How to do makeup at home?

Each of the fair sex seeking to improve their appearance. To achieve this goal makes use of decorative cosmetics. Therefore, it is important to know how to do makeup at home. This allows you to quickly create the desired appearance, hiding flaws appearance and emphasizing its benefits. The color palette makeup pick, given the combinations of colors of skin, hair and iris of the eye.

Photo 1. Self-made makeup

Skin preparation for the application of cosmetics

To look attractive, you need to apply makeup by following certain rules. But even professional make up based on expensive cosmetics only looks good on well-groomed skin. Therefore, skin care at home should be carried out regularly. In this case the applied cosmetic must be suitable to the skin type and appropriate to the age.

Before you apply makeup, the skin should be well cleaned. To do this, first wash your face using suitable means. Then wipe the face lotion or toner to restore the acid-alkaline balance. After this the skin should moisturize, which you need to lightly apply the cream and leave it for a while to soak up.

Create a base for makeup

You can now do makeup, which begins with the application on the face of the base coating. Base having the form of a transparent emulsion is chosen in accordance with skin type. If you put makeup on such a basis, it will allow the makeup to stay longer on the skin. The use of a coating containing shining particles will additionally give a healthy color to your face.

Photo 2. Drawing shadows on the eyelids

To make a quality makeup, after the base layer of the face should be covered with a powder that pick, considering the following points:

  1. Its shade should match the color of the skin.
  2. How to choose the right tone? Check its color, causing a bit of cream on the wrist from the inside.
  3. Your makeup should be selected, given the oiliness of the skin.
  4. Girls desirable to use a tone that does not contain silicones. Women suit silicone cream, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

To obtain a neat layer of makeup it is important to know about how to apply the cream. It is recommended to place it on the T-zone, then spread on the area of the cheekbones, cheeks and lips, shading on the chin and along the roots of the hair. When the tone is applied, you need to think about how to fix it. You can use a mineral powder or a thermal water. Matte finish you get with powder. Using thermal water for sbryzgivaniya face, a shiny makeover. The area under the eyes to lighten preferably, applying a lighter tone. Apply makeup at home should be, avoiding the sharp tonal contrasts. So the neck is also necessary to conceal the tone or to cover with powder.

The next step will be the use of Rouge, with which you can adjust the shape of the face. It is important to know how to apply blush. Their tone should not be significantly different from the base. To create corrective make-up apply the following tricks:

Photo 3. Lip makeup lipstick

  1. For visual narrowing of the face blusher is applied with vertical strokes along your cheekbones, narrowing strokes in the direction of the ear lobe.
  2. If you correctly apply blush on the narrow face (covering the cheeks along the cheekbones horizontal lines), it is possible to visually round the oval.
  3. In the triangular shape of your face to do makeup, applying blush high on the cheekbones.
  4. The square shape is masked by the underscore (with a blush) cheeks straight line, not outside the middle of the century.

How to paint eyes and lips?

Eyebrows require regular care. If you do the makeup yourself, then using a pencil or eye shadow can adjust the shape and color of eyebrows. How to choose the right eyebrow shape? It should correspond to the shape of the eye, and the color of the eyebrows should be slightly lighter or slightly darker than the dark blond hair. To smooth the hair, eyebrows can be covered with the transparent gel.

Knowing how to do the framing of your eyes, you can visually change their size and shape. Shadow applied carefully, creating a neat frame. The lightest shade is applied on the inside and dark on the outer part of the century. For eyeliner you can use a pencil, creating an elegant, slim silhouette. To increase narrow eyes, line along the upper eyelid, extending it over the area of the pupil. If the eyelids hang, makeup artists hold a line extending from the pupil to the outer corner of the eye.

Emphasizing the eye, we must remember how to apply a cosmetic ink. An excessive amount of mascara eyelash glue, so you need to do makeup, using dual layer paint:

  1. The first time I paint the lashes, moving from roots up.
  2. After drying the eyelashes re-coat is applied in the direction to the roots.

If the ink to cover the lower lashes, it will increase big eyes and narrows a little. After completion of the eye makeup needs to look perfect (pictures 1 and 2).

Will complete the created image lip makeup.

The contour of the lips, you can emphasize with a pencil whose color matches with the tone of lipstick.

The pencil further protects the lipstick from spreading. Day you can use a matte lipstick with a reflective and glowing particles or pearlescent. Such coverage, reflecting the rays of light will give the lips more volume (3). In the evening you can apply bright shades.

To create a daytime makeup need to use natural lighting, evening option is the house with the electric light.

The light should equally illuminate the face from different angles. Everything is done in the process of creating the image line should make a smooth, noticeable only at close range. The focus when creating the makeup should be done, highlighting only lips or eyes. Part of the face not highlighted by the makeup should look as natural as possible, as the lack of cosmetics. Knowing how to do makeup at home, you can create an attractive appearance, emphasizing its advantages.