Features face powder for oily skin

Every woman, regardless of age or state of health, want to remain desirable and beautiful.

Makeup for oily skin

Some women do not know about sensitive skin requiring special care. At infringement of balance in the body such skin responds with inflammation of various kinds, ranging papules and plaques, and ending with black spots, pimples, acne, ulcers. To disguise the unpleasant effects of inflammation helps powder Foundation for oily skin.

It remains only to understand what makeup will be the best weapon on the “battlefield” beauty, what cosmetics does no harm, undermining women’s faith in their exclusivity and will give a stunning effect for problem skin that requires cautious and careful care.

Requirements for healthy cosmetics

Varieties of powder

Useful when choosing cosmetics for oily skin should pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. The label lists the ingredients that give beauty to the product certain properties, specify an expiration date and recommended use.

Taking into account the specifics of oily skin the best remedy is considered cosmetic, which has such properties as comedogenicity (“non comedogenic”), the antibacterial and the absence in its composition of oils, hypoallergenic perfume. Usually, we are talking about two kinds of powder – mineral and antibacterial. They improve the appearance while maintaining healthy skin.

What is a comedogenic effect

Comedones are called different acne formations on the skin that appear due to blockage of the orifices of the hair follicles. Thus, the cosmetics having the property of comedogenicity, this is cosmetics for problem skin.

It would seem that is easier: it is enough to familiarize with the list of banned substances that promote the formation of comedones, and choose the cosmetics, excluding funds containing them. This list is not confirmed by serious scientific studies exist.

Comedogenic effect of cosmetic products

Comedones can be formed under the influence:

  1. Gexilenglikole (Hexylene Glycol), used in cosmetics as exfoliating agent. Simultaneously, the substance triggers clogged pores, causes irritation to skin, eyes, mucous membranes.
  2. Decollete derived from coconut oil or fat.
  3. Isoparaffin, mixtures of solid hydrocarbons that is used as structure-forming component. Like other mineral oil forms a film on the skin and as a consequence leads to increasing blockage.
  4. Isopropylmalate ester used as an emollient substances.
  5. Sostarennoy acid – a saturated fatty acid used as a solvent or emollient (a fatlike substance that give the skin softness and smoothness).
  6. Lanolin, lanolin acids and acetylated lanolin alcohol, and many others.

The problem is that in each case the effect of these substances is determined by individual characteristics. For someone vaseline can cause acne, but for another user the same substance is absolutely safe.

The label on the purchased powder for oily skin “are non-comedogenic” and evidence that the manufacturer possibly has tried to exclude from its membership all substances having a “dubious reputation.”

Antibacterial effect of cosmetic products

Antibacterial powder

Powder for oily skin should possess antibacterial properties, and comedogenicity is one of them. In addition, it is assumed that the powder composition includes components, which is aimed at combating harmful bacteria, irritatingly acting on the skin.

The other group consists of components that have the effect of narrowing of pores without threat for sensitive skin blockage.

However, in the situation with the antibacterial components of the individual intolerance. For example, element antiseptic powder can be a natural substance talc, which promotes drying of the skin and relieve irritation. The powder, being in loose form, it can cause irritation to the lungs, and misuse contributes to clogged pores.

However, the positive effect from the use of talc is more pronounced than its possible negative effects on the human body. The advantages of the use of talc in cosmetic products can be the following:

  • good absorb odors;
  • antibacterial efficiency;
  • the improvement of the texture of the powder;
  • giving cosmetic treatment of water-repellent characteristics and, as a consequence, the improvement of its operational properties (better kept on the skin).

Coating powder

Most talc is a component in baby powder, which is often used and adults just to eliminate skin irritation, a dry antiperspirant.

For use in cosmetics, talc is additionally processed, for example, its surface smeared with a special hydrophobic coating. Microorganisms from talc eliminates less efficient method of calcinations and more effective methods – sterilization, gamma radiation, ethylene roasting.

Advantages of mineral compositions

Mineral powder is currently the most popular cosmetic remedy for the care of problematic skin.

Reviews of women highlight the following advantages of money:

  • perfect substitute for Foundation cream, creating on the skin a soft, smooth layer;
  • does not clog pores;
  • helps to disguise minor flaws, including rashes and redness, the skin;
  • protects skin from negative environmental influences;
  • feeds the skin with beneficial minerals.

Use the mineral powder

The use of mineral loose powder allows you to make prevention possible inflammation of the skin, slow down aging thanks to its moisturizing properties.

When you use mineral powder there is an interesting effect: in a few hours obtained a protective cosmetic layer looks much better than immediately after application.

Peculiarities of mineral composition

The mineral powder has become popular due to its natural composition. It does not contain talc, which causes many discussions, synthetic preservatives and dyes, alcohol components.

Let us consider the possible useful and harmful properties of mineral components of powder.

Titanium dioxide is a crystalline solid compound that is not soluble in water and does not evaporate. Used as a food additive (E 171), pigment in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. Considered non-toxic and safe, so if the powder will crumble and fall, for example, in the oral cavity, poisoning will not.

Mineral powder

Boron nitride helps to give the skin a nice glow, while possessing adsorptive and antibacterial characteristics. Well placed on the surface of the skin, so a facility that has this inert component in the composition, retains its properties for a long time.

Mika sericite improves the texture of the powder is, speaking more effective and safe substitute for talc cheap. Due to the property of sericite to reflect and scatter the light powder camouflages fine lines, enlarged pores, saving the skin from unpleasant oily sheen.

The concept of “Mika” is used to denote the smallest crumb obtained by processing mica rock. In cosmetology allows to achieve the effect of flicker or glow on the surface of the skin.

White pigment under the name zinc oxide soothes irritated skin and is therefore often used not only in cosmetics but also in the treatment of acne rashes, sunburn, eczema. In addition to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, zinc oxide has sunscreen properties. It is great for sensitive skin subject to daily use of sunscreen.

Mineral powder veil

The minerals hematite and magnetite has been used in food and cosmetic production for quite a while. Mineral powder oxides are dyes, creating a natural appearance to the face. Get oxide synthetic route that allows you to get rid of the threat to human health, the ferrous iron compounds and heavy metals.

The following pigment of natural origin is called Carmine. Its properties were known to the Aztecs and Mayans. In our time, harm to human health is not proven.

Mineral pigment ultramarine blue, purple, pink and red and is made of lapis lazuli. While most of the industrially used pigment obtained synthetically.

A green pigment, chromium oxide, also is the mineral component of the dust.

All these ingredients combines safety and no expiration date. In other words, long-term, but proper storage of these substances do not lose their beneficial characteristics.

Fruit components of mineral makeup

Fruit punch

However, in mineral powder and has components that lose their properties and become unusable roughly after 2 years of storage. This fruit powder is a special cosmetic powder, manufactured from selected fruit and berries.

Have a natural smell, color, are composed of ingredients fresh fruit, which is achieved due to special processing. On an industrial scale is made by spray drying with the exception of exposure to high temperature. Therefore, the home manufacturer cannot powder: the powder obtained will not, without residue to dissolve in water.

Natural fruit powder makes mandatory the use of preservatives, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect – to spoil cosmetic and harm skin problems.
Do not be afraid of the fact that in the course of storage fruit powder Packed. This fact absolutely does not affect its performance.

Cleanse the skin, reduce irritation and promote such natural ingredients as:

  • corn starch;
  • the silk fibroin (silk powder);
  • pearly powder obtained by grinding pearls and mother-of-pearl and some others.

Make mineral makeup at home

The mineral powder with your hands

There are various recipes for self-production of mineral powder, a General algorithm which boils down to thoroughly cut the recipe ingredients.

It is necessary to achieve a smooth consistency that will make it easy to apply the gel on the problematic skin. If the add coloring pigment, it is possible to obtain the tool, evens tone and gives a certain skin color.

Natural shade is the result of mixali yellow (more than half), and red (1/3) and blue (5%) tint base. Further adjustments can be done by adding white pigment. Do not abuse the red colour, otherwise you can get too bright “beet” effect.

Recipe mineral powder No. 1.

  • mika silk (30%) – 12 ml;
  • mika sericite (30%) – 12 ml;
  • silk powder (15%) – 6 ml.;
  • silica-microsphere (7,5%) – 3 ml;
  • zinc oxide (7,5%) – 3 ml;
  • aquablue (7,5%) – 3 ml;
  • color Mika (2.5%, in the shade of “Apricot gentle”) – 1 ml.

Recipe mineral powder No. 2.

In this recipe microsphere of silicon (7%) and CBN (6%) are ground with other ingredients and carefully mix. Ochre, ultramarine (blue), Red170 (red), Sun Yellow as a pigment is added little by little to achieve the right shade.

  • mika sericite – 40%;
  • titanium dioxide – 10%;
  • mika silk – 8%;
  • silk powder – 5%;
  • powder pearls – 1%;
  • mika powder plain – 8%;
  • zinc oxide – 2%;
  • allantoin 1%;
  • magnesium stearate – 5%;
  • myristate – 5%.

How to use beneficial cosmetics

Useful in cosmetics for face

Even knowing all the components of cosmetic products for problematic skin, don’t neglect elementary rules of hygiene. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of all items used for applying powder to the skin.

We are talking about brushes and sponges, which can become a source of bacterial threats. During use on the surface of the tools are accumulated remnants of cosmetics along with sebum, which is a fertile ground for bacterial growth.

It is more correct to use for the same purpose disposable sponges or cotton swabs, especially if you use an antibacterial powder.

When installation should pay attention to the features of applying cosmetics. Powder is not rubbed vigorous movements that may cause irritation, but easy to apply texture.

Mineral powder is applied to skin pre-moistened. To do this, clean the face is treated with a light day cream or base.

Not recommended for a more pronounced effect use several layers of powder. The skin needs to breathe, so the powder is applied as a thin layer.

If during the day there was a need to powder my skin again, to begin with cleanse the entire face, removing the excess of the accumulated sebum. And then pripudrivayut again.

Even using cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin, we should not forget about the need for a thorough cleansing of the skin at the end of the day. The effects of on the body natural minerals less dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore all those rules which are applicable to synthetic cosmetics. The remnants of cosmetic products it is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean.

Rules applying face powder for oily skin is not so complex, but their observance helps to avoid complications and to achieve a stunning effect. When using special cosmetics, it is important not to harm it, so we have to take responsibility for personal hygiene.