How to do doll makeup

What woman at least once in your life dreamed of to apply this makeup, which would have made her look like a favorite childhood doll? But to make attractive doll makeup can be yourself, there is no need to visit expensive beauty salons. Using such makeup is a unique opportunity to completely change the way. How to make doll makeup so that he was really attractive?

Bright doll makeup

First of all, it is necessary to note the fact that the puppet makeup is recommended only to those women who have not had time to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the ladies of more Mature age are encouraged to choose any kind of makeup, since they are now a lot. Why it enjoys such great popularity? For several reasons:

  • The girl looks younger than his years.
  • The girl looks original, it will always be in the spotlight.
  • To do this make-up is a snap.

Suitable for this makeup?

It should be noted immediately that the puppet makeup is only suitable for those lady who is completely confident and not afraid to look bright and attract attention.

For doll makeup characteristic blush peach tones

This choice is recommended for those girls who are lucky enough to have a bright and delicate skin. Girls with facial wrinkles from this idea is best abandoned because it will look pretty ridiculous. The main features of this image are blush pink and peach shades. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to make appropriate hairstyle, for example, at the sides at shoulder level produces two tails.

Technique features

Before you begin such a makeover, you need to make a skin preparation. This procedure complexity is no different, the face should be thoroughly cleaned, then wipe with toner, then apply a small amount of protective cream. Near the eyes need to apply a moisturizer, then you should wait, when he finally absorbed all the excess to remove the cloth. Concealer or Foundation applied directly under makeup.

If the female skin has defects, they should be disguised using a concealer.

Preparing the face for makeup

Adjustment of the face is brightening and darkening powder, the cheekbones and the chin needs to be darkened, and then they applied a powder having vysvetleni effect.

If you do make up like a doll, you can make it more eye-catching, using a blush pink or peach shade. This is done as follows: one swab was applied to the cheekbones, then you need to blend with a brush, while the movement are made on the sides and down. We must remember that blush must be bright, but the appearance should be natural.
Now you can move on to the eyes. To do this, use two shades blue and pink or pink and green. The area of the century, which is movable, shall be covered with shadows cold shadows, warm colour should be applied under the eyebrow. On the upper eyelid closest to the eyebrow, the shadows used the darker shade (the most popular is the brown shade), they should draw the line. In those places where there are joints with shadows, such as line drawing should be carefully feathered.

Now on the upper eyelid is drawn the arrow, it uses liquid eyeliner. If there is a question about how to do this makeup more natural, the arrow at the corners of the eyes should be sufficiently narrow, and its middle part should be 3 times wider then it will look not only attractive, but of course that is very important.

Useful tips

Spectacular makeup using pink shades

The eyebrows should be even, they should tint black shadows, if not, then you can use a black pencil. For coloring eyelashes use the black ink, one layer is applied on the lower eyelashes, and as for the upper lashes, then they must apply 2 coats. If the tips of the lashes, apply a bright coloured mascara, you can be confident that the effect will be amplified. If there is a question about how to do a real makeover that will help the girl to be like Barbie, it should be noted that to achieve this without the use of false eyelashes is impossible.

In the end I proceed to the “design” of the lips. Contour contour used bright pencil, which must necessarily be in harmony with the color of lipstick. Now with the help of special brushes to apply lipstick directly. As for the shades, they can be very different, but it is better to give preference to berries and bright red. We must not forget that the lips should look three-dimensional, as shown in the photo. You can use pink or clear gloss, it should bear the dot of mid-upper lip, this is done in two strokes, and one stroke done on the lower lip. Then there is no doubt that the image of the girl will be different expressiveness or brightness. So, if the question arises, how to do makeup on young girls, then this option fits perfectly.