Features of laser removal of tattoo

Permanent tattoo eyebrows is becoming more and more popular nowadays, the demand creates supply, so the masters of tattooing on the wave of such popularity is increasing. But not all masters of tattooing – professionals, many have poor theoretical training, working without the necessary experience. Therefore, the removal of tattoo eyebrows laser procedure to which women resort not so rare.

The procedure for removal of tattoo eyebrows laser

Reasons comes the need to go to remove tattoo eyebrows, different girls is similar: change the eyebrow color, hue far from the natural, irregular form, the lack of symmetry in this wine often unscrupulous masters.

Modern methods of tattoo removal painless and almost completely eliminate all the error.

Principle to remove tattoo eyebrows by laser

Eyebrow shaping, laser removal tattoo

Laser tattoo removal is based on the technology in which the laser beam penetrates body tissue to a depth of about 5 mm. laser action is accompanied by destruction of the pigment in concrete to a certain depth. The advantages of this elimination of the tattoo is that the laser beam penetrates through the skin in such a way that does not cause the slightest damage, which is extremely important when the work with the skin. The laser does not affect skin because it has such characteristics in which the action is directed only on those areas that differ from the skin color.

The laser beam causes a certain thermal reaction, which easily destroys the pigment by its decomposition into individual particles. Subsequently, these particles are absorbed by phagocytes and eliminated from the human body through the lymphatic system. But we should remember that a similar process won’t happen instantly. For a complete laser removal of tattoo will require a certain amount of time, and the first results are visible few weeks after removal.

Also, the question may arise: what happens to the hairs on the eyebrows after the procedure with the laser effects? Not to worry, thanks to a special laser the hairs can only be discolored, but this does not affect their structure and health. Almost immediately after the procedure, eyebrows can be colored with a hair dye without consequences.

Preparation and procedure for removing pigment

Professional counseling master tattoo

Before the procedure a wizard that will carry out laser removal of tattoo eyebrows, you must tell the patient all the conditions and possible consequences. First of all you need to know that the paint is because some components can darken the laser beam. This aspect is important if the tattoo eyebrows made with light ink. In this case, before the deletion, you need to do a trial elimination of light colors in subtle region. Then wait a few weeks and observe the behavior of the pigment. If he was lighter, or disappeared completely, the uninstall process can continue.If the original tattoo done with dark colors, their elimination is one of the easiest.

Before you remove pigment, skin area that is to be processed, must be treated with preservative or using a special disinfectant. It is important that before the procedure, the master put on the patient’s special dark glasses. The removal of the tattoo may cause a little pain, barely noticeable burning or tingling. For each patient, the laser is programmed according to the color of ink and depth of their application so that the removal was most effectively and with minimum impact to the skin. The laser is induced on the treated area, followed by a laser flash.

Face before and after laser removal tattoo

There are cases that the pigment is removed immediately, but often there is a gradual discoloration. After passing the laser along the contour of the paint must be applied a special spray on the skin. Laser tattoo removal eyebrow – the procedure is quick and lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Usually fully getting rid of eyebrow tattooing takes place over 3-4 sessions, the break between which should be at least two weeks.

Drop effects and contraindications

After the laser has removed the paint, there may be some light effects: on the skin may appear redness or slight swelling in the location where the destruction, but usually after a few days it goes away completely. Are sometimes small sores with a deeper impact, but they heal quickly (3 – 4 days), no scars.

Like any other procedure, laser removal of eyebrow tattoo, there are contraindications: not to do the procedure, if the skin is any inflammation or skin disease (eczema, psoriasis). Also, when the laser is not recommended to remove a tattoo during pregnancy.

In addition, it is worth noting that there are many proposals to remove the tattoo, after scoring the eyebrows on top of the pigment of skin color. This method is one of the most primitive and of poor quality. Eyebrows scored double tattoo look acceptable up to a month after such a procedure. But at some point the top of the paint starts to lose saturation, so the original paint starts to show through, and it becomes clear that to remove in this way the pigment is impossible. Due to fading ink, the clogging begins to look like suppuration, and, judging by the reviews, everyone who has removed the pigment thus were not ready for such consequences.