Features and benefits permanent tattoo

Today, permanent makeup has gained wide popularity. Procedure interested Mature women and young ladies. It is important to know all peculiarities and subtleties of the correction. Permanent makeup is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the lips, eyelids, eyebrows. This procedure is the application of organic dyes in the subcutaneous layer. Before touching on this makeup, you should know that its use is transferred painful. In the modern world of beauty has a large number of salons that perform the procedure efficiently and painlessly. Without the use of special drugs for pain relief of the tattoo is just impossible. Craftsmen use a variety of cosmetic gels, which have strong analgesic effects.

Permanent eye makeup

After the procedure of permanent makeup is conducted, it is necessary to observe a number of rules and recommendations of the master.

Otherwise, it can be an infection under the skin. Some ladies often ask is it possible to bring the infestation in the cabin while applying makeup. Virtually no. Masters carefully monitor the condition of tools: after each procedure, they are carefully processed solutions. It is important to distinguish between permanent makeup and a normal tattoo. The first paint may not hold on to throughout life, because it is quite different in its properties. Deposited circuit, as a rule, disappears after 6 years, while a tattoo is forever.

Permanent makeup for lips

Permanent makeup lips

Option permanent makeup cosmetic tattoo is good for girls who are too pale lips. Every day a person is exposed to various substances: cosmetics, water, ultraviolet radiation, etc. All of these components are able to clean permanent makeup, the more intense the pressure, the faster it will get washed away. Professional craftsmen use a variety of shades for permanent makeup tattoo, you can always choose your depending on personal preference. Very often selected shades for a tone brighter than the natural color of the lips. Permanent tattoo often used in order to adjust any section of the face. With age, facial features may become dull and pale. Permanent makeup will help you to overcome this problem, make the face younger and more expressive. The procedure also helps to overcome the asymmetry of the face.

Some beauties I wish to do a similar makeup in order to highlight the beauty of nature, the use of the shades as close to natural color. In other cases, the procedure is used to create the effect of decorative makeover: use more saturated colors. Permanent tattoo allows you to keep the make-up effect for a long time. You don’t have to be afraid that the makeup will wash off in the impact of any external factors.

Permanent makeup face: lips, eyelids, eyebrows

Permanent makeup for lips is very popular among women. It allows you to highlight not only contour, but also to give lips a rich color. The paint is applied not only to outline, but shaded at the edges. Sometimes a girl is not satisfied with his own lips, she wants to make them bigger and a little fuller. Permanent tattoo can be used as an alternative to plastic, it is possible to adjust not only the shape but also color. If the lady seen some asymmetry of the lips, permanent tattoo perfect for her help.

Feathering is an important process, if it is not used, the lips will look like they caused the pencil would be visually obvious that they were encircled, and that hardly anyone will like. Shading helps to give the lips saturation, and more “juiciness”. You don’t even have to use lipstick, can only apply a transparent gloss. If necessary, you can apply lipstick that would fit to any evening outfit.

It is important to know some contraindications and cautions: the permanent makeup lips negatively affects the appearance of cold sores. This phenomenon is not very nice in itself. Herpes is not only causes harm to the lips, but also eats up permanent makeup. In order to avoid such problem, it is advisable to consult a good beauty salon where you will be offered therapy before and after the procedure. It is important to suppress the herpes virus, if there is a threat, to prevent its occurrence prior to the application of permanent makeup.

Permanent tattoo eyebrows and eyelids

Permanent tattoo eyebrows

The eyebrow tattoo is also very popular. It can be divided into 2 main types: painting the trim strips or the drawing of hairs. The wizard will make the eyebrows more even and thinner. You will be able to increase their density if desired. Choose the shape and color independently, or in consultation with a specialist. Permanent tattoo age is not as common as the first 2 types. In this case, there may be 2 types of eyelid makeup, the first is more natural, it involves the application of a small, thin arrows next to the ciliary zone, which allows you to create a slightly raised effect of the cilia. The second type involves applying a visible arrow, eyes look painted and attractive. The process of applying is quite complicated, its duration depends on the task. On average, the procedure lasts 1 to 2 hours.

Permanent makeup is carried out using equipment of high quality. Applied device global brands. In professional beauty salons offer a wide variety of colors. The color palette is very saturated and rich. The instruments correspond to all norms of sanitary and hygiene, provide perfectly precise lines, minimal skin damage, and most importantly – painless. In order to create a unique permanent makeup, you must use only high-quality pigments. In good beauty salons used good quality paint, they can be evenly distributed on the skin and is well absorbed. In order to apply makeup, you will be offered a wide choice of shades.

In modern medicine to use tools that have a strong analgesic effect. They completely help to prevent pain, in particular, are used anestezina methods of pain relief. The procedure will be as painless and comfortable.

The possible effects of permanent makeup

For the procedure it is strongly recommended to contact a qualified salon, it is important that the expert used quality tools and paint. You need to be afraid, only bad masters. The person conducting the procedure should have superior creative abilities. He must be attentive to detail. A good master will highlight only your strengths and help to hide the shortcomings, to make the contour smooth and elegant.

If you use poor quality equipment, there is a risk of injury to the skin, and bad paint can change shade with time. Approach the subject with the seriousness, rate the wizard, socialize, read reviews of its activities, browse photo. The main rule – do not skimp, do not be afraid of high prices. Otherwise, you will have to pay a large sum of money to correct the deficiencies.