How to dye eyelashes

Girls often wonder how to dye eyelashes, and how to use the mascara. However, after an unsuccessful makeover of questions becomes longer: how to apply mascara and how to choose it properly. Eyes without mascara are not in favor of the girl when she creates a certain image. To use mascara is easy, the secrets of makeup artists, which have been developed over the years, will help to create flawless make-up. Before the girl could put eyelashes without mascara, using various available dyes. It’s beautiful today to put eyelashes can be yourself, without going to salons.

Dyeing eyelashes mascara

How to dye eyelashes: the choice of mascara

Perfect to wear mascara will help not only careful application, but the quality of the carcass. To save her is not worth it, because it is fraught with consequences. If the product is of poor quality, the hairs may remain lumps. In the worst case may begin as inflammation of the century. Before buying mascara you need to pay attention to her:

  • composition;
  • consistency;
  • brush;
  • the promised effect.

Ink for eyelashes with different effects

These are the basic components that are required when choosing this cosmetics. Cosmetic product can curl, lengthen or add volume. This is what determines the shape of the brush. Depends on how to properly apply mascara.

Lengthening cosmetic that creates an expressive look. Eyelashes without mascara create the opposite effect. It is most suitable for girls who have naturally light and short lashes. This effect is due to synthetic fibres and nylon, which are a part of the carcass. They are distributed along the length of the hair, thereby giving it a new length. This brush should be long, and the bristles are short.

Rare fibers are best for dye ink, which creates a voluminous effect. A cosmetic product must be sufficiently thick in consistency, as the composition includes a wax and silicone. Typically, the brush in this case, large with thick bristles.

The mascara that the brush hairs, the brush is slightly curved, and thick consistency. This helps the lashes hold the shape that they gave brush.

All of these characteristics perform only a decorative function. There are also other cosmetic products, which can be divided into:

Types of brushes for applying mascara

  • normal;
  • water resistant;
  • medical;
  • for sensitive eyes.

Cosmetic product for sensitive eyes suitable for girls who wear contact lenses or are prone to inflammatory processes of the eye. Cosmetic product with a therapeutic effect will be useful to those who by nature long and thick hairs. Waterproof needs to be on hand for special events. For example, for a party on the beach or by the pool. But it is not necessary often to use such cosmetics as it has a drying effect.

The composition of the carcass must be glycerin.

This component will prevent the formation of lumps and facilitate uniform application.

How to apply mascara?

When the cosmetic product is already selected, you can begin applying. Dyeing eyelashes mascara is recommended in two layers. When the hairs are stained for the first time, it is necessary to do zigzag movements from bottom to top. Besides, you need to start with the outer corner of the eye gradually toward the interior. The first layer should be thin enough, otherwise in the end you can get “crow’s feet”.

Ink for eyelashes with different effects

After the first application, the hairs must be brushed with a special brush. It is desirable that it was metal. This will help nicely to put eyelashes.

You can then wait a few minutes until the hair dries.

Apply mascara on the hairs of the second layer have different scheme. To start painting the eyelashes to the tips, gradually moving to the roots. To prevent sticking, the movement should be a zigzag as in the first case.

Sometimes girls applied and lengthening and mascara with a volume effect. Then in the first place is to apply the extension, and then one that adds volume.

To apply mascara you need not only internal, but external. This will create a more saturated color. Curl your hair one only cosmetic means impossible, it is advisable to use it after biozavivki. Alternatively, use Curling iron. Then paint the lashes, it is recommended after Curling. Some makeup artists recommend Curling after applying mascara.

Eyelashes that grow on the lower eyelid, also need to be tinted, but you must do it very carefully, so as not to get dirty. It is recommended to enclose a napkin.

How to dye eyelashes: secrets makeup artists

Girls daily wear eyeliner, however, questions about how to apply mascara so that the hairs do not stick together or how to put eyelashes, to avoid lumps remain relevant. There are several secrets that can be useful to the girls while applying makeup:

  1. Before applying mascara you can pin down the eyelashes with the index finger to the eyelid and hold it for a few seconds. This is a fairly primitive but effective method that will help initially to give the hairs a curved shape.
  2. Max mascara should be at the roots of lashes, not on their ends.
  3. It is not necessary to spend money in the pursuit of fashionable novelties. A good mascara should be of high quality components and resilient brush. If easily it sags, it will not be enough.
  4. Water-resistant cosmetic product is good only the fact that after its application is not threatened spreading after contact with water. In all other respects it is no better than regular mascara. Therefore, before applying, it is desirable to dye eyelashes cosmetic tool that has the necessary effect.
  5. Color cosmetic product must be applied over the black.
  6. Overly dyed the bottom hairs are visually heavier look.
  7. The ladies at the age recommended is only a lengthening mascara, not a volume. It is best in this case to paint eyelashes mascara medicinal, not color.

To use mascara is easy enough to choose a quality cosmetic product. Secrets of makeup artists and advice of professional beauticians will do it flawlessly.