Features of makeup for red hair

To create a competent and harmonious makeup, you need to consider a lot of nuances. And it begins not even with the skills of makeup and theory. First and foremost, it is important to consider your facial features: the shape and facial features, the color type. The latter includes skin color, eyes and hair. So, makeup for red hair, blondes and brunettes will be different. However, due to cosmetics, it is possible to emphasize the features of their appearance. What makeup is suitable for redheads?

Makeup for red hair girls

Features color type redheads

The winner of the red hair belong to the warm color type (it is also called spring). Usually these girls have light skin, often scattered freckles. Many girls don’t like their freckles, so they try to bleach them or lighten by any means, to hide with makeup.

Spring color type

However, such a negative attitude towards freckles completely in vain, because “the kisses of the sun” make the image of a girl original, interesting, naughty and very good. So the correct way is to change your attitude to “highlight” their appearance. Also red hair, usually in varying degrees of curl. The eyes redheads girls usually bright green, gray-green, blue and even light brown.

By itself, the appearance of the girl type spring is very bright, so the most important thing in makeup is to accentuate the natural beauty of this color type.

If necessary, you must also hide possible defects of skin, correct facial features. Makeup options (daytime and evening) mass. To do it right, you need to consider some nuances in the execution of makeup for red hair.

The rules of daytime makeup for red hair

It is important to first know the rules of makeup, which will make the girl with the red hair is just irresistible:

Day makeup for redheads

  1. To unsubscribe from dense creams in favor of lighter, more transparent textures. If the skin is in good condition, ideal for hydrating Foundation or BB cream. If the skin is prone to fat, it is better to opt for the powder. If the skin is problematic, prone to inflammation and irritation, suitable as it is less dense concealer, but with a good covering power. Skin blemishes it is well masked using the corrector, which has a dense texture and high opacity.
  2. Since the appearance of redheaded girls itself is very colorful and quite flashy, it is better to choose makeup in natural shades. This daily makeup for red hair should be in warm shades, but with the evening possible and to experiment, using, for example, shadows are cool colors.
  3. As with any makeup, you need to do only one accent (on the lips or eyes). Red-haired girls should not highlight eyes and lips at the same time.

If the girl with the red hair is to follow these simple rules, her makeup will always look elegant, and the girl is just perfect.

Day makeup: gamma for red hair

Day makeup is intended to emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide flaws, make a person more fresh and rested. It should not be bright, catchy, geeky. Why girls warm color type should choose soft, natural shades of makeup. The girl-Spring is here we need to select cosmetics in the following way:

Evening makeup for redheads

  1. Foundation or powder. Very carefully need to pick up the funds, so that they perfectly merge with the skin. As a rule, redheads have very light skin, therefore, to pay attention to and the lightest shades of tonal resources. No need to try with cream or powder to make the skin tone darker because of the tanning effect is definitely not will give, and will look inharmonious.
  2. Eyeshadow. The red-haired girls, usually light eyes, usually green. But this does not mean that girls is available only shadows green hues. For green-eyed and brown-eyed beauties will fit the shade of green, brown, olivkovoe shades, ochre, moss, rust, cinnamon. In other words, a red match all colors of the earth. For gray – eyed girls will suit the shade of gray and gray-blue shades, nutmeg, gold and copper color.
  3. Blush. You need to carefully choose and apply blush, because girls with red hair are at risk of becoming a nesting doll. To avoid this, you need to choose only blusher of natural shades: powdery-Nude, dusty pink, peach. First, these colors are suitable for almost all women regardless of the color type, second, make the face a more youthful, fresh and healthy.
  4. Eyebrows. Flame-haired beauty needs to forget about the black eyebrows because it looks inharmonious. You need to choose the shades of brown depending on intensity of hair color. You can use gel, pencil or shadow eyebrow. Shadow or eyebrow powder look more natural and are easier to use than a pencil. However, it is rather a matter of taste and habits. The main thing – the color of the eyebrows should be dark.
  5. Eyelashes. It is also an important caveat. Often girls of red light eyelashes, often short. Therefore, in front of the girls face two challenges: to achieve the effect of more long and fluffy lashes and look natural. To achieve this will help mascara dark brown color with a lengthening effect. About black mascara is better to forget.
  6. Lipstick. For daytime makeup is better to use lipstick in a natural shade. Caramel, light pink, coral, beige, light berry – that’s the perfect color for a redhead.

Makeup for redheads girls not preclude the use of brasero, but I have to be careful not to overdo it. It is very important to choose the right color bronzer means that it in no way gave how. Otherwise it will play with the red girl a cruel joke.

Evening makeup for redheads

The evening makeup can be made more colorful accents on eyes or lips. And here you can show imagination and courage. The main thing – to choose the right colors, the right color type. So, doing eye makeup, a girl can go two ways:

  1. More intense shade, which she uses in the daytime makeup. You can add arrows, better in a dark brown color.
  2. Apply a brighter shade. Perfect plum, turquoise, Aqua, purple or lilac. You can use eye shadow instead of eyeliner.

In addition, makeup for redheads girls does not exclude smoky eyes, done in the already described scheme.