How to do face makeup

We all know that the use of cosmetics must be smart, wisely choosing colors and highlighting the most attractive areas. It can help create different looks, hide flaws, age, to change the mood. To learn how to do face makeup is not difficult if to remember and to always follow some important rules.

Facial makeup

Basic principles on the use of cosmetics

Make-up can be afternoon and evening, youth, thematic, daily and wedding, Oriental, European and whatever else, but the main principles of its use are always the same. So, first: apply makeup only on healthy, clean skin of the face. Any contamination under the layer of makeup contribute to the development of harmful microorganisms, and the presence of small inflammations, pimples or other damage increasing the risk of diseases of the skin. Second, when applying makeup you should immediately determine what will be the emphasis – to highlight the need to either eyes or lips. If lip and eye makeup equally bright, the face loses its appeal and becomes too vulgar.

Applying powder on face

Very important is the quality of cosmetics: cheap tools clog the pores, fade and crumble under the influence of wind, blur in the heat. You cannot use the expired and someone else’s makeup. To make up was really excellent, and lipstick, and shadow, and all remaining funds must be of high quality. And again, a lot depends on face shape, eye colour and hair, because makeup should be individualized; what is perfect to one woman might not suit another. Methods of application of cosmetics is quite varied, but it starts the same way with the preparation of the skin.

The process of preparing the skin

Look at his face you constantly, then the skin will long remain supple and smooth, and makeup will not bring any harm. For washing it is recommended to take purified water whose temperature is just above room. Scrubs and nourishing masks also need to regularly use, choosing appropriate components for the skin type. After cleaning, the face should be moistened with a special cream or gel, and only then proceed to applying makeup. Put your makeup on in good light, and the mirror should be large enough for the whole face was clearly visible.

Preparation of skin for makeup

First, improve the complexion, because not all skin is the perfect color. For this purpose there is a whole Arsenal of tools: a different kind of powder, cream Foundation, mousse. Compact powder is applied with a latex sponge, tonally cream and cream powder is convenient to put cosmetic brushes, a normal sponge and even my fingers. Distribute tool from the center to the side areas, well blending tone near the ears, the hairline and around the neck. If the skin has no defects, it would only take one makeup base, if you want to disguise minor flaws, use concealer – a special cosmetic. Blue shadows under the eyes good concealer will hide the yellowish-beige color, and to mask red spots more suited to pale green.

And concealer, and concealer is applied very lightly, so as not to stretch the skin; it should be remembered that the tone we select the most appropriate complexion. If you need a small adjustment, some parts covered with bronzer: this tool helps to darken too wide or protruding parts of the face. Completing my makeup, the skin is covered with a very thin layer of transparent powder.

How to choose blush

In a small amount of blush gives the face a fresh and healthy look, but it is only a little overdone, and the image will become unnatural. The blush color should be slightly different from the natural skin tone, too bright or dark colors to use for conventional make-up impossible. At a distance of 4-5 cm from the nose of the tool is applied with a brush on the cheeks and a good shade. Too much intense color can be muted by dust or gently wipe with a brush.

The blush

The location of the blush depends on face shape, because with color you can adjust anything that is not like. So, if the oval face shape, blush is applied in a oblique line from the cheeks to the forehead, the cheeks need to be involved, so that the line is located exactly on the resulting depressions. Owners oblong face is recommended to apply blush wide horizontal line from the cheek bones to the middle ear. To visually make the round face, the blush line should be placed from mid cheek to temple, and the square shape is optimal staining of bumps formed on her cheeks when you smile.

How to paint eyes

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face, they use more cosmetics, and makeup options for eyes so much that it is impossible to list them all. The main cosmetics are:

  • eyeliner;
  • liner;
  • the shade;
  • mascara.

Everyday makeup provides natural bright colors, combined with the color of eyes and hair. The contours of the first draw eyeliner or pencil, and then apply the shadows. The main color should cover the upper eyelid completely, and more saturated colors applied to the outer edge of the eyelid under the eyebrow. If you are using dark shadows contour, applied with their applicator on the edge of the upper eyelid from inner to outer corner and then along the edge of the lower eyelid from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lash line. All the colours are needed to shade so that the colors blended very smoothly.

Eye makeup

The final stage is mascara. Black or brown mascara is applied first on the upper then on the lower lashes; clumps or excess mascara should be carefully removed with a small brush.

After drying of the first layer is applied to the second – so lashes will look thicker and longer, adding the eyes expressiveness and depth. But if the mascara is of good quality, one layer will be enough.

Makeup for lips

Skillfully picked-up will allow you to easily adjust the line of the lips, giving them a seductive swelling and shiny, but make them healthy can only proper care. Regular use of nourishing masks and hydrating balms will save lips from dryness, chapping, small cracks. On your moist skin smoother and easier to bear lipsticks, and this is the key to quality makeup. Love the lipstick, there must be:

  • lipstick;
  • liner;
  • shine;
  • brush for lipstick;
  • napkin.

Everyday face makeup should be as natural, so bright lipstick should be put aside. If the lips are the right shape, instead of lipstick you can only use a translucent sheen, and if necessary a small adjustment, you will need a sharpened pencil to match the lipstick. Line connector starts with the upper lip from the middle, on the lower lip is held from one area to another. This method allows to make the circuit symmetrical and neat.

Lip makeup

For applying lipstick it is better to use a rounded brush of a small size, consumes less makeup, and the color is smoother and lasts longer. To increase the volume on the lower lip in the middle applied a small amount of Shine. Not every lipstick can survive long enough, but to solve this problem, the makeup artists used the following technique: one with pencil, draw the outline and paint over the lips and then applied a brush coat of lipstick. All the extra promatyvaya cloth, and when the lipstick is dry, apply a second coat.

Shaping eyebrows

The image was completed, we should not forget about the eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows, smooth curves, the sleek contours – all this gives the face more attractive. But we need a lot of care and sense of proportion, because incorrectly chosen colour or shape can completely ruin even the most perfect makeup. More women are now bought in salons permanent makeup eyebrows professional craftsmen create almost perfect loops that do not require adjustment for a long time. But with a simple pair of tweezers, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and a thin brush can do a lot.

First, you need to choose the right color pencil or shadow. For the blonde best suits a light brown color, with an ashy shade; it is recommended red terracotta and Golden-brown tone. Brown eyebrows, it is desirable to tint in dark brown color, and brunettes ideal option would be black.

It is not necessary to paint too vigorously, as a wide solid line looks unnatural.

Eyebrow makeup

Before painting the eyebrows need to comb and then a fine brush to spread the shade across the line, carefully filling a void. Apply makeup should be small strokes, gradually achieving the desired shade.

Tweeze the excess hairs too very carefully. Do not make eyebrows too thin – now it is not fashionable and is not for everyone. Better if the eyebrows are wide and thick in the nose, and then gradually narrowing; no make-up artist to radically change the shape desirable, otherwise the result can be quite not the same as need.

Useful tips

When applying makeup be sure to note its purpose and surrounding conditions. Going to school or office, it is inappropriate to use bright and provocative makeup, even if this image is very beautiful. Daytime makeup need to choose from the most natural shades, but for an evening out richer tones. It is also recommended to use bright colors, if you want to take a picture, because pictures without makeup look will be pretty faded.

To makeup were perfect, you always want to be consistent in his application of each step to be performed very carefully. All colors must be in harmony: if the eye shadows are warm tones, and lipstick, and blush are selected are the same. But the basic rule here is moderation, because the makeup did not decorate. And again, any makeup you need to take time to the skin to fully breathe.