How to apply concealer?

Masking small imperfections of the face: redness, pimples, circles under the eyes, age spots and other similar trouble – one of the basic techniques of makeup. Sometimes for this purpose used a normal Foundation. But best of all with this task can handle the concealer. So next, you will learn how to apply concealer.

Proper application of concealer

How does the concealer?

In essence concealer is a corrector that is used to mask problematic areas on the skin of the face. Not to be confused with concealer and toner, because it’s completely different means. Concealer is applied to the skin point, so you need to learn how to use it properly, causing the substance only on the defective areas of the skin and avoiding healthy. It has a fairly dense texture, resulting in high-quality masking problem areas.

Usually concealers are produced of beige and Nude shades, so choosing a tool for yourself, it is important to consider the color tone of the base (ideally it should be 1-2 shades lighter than Foundation). To hide under eye circles apply the concealer with light reflecting particles, which represent a special pigment that helps give skin a rested and fresh appearance. However, this tool does not help to hide the redness and inflammatory areas.

For correction of red spots and pimples, you should use a special corrector with a more dense texture. The composition of these correctors usually further includes a special antibacterial additives. Therefore, these concealers not only hide, but also to treat the damaged areas.

The main types of concealers

Powdered concealer

Today, the most popular types of concealers are:

  1. Concealer pencil. Is a creamy product designed to disguise small defects. For large areas it’s not, especially if we are talking about the area around the eyes. Its thick texture perfectly conceals local defects in the form of redness or pimples;
  2. Liquid concealer is the most easy-to-use tool that does not require careful shading and qualitative distribution on the skin. Due to its liquid form, it is perfectly placed and perfectly suitable even for skin prone to allergic reactions. Use it to hide serious defects will not work, as it’s too transparent;
  3. Mineral concealer is made on the basis of powdered natural minerals with excellent hiding ability. It can be used to mask even the deep circles under the eyes. Thanks to its natural composition this remedy has a therapeutic effect;
  4. Hydrating concealer – great for dry skin;
  5. Cream concealer can be applied with a special brush, but a finger. It is a versatile tool that is perfectly suitable for the eye area, and for other parts of the face;
  6. Dry remedy, which is great for oily skin types.

How to choose the right concealer?

Spot application of concealer

To choose the right concealer, you must adhere to certain conditions and guidelines:

  1. Visit a cosmetic store should be a clean face, as in this case, it will be easier to choose the best color. If your face has makeup, you can ask the seller a liquid makeup remover or lotion that you want to clean the skin.
  2. Make sure that the place is well lit, choose a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than Foundation. If you don’t use Foundation, choose a shade should be 1-2 shades lighter than skin.
  3. Check concealer on the problem area. You will need a lighter shade of makeup under your eyes than redness and pimples.
  4. Before you buy a vehicle makeup, try different shades. You might be able to find a more suitable option than the one you wanted to buy.

How to apply concealer?

The tool is applied to prepared to make-up the skin after 8-12 min after applying Foundation.

This will save the correction for a long time. Apply concealer can be a small synthetic brush or your finger. After application you should blur the edges, round brush, wait a few minutes for the concealer dry, then if necessary apply a thin layer of Foundation.

Makeup artists say a few things that will allow you to answer the question, how to use concealer:

  1. It is necessary to do makeup in good light. This allows you to most accurately determine the right shade of a concealer and do not apply a darker color than you need.
  2. Many women apply the tool with a finger. This allows it to heat and put.
  3. In the eyes apply a little concealer in the corners, then brush gently blend from the inner corner to the outer. On the border of the circles you need to use a peach shade, and then – in color.
  4. To easier applied, you need a sponge or a brush to slightly moisten.
  5. If after the application of cover-up remains visible defects, you can apply concealer on top of cover-up.

If you choose the right color and type of concealer and adhered to all rules and recommendations when applied, you can be assured that you will be able to hide problem areas and give the face freshness for a long time.