How girl painting lips with red lipstick?

Before you thought that red lipstick is too provocative. Now bright red lips are on the peak of popularity, and you wanted to learn how to paint her lips with red lipstick? Nothing complicated in this procedure, there should follow a few simple tips and recommendations to apply the color evenly.

Bright red lips

Red color gives you the brightness and style that will distinguish you from the gray mass, and will force the male to give you his attention.

Preparation for lip makeup

Makeup you will need:

Peeling of the lips with sugar

  1. Balm or lip gloss.
  2. Contour pencil in the tone of the hue or colorless.
  3. Lipstick is the right shade.
  4. Loose powder.
  5. Brush.
  6. Napkins of paper.

If you dared, for the first time to try red lipstick, you must prepare for this thoroughly. Pick the right clothes and accessories. Can also lipstick red lipstick and spend the whole day at home, getting used to a new element of your makeup. It is doubtful that anyone will appreciate if you will periodically cover his mouth, embarrassed brightness and extraordinary color.

To properly put on lipstick red lipstick, you need to peel. So the mouth will look well-groomed and smooth. Circular massage brush with toothbrush or hard brush for eyelashes your lips. Do this process in about two minutes, this will allow you to rid the skin of dead cells, and then the red fondant will lay down much smoother and better.

How to paint lips?

Applying balm on the lips

You have already prepared mentally, brought the sponge in the order you chose the correct shade of lipstick, you can now proceed to its application. This tutorial will teach you how to paint beautiful lips:

  1. Dab onto lips balm or concealer, then a bit let it dry and apply loose powder.
  2. Circle contour with a pencil the outline of the lips. It is also necessary to fill the space inside the outline.
  3. The first layer of lipstick already applied. Paint from the center towards the corners. Take the tissue paper and gently dab the sponge to remove excess. Then re-apply the powder.
  4. A second layer of lipstick applied with a brush to ensure the color stability.

A few tips on how to use the red tones

How to paint lips red, not the usual everyday lipstick that can be described in a few simple tips. In fact, it is sufficient to observe only the rules of choice of colors, to beautifully paint your lips, everything else is details.

The stages of applying red lipstick

  1. Visually reduce the lips matte and dark colors, and bright red and glossy – increase.
  2. The red color should be combined with some eye-catching accessory, like handbags or shoes. The shades must not vary, otherwise the appearance will be spoiled.
  3. After applying lipstick don’t need to bite and pull at the lips, so it will last longer.
  4. If you don’t want the teeth to see the remnants of red lipstick, you lick your index finger (remember to wash your hands!) – so removed the excess that comes into contact with the teeth.
  5. Older women should not be abused red lipstick as it can add another couple of years.
  6. In order to use the red shades, it is necessary to have a perfect lips.
  7. Lip liner should always match the tone of lipstick! So if you use different shades, you will need some pencils.
  8. The rest of the makeup should be designed in a neutral style. Red lips is the only bright element to your face. If you do not follow this rule, you can just be funny painted clown in the eyes of others.
  9. Not all shades will fit one person. Lipstick should match the color type. Women with blond hair and translucent skin suitable warm pink tones. Red, and chestnut hair suit berry shades and dark-haired, bright red.

How to dye lipstick, every woman should know.

When using red tones should be carefully followed all the recommendations, since this color your lips attract more attention than the less bright.

Unacceptable flaws and oversights in the makeup red lipstick, as this will be the main elements of your style at that time.