good straight, but not too thin eyebrows. In this case, their outer edge it is better to extend with a pencil, if the chin is quite large.
  3. The owners of the faces are triangular in shape to do short eyebrows with a uniform bending. Long and straight lines visually break proportions.
  4. On a square face will look good long eyebrows curved, giving the appearance of a slightly surprised expression. For this type of important elegance of line that will soften the rigidity of the form and moves the focus to the eyes.
  5. Wide at the top and tapering towards the chin face (heart) requires the natural form of your eyebrows: they should be neither wide nor thin and have a rounded upper point.
  6. Any type of face fit brow arched shape that will change appearance dramatically, but will make the eyes look more open.

Preparing for a correction

The correct form of the eyebrows

To make the shape of the eyebrows, you will need the following items and tools:

  • a large mirror mounted on the wall;
  • bright light;
  • cosmetic pencil;
  • high quality tweezers;
  • lotion, having disinfectant properties;
  • anesthetic spray (if necessary).

Before the procedure thoroughly wash hands, clean face, RUB the eyebrow area with a disinfectant. You should also handle the tweezers. If you are sensitive, you can reduce pain, steam face, wiping it with ice cubes or by applying a special tool. You should not lubricate the skin greasy cream hair will become slippery and will be difficult to grasp them with tweezers.

In order to correctly make the shape of the eyebrows, before correction it is necessary to build 3 baseline (separately for each side of the face) with a cosmetic pencil.

The point of intersection of these lines will be the beginning, top and end of the curve of the eyebrow.

The first line passes through 2 points: the inner corner of the eye and the wing of the nose. Intersecting with the eyebrow, she noted its beginning. Hair growing from this mark to the bridge of the nose, should be removed.

The second line is based on the following points: outer corner of the eye and the wing of the nose. The place of its intersection with the eyebrow is the end point of the eyebrow. Hair growing from this mark towards the temple, is also removed. If the length of the eyebrow does not reach the marked point, it should be carefully enlarge with a pencil.

The third line runs from the wing of the nose through the pupil of the eye up. This is the highest point of the eyebrow. To remove the hairs should be on either side of her.

The procedure for plucking

Eyebrow shaping with thread

In order to correctly make your eyebrows perfect, correction should be performed slowly, grabbing the tweezers in one thread, alternating sides. If you completely pluck one brow first, then the other, there is a risk to make them uneven and asymmetrical. To remove the hairs should be only under the brow and the bridge of my nose, the upper part can not touch it.

How to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows and to make it painless? During the correction should be involved both hands. One you need to gently pull the skin, and the second capturing tweezers hair at the base, make sharp movement, pulling it.
After the procedure, you need to wait a few minutes and then look in the mirror again. So you can see the defects, not seen before. If the result is satisfied, irritated the skin should be treated with disinfectant properties and lubricating gel or cream.

Correction in other ways

How to make eyebrows look beautiful using the cosmetics? This will help hard sharpened pencil, powder, shadow. Using pencil is easy to finish a few missing hairs, to change or enhance their color to indicate the line of their growth.

Thick, but very light eyebrows it is easy to allocate using eyeshadow. They should be applied with a fine brush on the tips of the hairs. The shadows should be solid, with no shimmery particles. Thin, grey or disproportionate eyebrows can be corrected with powder.

Useful tips

The important points that you need to pay attention during the correction will help to correctly and beautifully to shape the eyebrows and to avoid unpleasant feelings during the procedure:

  1. Need a correction before going to sleep to the morning disappeared skin irritation.
  2. Always remove makeup before the procedure.
  3. Pull out the hair, directing the forceps in the direction of their growth. Otherwise they will not properly grow, creating the effect of negligence.
  4. Do not use scissors or a razor. Using them correctly to make correction difficult, and its result will not be durable.
  5. The tone of the pencil should be darker than the color of eyebrow hairs and slightly lighter shade of the eyelashes.
  6. Do not spend a continuous pencil line. Better apply short strokes.
  7. If you are unable to perform the procedure yourself, contact a professional makeup artist. He will tell you how to make the form and to support it.

The right shaped eyebrows can change your appearance for the better. Correction there is nothing complicated: it is necessary only a few times to practice, and the procedure will become commonplace. In the future will only have to style your hairs with the brush and fix them with gel to get well-groomed eyebrows.