How to do fantasy makeup

In every woman’s life there are moments when you need to look not just good but very good. We are talking about a fantasy makeup that is used not for regular appearances, and for theme parties or special events.

Fantasy make-up

How to do fantasy make-up yourself? There are some tips that will help to realize the dream of extravagant and bright make-up in different styles without the help of stylists and makeup artists.

Foundation for fantasy make-up

To fantasy make-up looked neat and flawless, it must make perfect Foundation. Nice and smooth complexion is a half of success.

Concealer the right color applied to the face, masking skin imperfections and uneven tone of the epidermis. I must say, not every girl can boast of a good complexion without Foundation. And even if nature, in this sense, a woman is not offended, then make-up base is still needed, otherwise it will seem incomplete.

Creative makeup

Definitely need to disguise dark circles under the eyes. To do this, use a liquid concealer or highlighter. Bruising under eyes from stress and lack of sleep is no one decorated!

Powder is another step on the road to the perfect tone of the face. It gives the skin a velvety, soft and pleasant appearance. In a fantasy make-up is recommended to observe the maximum naturalness of the tone of the face without making it too dark or too pale. Bronzer means in this case irrelevant.

Fantasy make-up in fabulous style

There are at least two options fancy make-up. Because of this, each woman can choose what greatest suits her.

Ladies bright, stylish and bold, you can afford a fancy makeover in fabulous style. He is associated with something magical.

To perform makeup in a fabulous style will need the shade of bright colors: bright lemon and rich emerald. The shade of the lighter colors are distributed around the upper movable century and the area that is 1 cm above it. The emerald shade is applied under the stencil in the corner of the eye as it is necessary to obtain a smooth and clear line running parallel to the eyebrows. If the stencil is not, then you can use an ordinary sheet of paper, attached to the eyelid. All the excess will remain on the sheet.

For the upper eyelid there is no need to use eyeliner, but the lower eyelid must fail. This would require bright green pencil emerald hue. Line emphasizes all the eyelid, then blend to a smoky state.

Fantasy make-up in rock style

Pink blush highlighted the area under the cheekbones. The line is completely straight, feather it is not necessary. To create such a line is easier if you use a brush-fan.

It’s time for the interesting! Time to do the eyelashes, which would be very unusual, because it is a fantasy make-up. First on the eyelashes, apply mascara dark green one layer. In the corner of your eye glued a bunch of false eyelashes, but not normal, and feathers appropriate colors. For example, they can be pink that would fit well in the yellow-green range.

Completed fantasy make-up in fabulous style by applying a raspberry lipstick with a glossy texture without nacre.

Fantasy make-up in rock style

For the daring ladies suit fancy make-up in rock style.

It will emphasize the features of a free and strong-willed nature, which is not afraid to experiment.

This time will need just one color eyeshadow. For example, the color of coffee with milk. The shadows are applied on the entire mobile eyelid neat layer without peremeshivaniya. Need only one layer.

To create arrows, you will need eyeliners in two colors: black and white. For the growth of eyelashes main hand drawn using black pencil. It follows from the outer corner of the eye and up the line, which is beyond the natural line of the upper eyelid 1 cm Directly above the black arrow is drawn another one, but this time the white arrow. She repeats the line of the black pencil.

Then, using the same white pencil stands out the lower eyelid and the inner corner of the eye near the lacrimal gland.

Using special forceps curled upper lashes, apply a volumizing mascara in two layers.

Peach blush highlighted cheeks, the medium shade.

Completed fantasy make-up in rock style red lipstick. It would take a pretty thick layer that will enhance the beauty of lips.

Now you know how to do fancy make-up yourself. It will allow you to look attractive, stylish and unusual.