Foundation makeup: how to apply blush?

Blush are the final stage in makeup and can instantly turn any girl into a cover model of the magazine. One has only to learn how to correctly apply blush. All the efforts spent on eye makeup and lips, can simply disappear if the blush was applied incorrectly or selected the wrong shade.

The blush

In their application a lot of nuances: where to apply, how to choose the right shade and so on. Guided by the existing rules for applying blush on the cheekbones, you can create an unforgettable image, which will emphasize the dignity and hide his flaws.

Choice of brushes and blush

When buying any blusher includes a brush for application, but it is too small and suitable only as a “camping” option (if you need me during the day to freshen up makeup). But to apply them better is round, small and furry brush, which must be purchased separately. Also in the Arsenal necessary to have a flat brush to highlight the cheekbones. Lovers of liquid blush will need a sponge.

Select the types of blush you need based on the type of your skin. The main types which are most popular among buyers are:

Ball ruddy

  1. Powdery. This is the most versatile and affordable type among the blush. Suitable for all skin types and is ideal for women with oily and combination skin. The dense texture of this product allows you to apply even tone on any skin, it matarua her Shine. You can combine different shades to get the perfect tone. To get the desired effect, you need to know how to apply powder blush. You need to take a little bit of money on a brush, remove the excess, then apply to face. It is best to use a natural brush with soft bristles. Powder blush is applied in several thin layers, to subsequently face looked natural.
  2. Ball. This product will allow you to create the effect of a natural glow, due to a combination of balls of different colors. The resulting tone will have a similarity with the natural skin color girls that will give a more natural makeup. The consumption of this tool is much smaller than that of the powder counterpart. In the form of balls will not allow you to take to the hand over, so these blushers are consumed much more slowly. This kind of as powdery, suitable for all skin types.
  3. Cream. This product should give preference to owners of dry skin. The fact that the composition of a creamy blush contains moisturizing oils. If this remedy is applied to skin, it will be visible Shine. To apply this blush you need on a basic basis, and smudge with fingertips. The excess should be removed with a cotton pad. After careful shading of the face slightly powdered.
  4. Gel. This tool has a liquid structure and contains moisturizing oils, allowing for quick drying. It is not recommended to use them for girls with dry skin. These blush is properly applied to a clean face or on a basis. In any case, you cannot impose them on powdered face, otherwise you risk to spoil the whole makeup. Gel blush is applied in the same way as cream, but shade them as soon as possible, as they dry out very quickly. They are very long hold and retain the original appearance of the makeup.

The choice of the type of blush depends not only on the quality of the makeup, but the skin condition. Remember that incorrectly chosen cosmetics can lead to skin rashes, imperfections and allergies, so choose any cosmetics to the basis of skin type.

Adjust the shape of the face

How to correctly apply blush depends on face shape. It is the type of person imposes certain restrictions on the extent and scope of their application, as well as the color choice. There are 4 main types of individuals:

  • oval;
  • triangular;
  • round;
  • square.

For each of these types there are certain rules how to apply blush, where and what shade to choose.

Oval face type is considered ideal. The owners of this face shape is no problem to apply blusher, just smile and put them along the cheekbones, starting from the temples and gradually moving down. For oval shaped faces there are no specific recommendations in the choice of shades – blush color comes to makeup.

If we talk about how to apply blush for girls with a triangular face shape, here are the most important aspect is to create a visually smooth transition from narrow faces to wide. Blush should be applied from the middle of the face towards the ears ears.

If a person has a problem with a broad forehead, here, too, come to the aid of the Rouge – use the natural brown pastel and Nude colors, you can mitigate this disadvantage. Fashionistas with a triangular type of person is best to use a peachy pink shades that when applied to the cheekbones, visually smooth angular face shape.

With a lot of problems, how to apply blush, face girls with round face. Owners of this type of face is better to opt for a dark or natural colours. The main purpose in applying blush for owners of a round face shape is a visual stretching. For this you need to impose them in the form of an elongated triangle from the lips to the temples. You need to apply blush along the cheekbones upwards. A lot of attention, girls with this type of person, we need to give the feather; on her cheeks the hue needs to be more intense than on the cheeks. To romanity forehead and chin round-faced beauties should not be – it is visually can create excessive fullness of the face.

How to apply blush for those with a square face type? Here the main task is a visual narrowing of the lower part of the face and smoothing awkward transitions. This can be achieved by applying blush a dark shade on top of the cheekbones, and lighter on the chin. It is important that the shading and drawing was on the ascending direction, otherwise the effect can not exceed expectations.

Remember that blush on her face should not be much, otherwise the makeup will look unnatural. But if overdone, the excess should be removed with a clean brush or a little priputnev.

The stages of application

In addition to selection of the right product and skin type, to produce the desired result, you need to follow the steps how to apply blush. The correct sequence of their application is as follows:

Underline the cheekbones with blush

  1. Underline cheekbones. It takes a little pull in the cheeks and a wide brush to apply a small amount of the product moving in the downward direction from the ear to the lips. Then blush shade soft, circular motions.
  2. Drawing around the jaw line. From the outer edge of the jaw, with the same wide brush to apply blusher, just not bringing it to the middle of the chin. This will help to refresh the complexion and make the face contour is visually clearer.
  3. The allocation of the cheeks. You need to use a round soft brush and blush in a lighter tone those cheeks. To determine where to properly apply blush to highlight your cheeks, you need to smile. The resulting bulge is precisely the place where you should apply blush.
  4. Careful feathering. To give the face a fresh and natural look, blush should definitely shade. Feathering will help to remove all the excess and adjust the shape of the face if necessary. Movements should be soft and light towards the temples. You can resort to a small trick is to soak a brush thermal water and gently smudge the makeup. Skin will get natural glow and healthy looking.

Knowing where to apply blush and how you can change your appearance for the better, emphasizing all the advantages of facial features and hiding its flaws.

These recommendations are suitable not only girls but women in adulthood.