How to do makeup to school?

Previously it was thought that the preparation of senior pupils to the school implies: as a maximum – diligent homework, at least – the change of textbooks in the backpack. Now these rules mandatory, and added another school a makeover. And no matter how askance disapproving teacher, the desire of girls to look charming not only during parties, but in school, invincible.

Figure 1. Casual makeup.

To understand young ladies is easy, because every woman, regardless of age, wants to hide with makeup defects of appearance and to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex. Besides, according to modern psychologists, successful can only be a confident person, and makeup for school is able to increase the self-esteem of a teenager.

The only caution is not to overdo it with the makeup, not to look ridiculous, as resumenanny matryoshka, or vulgar untidy plastered with a greasy, soggy lumpy mascara and smeared lipstick. In order to emphasize their individuality and to create an appropriate school image, to adhere to the rules of cosmetologists to care for teen skin and make-up artists for applying cosmetics.

Rules for skin care

Pimples, acne, black spots clogged pores, Shine – all these unpleasant components of the hormonal changes the teenage body require careful skin care. Because primitive camouflage problem areas is not the way out.

Skin care

Beautiful makeup for school does not begin with “war paint” face, and with his cleansing and healing. Today, many leading cosmetic manufacturers are already sure that young skin is pleasing to its possessor by the perfect purity and health.

Many lines of teenage cosmetic products of different brands into account all the nuances and types of leather that age, which allows each future lady to find a suitable option for themselves. It is only necessary to determine the condition of your skin, which may be:

  • normal;
  • dry;
  • bold;
  • combined.

Only after this you can buy the appropriate type of skin cleanser, toners, cleansing masks, scrubs, dries pimples correctors and face creams.

Every morning before school to do makeup, you should:

  1. Clean the face hypoallergenic means: foam/gel combination to oily skin lotion/cream – for dry.
  2. Blot (not RUB dry!) face with a towel.
  3. Wipe the face tonic for an even colour is obtained (without alcohol, for dry skin with alcohol to tighten pores – for oily).
  4. Moisturize the face using a thin layer of cream, avoiding the area around eyes (for dry skin nourishing cream, for oily – water based).

And only after these simple hygienic procedures you can apply decorative make-up for going to school.

How to do makeup for school everyday?

A stylish way to Schoolgirls of the senior classes is skillfully accented by the natural beauty of her youth.

Light makeup

So no thick layers of Foundation, bright lipstick, sequin, rhinestone, dark blush, contour of the lips underscore is not allowed. Catchy make-up appropriate for a club party in the evening, and for school most any day light make-up haircuts.

A classic example of this everyday makeup look shown in the photo (Fig.1). Discreet pastel shades, delicate natural tones in the sum give a charming result! And to perform such light makeup to school is very simple.

  1. First make sure of good lighting to prevent errors makeup.
  2. To even out the complexion with powder or concealer. Tone powder should be as close to natural.
  3. If you really really want to emphasize cheekbones blush, use a matte bright and delicate shades (rose, beige, peach), carefully blending towards the temples, not to leave the visible boundaries of the application.
  4. To emphasize the eye color neutral and pastel shadows.
  5. Eyeliner makeup in the school should abandon its liquid variant, leaving a thicker, dramatic line, use a pencil for a more natural.
  6. Eyelashes can be Curling with special tweezers, so the eyes become deeper and more expressive. And to paint them very lightly brush, starting from the middle, not the roots of the lashes. To apply mascara can be no more than 2 layers. Owners of blond hair and pale skin instead of black mascara is better to use brown.
  7. To give an attractive freshness and softness to the lips will help Shine soothing tones (beige, peach, caramel, light pink), and not a bright lipstick. It must be applied in moderation.

That’s all. Acquired skill in a few touches to emphasize the winning sides of your exterior will be useful in later adult life. After all, no wonder they say that the best makeup is one that is not visible.