Features of tattoo age

Tattoo age – a procedure which is in great demand among customers. To find the answer to the question, what was the reason for the increasing audience of willing, hard. Maybe it affects the frantic pace of modernity and the lack of extra time to stand for hours in front of the mirror. Or the same reason in the procedure. In any case, the tattoo of the eye has its pros and cons. And before you resort to this cosmetic procedure, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Permanent makeup eyelids


Tattoo eye emphasizes the eyes, besides for a long time. That is, after a customer makes a tattoo on a certain time he can forget about the daily drawing arrows.

Permanent makeup can be done on both the lower and upper eyelid. Focusing on the upper contour are called arrow. As a rule, it is carried out not through the growth of cilia, and slightly above. Yet the free space is not obscured.

It is important to note that usually the lower eyelid without tattooing permanent makeup on the top looks ridiculous. In this case, tattooing is performed jointly.

Permanent makeup upper eyelid

Tattoo century in the form of arrows is able to visually change the shape of the eye. Together with this are also hidden disadvantages. There is another type of permanent make-up eyelids – painting mirosnikova space. This makes it possible to create the effect of thick lashes. It is possible to draw as clear, and slightly feathered line.

There are cases when the use of one type of permanent makeup century will not produce the desired result. In this case you need to use the complex. For example, if the girl round the eyes, the tattooing age is recommended to perform in the following sequence: first paint migracyjne space, and then draw an arrow to visually lengthen the eyes.

Summing up, it can be concluded that tattooing is age appropriate when:

  • age-related changes;
  • ptosis of the upper eyelid;
  • “crying” eye.

However, it categorically should not do to people who have:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • inflammation;
  • low blood clotting;
  • hypertension;
  • epilepsy;
  • conjunctivitis.

It is not advisable to do this procedure and women who are breastfeeding or expecting a baby. Besides it is not advisable to do permanent makeup in the period of menstruation, because in these days of sensitivity to pain increases with risk of bleeding.

Naturally, the procedure of tattooing is quite painful. To make the client feel more or less comfortable use in anesthesia. However, the use of injectable anesthetics in this case, it is inappropriate, therefore preference is given to gel and ointment analgesic drugs. Given different pain thresholds, the clients can use anesthetic in a special gel base.

Tattoo age: reviews, the truth and the myths

Permanent makeup upper and lower eyelids

Not everyone is willing to undergo this procedure, and not to admit their fear, many come up with various reasons. That is why there are a lot of myths, not all of which are confirmed. Consider some of them.

Tattoo age is unbearably painful.

Of course, this procedure is unlikely someone will be able to bring the physical pleasure. However, one should not compare it with torture. Sensations unpleasant, but quite bearable.

If you blink during the tattoo age, the wizard gets a needle in the eye.

In this case, the number of victims would have long outweighed those in whom the procedure was successful. And therefore it would not be a cosmetic procedure and the direct health damage.

The answer to this question has two components. First – the customer is required to injected anesthesia. Besides anesthetize not only the eyelid but eyeball. So the instinctive reflex of blinking is no longer valid. Second – even with a great desire to blink client will not be able to do that, as the lid is securely fixed before beginning the procedure. Then migracyjny contour is drawn far enough away from the eyes.

Swelling after the procedure will be very long, so a few days it will be impossible to get out of the house.

Edema after permanent makeup is after 1-2 hours, if procedure was performed by a professional. Also a master can offer special eye drops that instantly remove redness and discomfort after the tattoo age.

After permanent makeup century will not grow lashes.

This view is absurd, and that after extension nails stop growing. The needle affects the hair follicles, therefore damaging the hair during this procedure are equal to zero.

Types of tattoo age

Permanent makeup upper eyelid with a feather

To determine the type of permanent makeup on the eyelids, you must consider your face shape and eyes.

If the girl has almond eyes, in this case, it will fit any variant of the tattoo.

If the eyes are planted close client, it is recommended to emphasize the outer corner to visually elongate them. With this task cope well with different types of arrows.

In the case where the eyes are set wide, need to emphasize the inner corner. It is recommended to resort to the technique of tattooing mirosnikova space of the upper eyelid.

Visually lengthen round eyes will help tatwine arrows, but the widest part of the arrow should be over the center of the eye.

Increase eyes will help the arrow on the lower eyelid, and upper, which are connected at the outer area.

Straight arrow emphasizes slanted eyes, and for deep-set it is advisable to use a feather.

The types of arrows for tattoo

Here are a few photos that represent the main types of tattoo age.

Tattoo age is able to accentuate expressive eyes, besides for a long time. By choosing the right technique of permanent makeup can provide a flawless look.

However, before you undergo this procedure, you need to choose good masters, because of his professionalism depends on 90% of the final result.