How to do a perfect makeup?

Women’s beauty should be natural. However, in this case, can not do without makeup, which did not alienate the Queen from her natural appearance. It’s a sin not to use such a useful thing as makeup.

Perfect makeup from professionals

But not every woman will be able to paint so that it was beautiful and perfect even. Do not worry because there are tips that will help you create perfect makeup at home.

The first rule: for the perfect makeup – the perfect foundation

Good quality makeup is not possible without the excellent tone of the face. To neglect them is not necessary, because it will significantly freshen up the face, make it more well-groomed. Here are just a “make a face” you need to properly and competently.

Substrate preparation begins with the application of Foundation. It needs to match skin tone to approach him one on one. Preferred the texture of the cream is liquid, not too thick. Concealer choose according to the type of skin and age group. For example, for Mature epidermis should choose a concealer with lifting effect with antioxidants. For younger skin, a great option is a cream Foundation with vitamin E.

Correct application of Foundation

The Foundation applied to the face in small quantities, not to create a sense of “mask” on her face. The product can be applied with hands or using a brush, sponge, cosmetic blender, and other items. Foundation is distributed over the entire face except the area under the eyes. It is important to ensure that the color of the face with Foundation does not contrast with the tone of the rest of the skin.

What to do with the area under the eyes? This area is also in need of toning. That’s just for concealer is not suitable. To eliminate dark circles under the eyes requires the use of special installation tools: concealer, military and other. The most convenient form – a palette and a pen dispenser. Circles under your eyes with these funds won’t be noticeable. And it is essential to freshen up the face, make it young and more rested.

Completes the creation of Foundation makeup powder. Without her perfect make-up in the home and in a salon is simply impossible. The powder will adjust the overall tone, remove Shine from face cream will give matte finish. And to the touch and the skin will look velvety, soft and well-groomed. And this is not all tips on how to make the perfect makeup.

The second rule is the expressiveness of the makeup should not overshadow the natural

A good makeup is the invisible makeup. Perfect makeup fits into the image of a woman, without betraying the fact that over the face worked for some time. It should seem that in this form the lady woke up. And to make this makeup is not as difficult as it may seem at once. Although it is recognized, practice first, have.

Highlighting facial contours with blushes

Quality cosmetics classic shades are the key to success. You need to use noble and “delicious” shades in your makeup. In the shadows you can stay on the palette, consisting of milky-beige, sand, metallic, pinkish-Burgundy, peach, gray, graphite, purple, dark blue tones. Usually these colors are suitable for most female characters. In a given situation, you can delete or add multiple items.

For the perfect makeup you will need a good eyeliner. It is better to choose soft pencils, which can smudge and can be left unchanged. Rule the shooter does not hurt to learn! Never supplied just one eyelid. Eyeliner should be present above and below. The upper eyelid can fail completely or to the middle or the second third. The lower eyelid is emphasized only to the middle or even a little less. To sum the lower eyelid is completely bad form, pointing to the vulgarity of the woman and her lack of taste.

Acceptable color eyeliner brown, coffee, dark blue, graphite, black, dark purple. They well emphasize the eyes, creating the effect of “extra” on the face.

The basic rules of a great makeup at home apply to mascara. Universal colors – Navy blue, brown and black. The maximum number of layers is two. If you apply even the good and great mascara in three or four layers, then it will certainly make women’s eyelashes “spider legs”.

The blush

Blush is another important component when it comes about perfect makeup. It is believed that one or another shade of pink will suit every woman. Such a good tone and the fact that it is difficult to make a mistake that makes it good for use at home. Beautiful blush is guaranteed. To apply the same remedy is recommended in two ways: under the cheekbone or the cheek. Everyone will be able to choose what is right for her.

Finally, it’s time to tell you about the lipstick for a perfect makeup. For the moment funds without mother of pearl. By the way, the same applies to shadows and other cosmetics. From the point of view of color there are no limits. It is important only that the lipstick color suited to the entire image, as does the makeup.

Well, it’s time to consider a flawless makeup for example!

Make great make-up at home: making the rules

Make-up starts the leveling tone of the person with creating a Foundation, as mentioned earlier. Do everything by the scheme.

Chosen tone to apply blush under the cheekbone or the cheek (depending on what type of person the woman). The borders need a little blush shade with powder, to be seen of their presence on the face.

The next step is eye shadow. If the skin of the eyelid skin, then have a little makeup. So the shadow will stay longer and applied better, smoother. For a basis we can take any neutral and light shades. For example, is creamy beige. They refresh the eyes and face. The shadows are all external century. Corner of the eye in this case not to stress, but if you still want to, then it is better to apply a sand shade that is two to three shades darker than the basic tint.

Further, on the upper eyelid under the stencil drawn arrow outdoor area which is slightly elevated upwards. The line can be brought to the inner corner with a gradual narrowing, can not bring. However, the narrowing of the arrow is still required to be smooth. As the makeup is quite discreet, it is better to take brown eyeliner. The lower eyelid is supplied to the middle. All arrows are well-shaded, especially the lower.

Mascara (black or brown) is applied in one but very dense layer. Painted eyelashes in zigzag movements, focusing on the corners of the lashes.

If there is such a need, it is necessary to slightly adjust the shape of the eyebrows with the help of special water-resistant pencil. The line runs in place of finding a natural brow with a slight adjustment in the desired direction.

The image is completed at home with the lipstick color you select. In this case, the eyes painted very versatile and reserved, so you can afford absolutely any tone accessories.

Tip: if you want a bit visually enlarge your lips, you can try the following method.

You need to take white pencil, apply it to the middle of the upper lip, a little shade. Apply on top of lipstick and very little Shine. By the way, for the natural contours of the lips you can go to, but no more than 1-2 mm.

Flawless makeup ready! It can help you to look great both in life and in pictures. Especially good that the beauty is able to speak in the house, which once again proves that it is possible to look good under any conditions. Beauty and delightful appearance!