Harmful if the procedure of eyelash?

Eyelash extensions is one of the most popular procedures offered today to women in beauty salons. To her resorted ladies, dissatisfied with the thickness and length of your real lashes. Artificial “tail” of the eye allows the fair sex to create a truly enchanting look that makes beat faster the hearts of men.

Extended eyelashes doll effect

Master of beauty, carrying capacity, argue that this cosmetic procedure is completely safe for women’s health. However, in recent times you can hear conversations about what eyelash extensions – not the most harmless salon services. It can have negative health consequences for girls and women who undergo it. So is it harmful eyelash extensions or not? To answer this question, we need to learn the technique of the procedure.

What are the advantages of building?


Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity seems to have artificial eyelashes, glued skillfully skilled professional, faults can not be. Get luxurious lashes stunning length, you can forget about the daily obligatory eye makeup. Look will look so expressive that the use of mascara for extra underscore is no longer necessary. With extended eyelashes can not be afraid to be caught in the rain, swim in the sea or pool in any of the situations, the eyes will remain beautiful. Will not be a hindrance for the elegant framing of the eyes and women’s tears. After the eyelash of the fairer sex can lead a familiar lifestyle.

An advantage of the procedure eyelash is that it is completely painless. Session duration does not exceed 3 hours. Before you start the eyelash extension, master cleanses the skin from makeup. After the lashes are degreased by special means. To the eye does not hit the glue with which to build lashes, cosmetologist imposes on the eyelids of the patient with special discs filled with hydrogel. After finishing the preparatory stage, the wizard goes directly to the procedure.

Poranny method and incomplete capacity

Partial eyelash extensions

Ways to increase there are many. The most popular is presnetly (Japanese) a method in which alternately a cosmetologist glues the thin hairs across the lash line client. The procedure uses a special adhesive resin-based. This really is a piece of work allows the woman to acquire long and thick eyelashes. Extensions so lashes look natural and are indistinguishable from the real thing. After the procedure specialist combs all glued fibers. To increase the life of the master processes each artificial hair special top coat.

Some women choose partial capacity. If the previous method involves the fixing of artificial hairs across the lash line, this method consists in gluing the hairs collected into bundles, from mid-century. This framing of the eye looks too glamorous and unnatural, so choose it less often than Poranny method.

To maintain the beauty of eyelash extensions women need once in 3-4 weeks to come to correction. With some cilia you can take up to 5-6 months, after which they recommended be removed. Re-allowed no earlier than 1 month after removing the previous one.

What are the artificial eyelash?

Artificial cilia

Many women believe that the fibers which stick to them master, are natural. However, for eyelash use synthetic material which, according to cosmetologists, is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe. Despite the fact that artificial cilia, the names are quite genuine mink, sable, silk, columns.

  1. Mink eyelashes choose women who aspire to naturalness in the image. They are created from the fibers as close as possible to the structure of these eyelashes. This extended “tail” allows you to create thick lashes, but it looks natural, so it chooses the vast majority of clients of beauty salons.
  2. Sable lashes look very massively. To create use of heavy and thick hairs. Usually they choose an extravagant young ladies who are accustomed to draw attention to their appearance. Sable – perfect for evening or wedding makeup. Thick hairs create an unnecessary burden on the lashes, so stylists are not advised to wear them for long.
  3. Silk lashes are made of thin fibers. They attract the eye with its extraordinary lightness and softness, but look at this space. Create the effect of her painted eyelashes.
  4. Coring cilia are created from the finest hairs. They practically do not stand out against the eyes, so is not particularly popular among the female population. Speakers recommend ladies with by nature sparse eyelashes and wish to increase them so that their artificial origin was not noticeable.

Operation eyelash extensions is painless and, it would seem that there is nothing to worry. But why today you can hear a lot of talk about the fact that this procedure is not completely safe and could harm the health of the woman? It’s time to figure out: is it harmful to eyelashes?

Contraindications for the procedure

Eyelash Perm

From this methodology, like any other cosmetic procedure has its contraindications, which the master must inform the client. A woman needs to weigh the “pros” and “cons” and only then decide whether or not she should engage the services of specialists of the beauty salon in order to become the owner of mesmerizing eyelashes. If the procedure of eyelash it is contraindicated, no need to risk the health, because the consequences of this cosmetic services can be quite sad.

  1. It should not be used to increase lash volume by artificial means, if a woman has a tendency to allergic reactions. Allergies can cause as a synthetic material from which made the lashes (it happens very rarely, but the consequences of such treatments should not be ruled out), and the resin glue that is used in their consolidation. In order to avoid problems, a woman can first try to rack up some cilia in the corners of his eyes. If the procedure does not prevent it, then you can safely proceed to a full capacity.
  2. Absolutely contraindicated eyelash when conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. Before heading to the beauty salon, it is necessary to completely cure the disease.
  3. Eyelashes are not to increase girls and women who use contact lenses. Regular manipulation with eyes that are forced to do ladies, putting on and taking off lenses, can lead to exfoliation of the adhered hairs.
  4. Dangerous to do the buildup with a strong loss of eyelashes. The resin glue used by the masters during the procedure that could further weaken the already weakened native cilia. It should also be understood that the artificial hairs will cause greater stresses in these eyelashes, and this can cause breakage and stronger hair loss.
  5. It is undesirable to do extensions to owners of very dry skin century. To maintain that the skin around the eyes in a normal condition women need daily to moisturize her special cosmetics. Creams, gels and emulsions, applied to the eyelids can cause premature exfoliation of the artificial framing of the eye. For artificial cilia is not only dry skin but also oily. Excess sebum will lead to the fact that the synthetic hairs are carefully glued the specialist, will fall for a short time.

To remove extended lashes should master. Trying to do it yourself can lead to the fact that with the attached hairs will be ripped or severely damaged native eyelashes. As a result of manipulation by removing artificial beauty at home girls at risk to remain without these cilia.

You need to understand that eyelash extensions should be done in a beauty salon, and to make it needs an experienced specialist.

His improper conduct, violation of the basic hygiene requirements can lead to problems not only with lashes, but with the eyes. But if the procedure produces a qualified specialist, then to worry about it harmful eyelash extensions, you do. In the hands of an experienced beautician she will be in complete safety.