As in house conditions it is possible to make a beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows, women are the key to shining and neat person. The shape of the eyebrows generally gives the mood and emotions. So whatever the eyebrows, they will be in any case to attract attention. But this attention was positive, it is important to have a beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows.

Perfect shape of eyebrows

In this regard, more and more girls are thinking how to make beautiful eyebrows at home. One that seems difficult, so they resort to the help of beauticians. In fact, it is not so difficult, and even fun, if you approach the process intelligently.

The shape by plucking

So, in order to understand how to make beautiful eyebrows at home, you need to act from scratch. The first stage is to give the eyebrows a certain shape. This is done with the help of forceps and little curved nail scissors. It does not matter that you have thick eyebrows or sparse, dark or light. The main thing – the form that is the base. The rest you can always trim with the help of cosmetics.

Preparation process

Photo 1. The proportions of the eyebrow

Before you start plucking, a person need to wash with warm water. If the skin is too sensitive and is sensitive to tearing out hairs, it is best still to steam the face. Then the plucking will occur not as painful and irritation is significantly reduced.

Wipe the face after washing with a soft towel and proceed to the main work. Now take the brush and comb your eyebrows. When this is done, it is necessary to clearly determine the length of the eyebrows. For this purpose, you need to determine the beginning and the end. Take a pencil, and then attach it to the tip of the nose closer to the side where is the eyebrow. The other end of the pencil should be carried through the inner corner of the eye. You will receive a point that will symbolize the beginning.

Now determine its end. For the nose pencil just passes through the outer corner – it will be the end. Do exactly as shown in photo 1. Now move on to plucking, previously having defined the form. Experts do not recommend too to deviate from the natural shape. Therefore, correction is best done slowly and gradually, so as not to pull anything extra.

Correction tweezers and scissors

First remove the extra hairs from the bridge of the nose, as they cause gloomy faces. After that you can get at the bottom of the eyebrows. If you see that it is necessary, remove a few hairs and on the upper part of the eyebrow. But doing this is recommended only when they grow separately and explicitly do not flow into natural form.

While plucking eyebrows try to do everything so that all the transitions turned out smooth. Angular and poorly rounded sections will make your face by the vicious and sullen. And again, in the process, the tweezers need to tighten the skin on the growth of hairs and make tweezing in the same direction. And the work will be easier, and the process is not so painful.

When tweezers will remove all the excess hairs, it may be that some remaining individual hairs just knocked out of shape. Thus, it is clearly visible that if to remove them, the eyebrow will be damaged. To make the correct eyebrow shape at home, in this case just. And you need only nail scissors. Just take and trim the length of the custom hairs, not touching other. You’ll see how the eyebrow will be more careful.

So, eyebrows plucked. Now chickened out with facial hairs, and anoint the brow and the skin around them any antiseptic cream. This will prevent the inflammation and will remove the resulting redness. It is best if the cream would contain chamomile extract.

Eyebrow shaping with makeup

The shape of the eyebrows you did. Now only need from time to time to maintain it, removing yourself newly sprouting hairs in the liberated from them.

But in order to make-up eyebrows looked spectacular and even more beautiful, you need to use cosmetics to highlight them.

These are usually referred to eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and gel. Consider the use of these funds in more detail.

Work with a pencil

Correction of eyebrows with a pencil

The first and convenient is the use of a cosmetic pencil. But you need to buy a pencil specifically for eyebrows. Typically, these pencils are harder than for eyes, and shades as close to natural.

Two basic colors – black and brown. They already vary in shades from dark to light. The shade of pencil is chosen as close as possible to the eyebrows. If eyebrows are quite light, and the pencil also should be light. And apply it is only necessary slightly concerning that there is no strong contrast.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with a pencil? The first way is to paint directly on the hairs. It’s good in cases where eyebrows are quite thick, between the hairs, no gaps, and you only want to make the eyebrows a little darker. The pencil should be just slightly wet and hold it on the eyebrows, without pressing hard.

The second way to make the correct shape brow pencil – holding directly on the skin. This option is more common, as it is ideal for women with thin eyebrows, between the hairs which are visible ugly gaps.

Here is to wet the pencil is not necessary. Enough just to carry out its sharp tip in the gaps, lightly pressing the web. Stitches make beautiful and thin, then the surrounding will not notice that you used a pencil. This method may be correct eyebrow throughout its length and width.

Shaping with powder or gel

Eyebrow shaping with shadows

Make beautiful brows and shadow. The work involves the painting of light brows, a brush with a beveled corner. Shadows to do this, take also the corresponding shade. The brush should gain a bit of shadow and make it on the eyebrows. Can be carried out as the hairs and gaps in the skin at the same time. Note that the shadows it is desirable to select not mother-of-pearl, and matte. Only then everything will look natural and not vulgar. One should not deviate from the form. But if the ends are very thin, you can thicken them slightly.

After correct eyebrow pencil or shadows – they should lightly powder. This will help the makeup eyebrow is to hold out as long as possible, remove excessive oiliness on the skin between hairs, formed by the sebaceous glands, as well as make the color more muted.

Another allocation method – when the eyebrows make a beautiful using colorless gel. It is suitable only for special occasions – themed parties or makeup for the stage. Due to the gel, the hair will look shiny and stand out stronger.

To do this, first comb them with a brush, and then gently apply on hair a small amount of gel. This same method can be successfully applied for styling unruly hair. After a few times the hair will become docile and do not require the presence of gel in order to lay.

Thus, the basic ways of how to make beautiful eyebrows at home, are fully considered. These methods are very effective and inexpensive, so every woman can try without risk for a purse and appearance.

Of course, today there are plenty of other correction methods, such as tattooing, chemical staining, etc. But these ways are already more radical. So using them is not recommended. After all, you won’t be able to know the result, but to correct it already so simply will not work.