Formed eyebrow house at home

It is known that a well-chosen makeup, eyebrows furnished house and nicely painted eyelashes well emphasize oval and facial features.

Eyebrows, decorated house

The right shape eyebrows can make your own at home. But how to pluck eyebrows house? For this you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Carefully measure the proportions of the face before you tweeze cabin your own at home.
  2. This form is strictly not suitable for people with a triangular face shape.
  3. Eyebrow house with short ends and high rise look more attractive on the face with rounded shapes. Too the acute form is more rounded face that will not look very nice.
  4. If the face is oblong in shape, the eyebrow house is to do more direct.
  5. The face of V-shaped type will fix the slightly raised eyebrow with a uniform bending.
  6. When equal to the width of the forehead and cheeks suitable elongated and curved shape of the eyebrow with high fracture. We should not make too thin.

Anyway, this form of eyebrows is widespread because of its versatility. Many celebrities gave it their preference (photo).

Preparatory work, secrets and recommendations

Before you tweeze, you need to prepare the following tools and adaptations:

Tweezers for eyebrows

  1. Mirror.
  2. Cosmetic tweezers with wide tips.
  3. Ice cream or antiseptic with analgesic effect.
  4. Applicators, cotton pads, napkins.
  5. A special pencil.

For carrying out all the manipulations necessary to ensure adequate coverage. It is best to carry out the correction in daylight. Before you make the shape of your eyebrows, you need to steam your face over a water bath or just take a hot shower.

Preparatory operations:

  1. Treat the tool and the face of antiseptic or alcohol.
  2. Mark a light pencil the desired shape, use a long pencil for makeup. To determine the location of the inner point of the arc must attach a pencil to the wing of the nose and hold it through the inside of the eye. The point of intersection of the arcuate edge with a pencil and will be the internal point of the arc.
  3. Next, set the outer point of the arc. Attach the pencil to the wing of the nose and the outer extreme point of the eye. At the intersection of the set the second point on the eyebrow pencil.
  4. Define lift (upper break point). It should be on the same vertical line with the pupil of the eye. Breaking point is selected individually. The bend should be smooth.
  5. After marking the checkpoint to begin correction.
  6. Before nice to pluck eyebrows, draw the shape of eyebrow pencil white. In the future, follow these contours. The question how to draw eyebrows, you understand. You can go directly to the correction process.

Correction and final touches

The process of drawing the eyebrows "house"

When working with tweezers, you must be careful. Not much lift angles, and the head edge, on the contrary, not much lower. The tails should be short. So the form is more graceful and harmonious. How to do it in practice, you ask? Very simply, you need to pull out the hair only at the hem.
The hairs are captured as close to the root. Don’t have to stretch the skin. Just hold the edge with the fingertips of one hand, and the second pull the hairs with tweezers.

Do not try to grab too many hairs, the hairs take a few pieces.

How to do everything symmetrically? For this study each ear in turn, and perform all operations clearly and methodically. For very dense vegetation eyebrow house cut with special scissors for makeup. Do not forget about the nose. Remove the hairs on her too. And again the question arises, how to maintain a distance between the eyebrows? The distance between the tips must be equal to 2 centimeters.

After completion of the work should apply antiseptic and soothing cream for the skin. The redness should go in a few hours. If the form you don’t like it, then fix it with a special pencil. The tone of the pencil should be slightly darker than the natural hair colour.

Now that you know how to correctly do eyebrow house at home, nothing will prevent you to look beautiful and charming.