How to do Arabic makeup?

Arabic makeup from other types of decorative cosmetics are distinguished by the use of a large number of bright colors. If classic makeup means to focus on one thing (for example, eyes), Arabic makeup does not tolerate the plain areas. So this kind of makeup is appropriate to do so only in the evening, otherwise she will look defiant.

Makeup in Arabic style

Arabic makeup: features and accents

Before applying the makeup in this technique, you must know what you should pay special attention. Features Arabic makeup are:

  • bright color makeup
  • almond-shaped eyes,
  • a clear line of eyebrows,
  • lipstick warm shades,
  • the use of crystals and sparkles.

Accent the eyes - a distinctive feature of Arabic makeup

Despite the fact that Arab girls applied makeup to the entire face, emphasize they are still eyes. They use bright shade, starting with gold and ending with purple. As for almond shaped eyes, don’t worry, if from birth you have the eyes of another not of this form. To visually pull the eye enough to be able to use eyeliner and apply smoky eyes.

Rhinestones and sequins can be used during the application of shadows, not ever. Their uses depend on the scope of imagination of girls. Small rocks can be glued under the brow or to continue their line of the arrow. Arabic makeup allows you to use all the variety of additional elements.

Eyebrows “thread” in the Arabic makeup are not welcome. They should be of medium width, but their bottom line must be clearly traceable.

The sensuality of the lips will give a gloss or lipstick warm shades. Even if the girl uses lipstick to give it the Shine is not necessary. It will be enough to cover the layer of fondant with a thin layer of lip gloss.

Arabic makeup: application technique

The execution order of the Arabic makeup: guidance arrows

The first step is applying Foundation. As a rule, Arab girls dark, so it is advisable to use dark shades of Foundation. However, if you have naturally very light skin, you should not use a dark concealer. This could be the reason for the formation of a “mask.”

After the basis for Arabic makeup is ready, you need to highlight your eyes. But before that, it is recommended to give the eyebrow shape. Small strokes of a pencil you must hold the bottom line of the eyebrows. If it is very noticeable, then it is advisable to blend its shadows. They also need to paint the rest of the hairs, giving shape to the eyebrows.

The next step is painting the eyes.

At this stage it is important to draw the arrows, as they affect the whole image.

Create arrows with forked tips

It is necessary to use a liquid liner. It is necessary to draw a line along the upper eyelid from the inner to the outer corner. Be sure to emphasize the lower eyelid as shown in the photo.

Very often you can do line the upper and lower eyelids in one, and razvivayut them. It can visually lengthen the eyes. The photo shows participants are welcomed to make use of eyeliner in bright colors, moreover, it is not necessary that the upper and lower eyelids were painted with one color.

Additionally the liner can be applied on the line creases of the upper eyelid. This will help to take a deep look. After the liner will be painted all the lines, apply shadows. It should be remembered that the inner corner of the eyes need to paint a light shadow, and dark. Transitions should be invisible, for this place, “joints” should be carefully shaded. Before you finish painting the eye, it is desirable again to paint over the eyelids with eyeliner.

On the lashes you need to apply several coats of mascara, allowing each to dry. This will help to make the look more expressive.

Before applying lipstick, it is recommended to use concealer and powder. Thanks to this lipstick will stay longer on the lips. First you need to draw a pencil line lips slightly past their edge. So, the lips will appear larger. Then with a brush to apply lipstick so it evenly rests on the skin. After you apply glitter.

The use of blush is necessary. This is the final touch of Arab makeup.