How to glue false eyelashes?

Beautiful lashes are an important feature of the face. After all, their density and length depends on how expressive will look eyes.

False eyelashes

For this reason, it is advisable to explain in more detail how to glue false eyelashes on their own. Of course, that every day will not make it. After all, artificial materials need to be bought and to use them only once. But for certain occasions in life to do is still needed.

How to choose the right lashes and glue?

Before considering the overlay process of the cilia, it is important to know how to choose false eyelashes correctly. Today for sale is a lot of options for overhead cilia. This and bundles, and the eyelashes on the eyelid, and carnival options with feathers or rhinestones. The choice depends on you.

Types of false eyelashes

The first thing you need to pay attention to, before gluing the lashes, this material. All lashes are now made from synthetic materials. But even synthetics can be pretty high quality. It is immediately obvious: the hairs are thin, and they look very natural. Eyelashes bad quality seem unnatural, as most often they are made of plastic.The second important condition is the choice of the length. To look natural, you must choose the lashes that are about 1.5-2 mm long self. Note that in different parts of the eye lashes vary in length. Therefore, if you decide to glue the material over the entire lid, you need to find false eyelashes different. This does not concern only fancy options made of feathers.

The third condition is the choice of a good glue. It can be transparent or black. If you have no experience with false eyelashes, it is better to give preference to transparent glue. Black color suitable when you have at least once been practiced. Better to choose a waterproof glue, then you don’t have to be afraid because you can lose your eyelashes in wet weather.

Features of work with false eyelashes

Thus, the materials and glue are already selected. Now, as for the process of gluing. You can glue false eyelashes in two ways: ready-made makeup or before applying. You can try both ways to understand how you prefer to work. It is necessary to consider both the process of sticking.

How to glue tails on makeup?

First, note the process of sticking the tails, as they girls are dealing with most often. Paint the eyes, as I usually do, last paint eye-lashes India ink of the same color as the tails that you intend to glue.

Before painting with ink you need to slightly curl your eyelashes with a retainer so that they are not out under artificial.

Then two coats of paint mascara on the lashes.

Gluing the eyelashes on the lower eyelid

When the ink dries, remove the first tail from the packaging and open the adhesive tube. Take the ponytail so that you subsequently it was immediately comfortable to apply on the eyelid without changing the position of the fingers. The base of the tail should be dipped in glue, then immediately attach it to the base of your own eyelashes in the eyelid corner. Do not fix the base of the fingers, since the tail will stick to them and not to the eyelashes, and the makeup will spoil. Just adjust the position of the ponytail all hairs parallel to your own.

If you are gluing eyelashes for the first time, you probably may seem, that holds the ponytail securely. But it’s a false sense. In fact, missing one small drop of glue to the tail normally kept, and you feel free and natural.

In the same way, glued a tail on the other eye. Next, if you want to make more tails, or not to glue them all along the century, work alternately and slowly, keeping between the tails is the distance that the upper part of overhead cilia was continuous and without abrupt gaps.

How to glue tails on makeup on the eye?

Gluing of the eyelashes with your hands

The second method of gluing on the eyes without makeup. Actually, it’s a little more difficult in the sense that you then have to paint eyes and your lashes together with applied. Before work can wear some eye pencil and eye shadow but not mascara. Next curl the hairs with special tweezers, and then perform the gluing as described.

When that’s done, the main thing – to wait for the full clutch of artificial lashes with your natural ones. It will take about 15-20 minutes. And only after this time, you can begin painting with ink. This should be done very carefully, to artificial eyelashes do not come off and not shifted. To do this, prefer a good liquid mascara with very thick brush.

Paint the lashes in a few layers from the ends to the roots. Special attention is paid to the external corners of the eyes. The artificial eyelashes do not paint much, because they are so dark and thick. Better to work on the tips of their own that they were as close to the ideal.

Working with solid eyelashes on the eyelid

Now a little bit about what concerns ordinary gluing the eyelashes on the eyelid. As a rule, to work with them a little faster since you don’t have to stick each tail separately. You can work on a ready makeup and makeup on the eyelashes.

The principle here is one. First, apply glue a thin layer all around the base overhead of the cilia, and then attach them neatly on top its not from the bottom, and the top (by the way, so it is necessary to work with tails), holding them at the tips. Until the glue has dried, immediately trim the lashes in the desired position. To glue false eyelashes, as tails, the best option, because then they will look more natural.

So, how to glue false eyelashes now you know. If you will follow these simple tips, you will not have to face unpleasant surprises. So go ahead, and you all must succeed!