Features of professional cosmetics for makeup

There are few women who do not use decorative cosmetics, because it can emphasize the dignity and hide flaws, completely change the appearance and help create a new image.

Decorative cosmetics

The range of modern cosmetic market is huge. There are cosmetics of a class mass-market and professional cosmetics for make-up. What’s the difference?

Decorative cosmetics: variety

Decorative cosmetics intended for daily use or when you need to look your best. It is divided into two types:

The application of professional cosmetics before shooting

  1. Cosmetics, which is designed for use by Amateurs. It can be a class of mass-market or luxury. The main differences will lie in the quality of the product and its price. But it is intended only for use by the average woman applying makeup is a daily routine.
  2. Professional cosmetics. It is specifically intended for use by makeup professionals. This makeup is fundamentally different from “Amateur”. In the line-up is as familiar products (shadows, powders, lipsticks, blush), and specific, only required for filming in the spotlight.

The main difference of professional cosmetics lies in its purpose.

Usually, it is indispensable for the photo shoot, during movie shooting, that is, in situations where the skin needs to look perfect. But this takes into account the fact that “life” person looks like, and the picture is very different.

Cosmetics professional makeup: features

What distinguishes professional from Amateur? Here are the main features:

Professional eye shadow

  1. It often serves also as decorative and’s skin. For example, it can be creams with the protection factor of the sun or the shade with a moisturizing effect, etc.
  2. It is more pigmented. On the one hand, assumes a more dense application of paint on the skin, which is not very appropriate in everyday life. On the other hand, pigmented products are much better at hiding imperfections.
  3. Cosmetic makeup contains a lot more shades. This applies primarily to the shadows. Professional palettes eye shadow sets consist of several shades of the same color (from light to dark). It is necessary for the complex make-up, with transitions from one color to another. Such a technique used only by makeup artists in everyday life make up women much easier.
  4. The composition of the professional cosmetics without any allergic reaction as there are no natural components.
  5. Increased resistance. Professional makeup lasts as long as necessary. Disappear from the face only after will be made for make-up. Of course, such resistance is tempting, but it is a necessity dictated by the demands of filming, shows, photo shoots and other similar events where topical application of such products. As a rule, in everyday life there are such high requirements to durability of the makeup.

Of course, the price of professional cosmetics are much higher than usual. However, the price is justified because:

Workplace makeup artist with professional makeup

  • any products intended for professional use, is always more expensive than mass;
  • the products are applied daily, although professional make-up artists, this rule certainly does not extend;
  • this makeup very sparingly used, because the increased pigmentation of the products allows their use in smaller amounts.

Unlike consumer cosmetics that are sold in regular stores, professional products for makeup have quite plain packaging, even the nondescript and inexpensive. There is nothing extra, but using them is more convenient than packaged food in attracting the gaze and attention boxes and bottles.

Products designed to correct skin

Perfect makeup is impossible without the ideal tone of the face. To this aim women and professional makeup artists: they want to create the perfect skin tone, without a single blemish. On this “canvas” can later “draw” any “picture.” The best way possible with a perfect leather handle professional products for makeup: base, concealer, concealer, concealer, bronzer, powder. The sequence of applying products is always the same:

Professional concealer

  1. Base under makeup. It is designed to smooth the skin texture, allowing concealer falls easily and smoothly.
  2. Foundation. It is applied more thickly, than usual. This is necessary not only for better coverage, but for more durability. So makeup will not float from temperature changes and other environmental factors.
  3. Bobbi brown corrector and concealer. If under the eyes have bags, or bruises shadow, concealer quickly solves this problem. A makeup artist picks the color of the concealer on the basis of hue of bruises under his eyes. That’s why in professional palettes a concealer you can always find a product with yellow and pink pigments. Concealer is applied only onto the problem areas.
  4. Blush and bronzer. These products help to simulate the face oval, to “lift” the cheekbones, to make a more elegant nose.
  5. Powder. It main function is fixing of the result. Professional powder are often produced in loose form. Usually use a matte powder to the face is not shining. However, in the professional series there are products that give the skin a gloss or contain a part of small shimmer.

It is very important to follow it with a sequence in creating a perfect skin tone. Only after that you can accents.

Accents in professional makeup

To the products, allowing the accents, are eye shadows and lipsticks. These products are produced in both matte and timername (mother of pearl). However, makeup artists usually prefer matte textures, because they look the most expensive. This is especially true of the nude makeup style, where you need to achieve the effect of “naked” face without makeup. Without the matte texture of this effect is impossible to achieve. Besides, lipsticks, are intended for use by makeup artists, have a number of differences from lipsticks for mass consumption:

Professional makeup in nude style

  1. The creamy texture. This makes it easy to apply and distribute the lipstick on the lips. In addition, this lipstick moisturizes and nourishes lips, without drying them, looks very natural, and clients don’t experience discomfort.
  2. Packing. Professional lipstick available in small jars. This ensures hygienic use of the product, because makeup artists use it not for one person. Such a form eliminates a herpes infection, for example. The usual tubes of this opportunity is not available.
  3. Matte and shimmer. A few words about the texture. Usually pearl lipstick for professional makeup are used. In particular, it runs for a photo or video, since the camera pearlescent lipstick looks bad. If you want to add volume and Shine to the lips, makeup artists used a matte cream lipstick, and then in the center of the lips applied a little Shine. This technique gives a better effect.

Makeup artists to create images using brushes, professional cosmetic so not available with ready-made sponges, applicators, etc. there are products based on this feature (we are talking about the packaging and texture). Brushes are applied to all products, so brushes are very important tools in the makeup artist.