Female eyebrows: how to paint yourself

Beautiful and well defined brows are the dream of any self-respecting woman. However, not one of the ladies blessed with perfect eyebrows.

Coloring eyebrows

To make your face more expressive and attractive, many ladies brows pencil, shadow or paint. The use of these cosmetic products requires certain skills, so women it is important to know how to dye eyebrows yourself.

What beauty product is best choose for drawing eyebrows? In response to this question must take into account the personal preferences of ladies. If the girl leads an active lifestyle and doesn’t have enough time for daily makeup application, then the ideal option will be to dye eyebrows, able to hold on to hairs relatively long time.

Pencil is suitable for those girls who want to draw a clear eyebrow, but to use paint for whatever reason, are hesitant. The shade is more like natural makeup lovers: they can be used to slightly darken the eyebrows, giving them a soft tint. Makeup artists suggest to use the shadow women are by nature thick eyebrows.

The use of pencil for eyebrow correction

Pencil – the most common cosmetic tool for eyebrow correction. To color eyebrows was not difficult, the pencil lead needs to be solid and sharpened. Tool with a soft rod to use is undesirable as it is difficult to draw clear lines, make up, unkempt.

The use of pencil for eyebrow correction

Much attention should be paid to the choice of color stylus: it must harmonize with the skin tone and shade of hair women. Brunettes are ideal black or dark grey pencil, brunette and red-haired ladies need to choose a color palette in shades of brown and blonde – light brown, light ash or beige tones.

It should also be noted that the pencils come in different degrees of resistance. For daily makeup enough with the usual pencil rod, but if the woman is engaged in sports or resting on the sea, then it is more like a pencil with a waterproof pen.

Having dealt with what should be a pencil, you can proceed to examine the question of how to paint the eyebrows.

  1. The hair comb with the special brush (it is often sold in a set with a pencil) down.
  2. Pencil on line the growth of the eyebrows gently draw short strokes that mimic the hairs. To draw a solid line because the brow will turn out unnatural.
  3. The drawn line, carefully comb the brush, giving the hair a natural position. In the process of brushing strokes with a pencil, lightly shaded and acquire a natural look.
  4. To eyebrows remain neat throughout the day, the result can be additionally xed with a special gel.

Giving tips on how to dye eyebrows, makeup artists recommend the use of pencils two closely related shades the outside of the eyebrow to draw with a lighter color, and the interior is dark. This technique will give a natural makeup look.

How to use shadows and dust

Eyebrow shaping with shadows

To paint eyebrows and shadows. This option is ideal for those ladies who don’t like flashy makeup and only want to slightly draw the eyebrows, making them focus.

The main drawback of the shadow of their instability, so the makeup will have to touch up throughout the day repeatedly. But there are shadows, and an important advantage: their color palette is much richer than pencils, and it allows women to choose the shade closest to the natural color of her eyebrows.

The shade must be opaque and fairly firm.

Shimmering and sparkling makeup for this purpose is not necessary.

How to dye eyebrows shades? In this process, the main thing is to choose a brush for application, which must be a sloped pile. An example of such a brush you can see in the photo. Preparing the tool, go to the procedure.

Coloring eyebrows

  1. On the brush take a bit of shadows. Paint the eyebrows with light strokes, trying not to stain the skin beneath. Paint over the hairs from the inner to the outer edge.
  2. When the shadows are applied, their shade, gently combing the hairs with the brush.
  3. To shadows do not crumble too quickly, their after the procedure, you can fix it with gel.
  4. A brush after each use and washed in warm water and dried.

Not so long ago on the market of cosmetic products have appeared powder for coloring the eyebrows. It is intended for the correction of thin, sparse eyebrows. Powder successfully fills in the gaps between the hairs and visually make eyebrows thicker.

How to paint the eyebrows? It is applied with a special brush as well as shade. It is a plus that it has a sufficient stability and can last throughout the day. But not without the dust and disadvantages: it is desirable to use the owners too thick eyebrows, as it will make them even thicker.

The application of stable coloring compositions

Amateur makeup are often used to paint the eyebrows resistant paint. The safest way to carry out this procedure in the beauty salon, however, many ladies prefer to paint at home, relying on their own experience. Detail about how to dye eyebrows, written instructions to any paint, but the ladies will not prevent further familiarize yourself with the basic rules of this cosmetic procedure.

The steps of creating the perfect eyebrows

  1. Before you begin to paint, the skin around the eyebrows, copiously lubricate any fat cream. This is necessary in order for the skin, which accidentally gets ink mix, not stained.
  2. The composition is prepared strictly in accordance with the regulations. Paint the eyebrows using a disposable cotton swab or brush.
  3. The mixture is applied on the hairline in the direction from the nose to the outer part of the brow, making sure that was dyed all the hairs.
  4. The composition is left on for a specified time, then remove with a dry piece of gauze and wipe with a wet cotton pad. After that, the skin is thoroughly washed under water.
  5. Painted eyebrows should be cared for, causing them every night a little castor oil.

Chemical coloring compounds to correctly dye eyebrows at most once in 2 weeks, and if possible even rarer. It is believed that they do not harm health as much as hair dye, but abuse still not worth it. Overreliance on this method of staining may negatively affect the state of the eyebrows and the skin beneath.

Use paint best dark-haired women: jet-black brunettes should choose rich black color, and for those who have hair lighter, one brown. Blonde tinting brows this way is not recommended, as they will too stand out on the face. Instead of paint, it is best to use a pencil or shadow.