How to do permanent makeup?

Little what woman like in the morning look at your plain face. Many women dream about getting makeup on my face always. And to achieve this today is not difficult, as the increasing popularity of permanent makeup. This option is especially attractive because it greatly saves time, allowing you to sleep more.

Permanent and decorative face makeup

Permanent makeup has a habit of smear and flow. All this allows the woman to always be self-confident, bright and, what is very important to remain completely natural. No matter what yesterday was fun new year’s eve or a visit to the baths – a woman is always prepared. However, this option has some features which should never be forgotten.

How to do permanent lip makeup?

What little girl does not dream of tempting plump lips. With the help of permanent makeup girly lips can be done not only visually bigger, but also to rejuvenate them. If even 10 years ago, most girls prefer dark lips, but now the fashion returns to naturalness. Thus, for coloring are chosen beige and pink shades.

Permanent makeup lips

You can make a feather. To do this, not only the outline but also the entire surface of the lips pierced with a dye. Due to this, the lips become dark, but look quite natural. This procedure of applying makeup is done in 2 steps: the first step is to draw the outline, then selected shades of paint. Now we need to take an anesthetic injection, and the makeup. It should be noted that in modern cosmetology used such needles, which make the implementation of the make-up less painful and can cover a large area of skin in a short time.

That is, first the outline, then complete or partial shading, a part or the entire surface of the lips is filled with pigment. It is possible to use a variety of shades visually make a correction of shape and even create a 3D volume.

If we talk about the advantages of such a method, then it should be permanent makeup inexpensive and time spent too little. However, there are downsides: if you make only the contour of the lips, you will need to apply a lipstick without it they look unnatural. If done by full feathering, it is necessary to be limited to only one color, which implies an adjustment of the wardrobe and accessories.

How to do permanent eye makeup?

Permanent eye makeup

Tattoo eye is less widespread among girls than eyebrows and lips, for one simple reason: it’s a very painful procedure. However, such fears are misplaced, as eyes are the most expressive part of the face, so they just need quality makeup, and as for pain, it should not be afraid, as it applies an individualized anesthesia. After this procedure is completed, immediately imposed a special cream with antibacterial effect that helps to relieve inflammation, redness and irritation. If you read the numerous reviews, it becomes clear that the permanent makeup eyes do absolutely not hurt.

It is possible to make the arrow any length and shape, but it should be noted that the most popular is a thin line. If you make a line of the eyelashes, there is no doubt that even the brightest blondes can not be afraid to appear without makeup pale and expressionless. And it should be noted that this procedure lasts only 15 minutes. So, what can be done here:

  1. To draw beautiful arrows.
  2. “To sum up” the upper eyelid.
  3. Fill the space between the upper and the lower eyelid, allowing the lashes look visually longer and thicker.
  4. To make the art permanent makeup (i.e. shadow effect).

You can change the shape of the eye, they may look visually larger, kompensiruet age-related changes, the corners of his eyes down, disguise wrinkles.

The advantages of this makeup is that largely saves time and no need to think about whether drip hoses or not.

How to make permanent makeup eyebrows?

One of the key values in makeup is the eyebrows, or rather their form.

Permanent makeup eyebrow

With the right line it is possible to change a face completely, it will look young and attractive. Before you start this procedure, you need to choose the color and the form, then you can start to do permanent makeup. If you look at photos of celebrities who use this makeup, it becomes clear why he enjoys such great popularity.

Girls who have light and thin eyebrows, more suitable solid tinted. Stroke technique looks great on the eyebrows dark shades: done drawing the individual hairs, then use a special machine. So what can be done?

  1. Fully shaded eyebrows.
  2. To work out the lines that mimic the direction of hair growth.
  3. The shape of eyebrows can be dramatically altered, they become dense (visually), there is a possibility of selection of bold, saturated colors.

If we talk about the benefits of this option, it should be noted that there is no need to follow the shape of your eyebrows and their color. But we should immediately be ready for what will have to regularly exercise such a procedure as plucking eyebrows.

Helpful information

If you decide to choose permanent makeup, it is not advised to decorate the eyes and lips. The fact that lying in a chair for several hours, not moving, quite difficult. Should not choose too bright colors, it is recommended to prefer natural colors. Thus it is possible to look natural and to change their way of using extra cosmetics. To the quality of the makeup was high, you need to constantly monitor it, make adjustments of shapes and shades.

The result is a uniform color, the presence of any shades are not allowed. The lines differ in the evenness and symmetry, where there are seals and wrinkles, they may be interrupted. It should be noted that the final result will appear only after a month after the procedure, when redness of the skin.