What form of eyebrows is right for me?


Good evening, girls! I’d love to know your recommendations about the eyebrows. I have, in my opinion, a slightly triangular face. Think, what I look good in?

What form of eyebrows is right for me?

Expert’s answer

Good evening. Of course, it is always easier to advise from the photo, if you put the file, that would be great. And so, scientifically, for the triangular face suitable slightly raised eyebrow, bending which is performed smoothly, without kinking.

Here are other types:

  • A square face is most suitable is not very thin, arched eyebrows;
  • Girls with long face are better to stop the choice on the straight eyebrows;
  • For oval faces the optimal rounded shape, not too filled and wide, because then the face will look sternly;
  • And finally, a round face fit convex, with a kink edge.

A good choice!