How to do Gothic makeup?

Pale skin, well-defined lip line, bright eyeliner – this image is now extremely popular, even the stars often use it for their photo shoots and social events. Of course, in everyday life, Gothic makeup is not always appropriate, so it should be used only for relevant cases.

Makeup in Gothic style

You need to create the image?

Gothic style is characterized by dark hues with a predominance of black color, clear contours and a white face and black smooth hair, sometimes with colored strands. The main focus is on the eyes: they should be as expressive and deep, with thick long lashes. A mandatory element of the Gothic make-up are arrows, but they draw the ability you need. Sloppy strokes, jagged lines or smears will turn a Gothic clown makeup, so when applied, needs a strong hand and confidence in their capabilities.

Black soft eyeliner

To properly create the image is not enough to have dark lipstick and a pencil, because the makeup consists of several stages, and each of them requires appropriate cosmetics. So, before you do Gothic makeup, you will need to purchase:

  • liquid liner;
  • black soft eye pencil;
  • dark mascara;
  • the eyeshadow palette dark shades;
  • proofreaders;
  • the lightest concealer;
  • light dust;
  • light face cream;
  • dark lipstick;
  • set of cosmetic brushes.

Preparation of the skin

Preparation of the skin

Before you do Gothic makeup, you need to properly prepare the skin. Start with cleaning. On a special brush or cosmetic sponge is necessary to apply a small amount of facial scrub, and then light circular movements to treat the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, avoiding the eye area. After washing, the face should be wet with a towel, but RUB the skin should be avoided. At the end of the procedure it is recommended to apply 10 minutes a moisturizer, spread it on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

Now skin ready to apply makeup, and you should start with Foundation. Light touches of fingers distribute the cream on the face so that all areas to cover evenly. Of course, the concealer should be lighter a couple of shades than the facial skin. The next stage – the application of loose powder. Broad brush it spread over the face and neck, be sure to brushing away the excess. To powder my face a little, otherwise it will resemble a mask.

How to paint eyes?

Eye makeup in Gothic style

Eye makeup in the Gothic manner plays perhaps the most important role. It is very important to draw the arrows, because the slightest wrong stroke can spoil the fun. Liquid eyeliner is suitable for this purpose more than a pencil, but with no experience it is better to use a pencil. So, the black liquid eyeliner or soft pencil of the same color need to hold a smooth line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer; end of the line should be at the end of the eyebrow. Also draw a second arrow. To visually enlarge the eyes on the lower eyelid can hold thin arrow along the eyelashes eyeliner white.

Now both the upper eyelid to apply shadow in a vibrant hue and gently shade around the edges. After that, the crease of each century is covered with matte shadows dark in colour and shade with a wide brush. The result is dark areas around the creases on the eyelids and brighter at the outer corners of the eyes.

The finishing touch is false eyelashes: they should be as thick and black, so it is recommended to apply 3 or 4 layers of mascara with a lengthening effect.

Each layer must dry before applying the next, otherwise the result will be poor quality.

If done correctly, the eye will become as expressive as the girl in the photo.

Draw gothic lips

Gothic sponge

A real Gothic makeup involves the use of only dark matte shades – no glitter or pearl! Very impressive is the option of applying cosmetics: contour pencil, color the corresponding lipstick, completely paint lips. Then apply lipstick black, purple or Burgundy color. If you use 2 shades, the makeover is more creative. Applies this technique: the lips lightly covered by a translucent powder, then apply a dark mauve or purple lipstick, and contour tracing soft black pencil.

Many believe that Gothic image more suitable not black or dark lips and bright red. This option also looks good, but you only need to choose a matte lipstick; contours can draw a dark pencil, which will accent the texture and add the image of perfection. Thus it is necessary to consider the form of the lips, as the red color visually increases them and attracts attention. Those who are not ready for bold experiments, it is better to use lipstick Burgundy and dark brown.

To complement the Gothic makeup helps blush: they must be bronze in color, and it is recommended to put them in the center of the cheeks broad brush. To look impressive, not funny, blush should be taken in small quantities and carefully shaded. But for themed parties, you can try a more creative option in the centre of the cheeks to cover the skin with dark shadows, and the top apply the blush with a red tint, and after a good shade.

These simple tips for applying makeup will help you gain confidence to those who were afraid to make their own makeup ready, so as not to look ridiculous. Well-chosen colors, a maximum of efforts and accuracy and Gothic image, as with images, you certainly will succeed. The main thing is not to doubt in their abilities, not be afraid to try and experiment.