How to give the correct shape eyebrows?

The ideal female eyebrow has long been delight and fascinate the strong half of mankind. However, not every girl can boast perfect shape of the eyebrow. Modern beauty salons offer a variety of types of correction. But the trip to the master today is not every lady can afford. How to shape eyebrows at home yourself?

Perfect shape of eyebrows

Actually to give your eyebrows an attractive appearance easy. All you need is to know exactly what to do, in what sequence, how to do and clearly understand when to stop. After all, you can sometimes overdo it. In most cases, the work on eyebrows is either to get rid of excess, or, conversely, a bit of paint or as one of the options skillfully to smooth.

A few words about the procedure of plucking

Figure 1. Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

How to adjust the shape of the eyebrows yourself at home? The best suited method, which is called plucking. It is effective for several millennia. Yes, this method is pain. However, plucking and having a useful effect. What does this mean? The secret is very simple: visibaba the excess hairs, as if you’re massaging brownie arc that stimulates further growth of the eyebrows. Any girl would agree that the appearance of new hairs is much better than no.

To help give the eyebrows shape is very simple, if you have two of tweezers. Why two? One must be with pointed tips. Its mission is to conduct basic plucking (Fig. 1) . But the second tool needs to be flat-tips. This form of the tweezers is convenient to carry out final trimming of the eyebrows.

Before you give your eyebrows the shape you should take care of sterility of the instruments used. To do this, they should be thoroughly disinfected. It is best in this situation to use a special lotion or alcohol. This in time will prevent contact with the skin and wounds infections. The second tool, without which to give the eyebrows the shape is simply impossible, it is a mirror. It is very important that the mirror is securely installed on the table, giving the opportunity to work with both hands, and be of such size to show you all the face from different angles.

Figure 2. The dependence of the shape of the type face

Before you start plucking, it must be clearly and precisely defined with suitable for you shape of the eyebrows. This problem can be overcome by using a special computer program, or just print a few photos and drawing on them for a couple of options for the future contours (Fig. 2).

Girls who by nature have a bushy eyebrows, can only envy. Because their goal is to just maintain this “beauty” regularly visibaba. However, other girls have to regularly maintain your eyebrows in the appropriate form. It is easy to realize. Any girl will easily learn the specifics of this procedure.

Detailed instructions of perfomance of the work

Figure 3. The definition of the start point of the eyebrow

  1. Define eyebrows. Only now you can tweeze the hairs that grow beyond this point towards the bridge of the nose (Fig. 3).
  2. Define the ends of your brows and remove hairs that are located beyond this point. The situation, when the natural length is not enough can be corrected with a pencil, as if to finish it while applying makeup.
  3. Narrow eyebrow, visibaba the excess hairs on the bottom. The bottom arc must be parallel to the upper border of the eyebrow. It is unacceptable to do the eyebrows too thin – the most beautiful natural width.
  4. Upon completion of the correction the skin is recommended to treat with antiseptic and apply a soothing cream.

Practical tips for every beauty:

  1. Do the correction of eyebrows exclusively in good light. Best daylight.
  2. No need to pluck eyebrows starting from the top. It should be remembered that removing them can significantly affect the expression as a whole.
  3. Order process was painless, to grab the hairs as close to the skin, but at the same time not touching her. This method will help to remove the hair entirely from the root and not break off in the middle of it (which is very often the case with many women).
  4. Work must be carried out gradually, without haste. No need to try to pluck as many hairs. There is a risk of spoiling the shape of the eyebrows in General.
  5. During the removal of excess hair it is recommended to gently pull the skin, it will greatly facilitate the procedure.
  6. It is very important to adhere to the following rules: hairs pulled out strictly in the direction of their growth. Otherwise, the hairs will grow into the skin.
  7. The procedure does not require haste. On the contrary, it is recommended to make a stop in the process. This will determine whether the desired result.
  8. Mandatory paid attention to the hairs that are on the bridge of the nose.
  9. At the end of the procedure, you must handle the skin with toner, then apply moisturizer.

Observe the symmetry.

In order to make the correct eyebrow shape, use a mirror effect. That is, make sure that the point of the base of the eyebrow, the top of the bend and the end was symmetrical.

Rules of care of eyebrows

It is important to follow some recommendations that will help the eyebrows to purchase a well maintained and healthy:

  1. Every morning and evening, moisten them a specialized nutrient medium. For those who have eyebrows very thinned, need to do this several times a day. The gel can replace the conventional castor oil.
  2. Do not apply an excessive amount of paint. This is, firstly, too vulgar, and second, thinner hair.
  3. Always remove makeup at night.
  4. Radically change the color and shape is best done in the salon.

Proper care is the key beauty of your eyebrows.

Remember that it is the correct eyebrow shape and the perfect color give the face grooming. Regularly care for your eyebrows and be irresistible!