Fashion makeup in the style of the mods today

Reckless 60-ies of the last century, a brilliant and amazing… It was then in the West there were people who were not afraid to put on makeup and do elegant hairstyles. These people soon became known as the mods. Today the style the fashionistas is back, and everyone can make their appearance bright and unusual, using some of the techniques. A distinctive feature of the 60-ies – makeup-style mods. It needs to be rich and flashy, while damaging their innocence. How to make such a masterpiece?

Fashion makeup in the style of mods

How to create the image of a girl 60 years

You first need to remember that the image should be bright and bold, yet very feminine. What elements characterize the makeup mods? Of course, it’s red lipstick, long, slightly upward arrows and a thick layer of mascara.

Figure 1. Big and Flirty arrows

This makeup does not allow for halftones, but it can be very bright and moderate. The main thing here – a perfect complexion, create that it is possible with the help of modern cosmetics. How to make your skin smooth and even?

For this you need to use a highlighter and concealer. Using them out all the small defects of the skin, and then is applied to the face tone. Loose powder applied over the top tones, to help remove the Shine, but you need to remember that the powder should be transparent. In the 60-ies of the last century, tanning was not in fashion, recognized natural shades.

When the skin will become perfectly smooth in all areas of the face views, you can begin applying makeup. First you can try to make a classic makeup style mods. Here the focus is on large and Flirty arrows (Fig. 1).

Classic version: the main emphasis on the arrows

Many ladies wonder how to make arrows right?

They need to draw not so, as is customary today, but as the arrows drew our mothers and grandmothers.

To create makeup in the style of 60-ies, you will need black liquid eyeliner, apply which need not from the corner of the eye, and since mid-century.

Figure 2. Makeup using the shadows of the yellow and dark coral color

The arrow should be perfectly smooth, with clear and distinct boundaries. First, you need to bring the arrow to the outer corner of the eye and sharpen it and then draw to the inner corner. In the corner of the lower eyelid is also necessary to make a thin line that will connect the arrow to the inherent makeup in the style of the mods.

When the eyeliner is completely dry, you can begin applying the eye shadow. Classic makeup mods involves the use of matte shadows in flesh color, which are superimposed on the lower and upper eyelid. Then it’s time to apply mascara on the lashes. The more mascara is applied, the more the makeup will match a given style.

Color choice of lipstick depends entirely on the taste of the girl. But it is necessary to consider that the style house is characterized by the following colors: coral, garnet, cherry, Burgundy, wine or red-brown. To the lips look more bright and voluminous, lipstick can be top cover with a transparent pearlescent.

Final touch brows. 50 years ago the fashion was eyebrows brown with a reddish tint, so in order to make beautiful eyebrows, you need to use brown eyebrow pencil or lip.

Old version: focus on rich tones

Figure 3. The green shade and high arrow

Those girls who love bright and saturated colors may, as a fashionista, makeup is done using the shadows of the yellow and dark coral color. This style is very suitable for bright summer dress (Fig.2).

First prepare the base for applying make-up. Then on the upper eyelid with a thin layer is applied to the shade coral color and after that black pencil drawn arrow. Eyeliner should end a bit further outside corner of the eye, when it is to sharpen it need not, and should be left a little fuzzy.

Over the coral shadows applied yellow (you can use a easy pearl) a shadow, and above them is a matte white. Followed by tint eyebrow pencil brown color, and now apply mascara on your eyelashes if you use this option make-up is undesirable.

Third option: the green shade and hight arrow

This option make-up in style a La dude perfect for going to a party or in a cafe. You will need to have the emerald green shade of the bright and lighter shades. It will look like makeup on the face, you can see in the photo (Fig. 3).

Tinting eyelashes mascara

In the first place on the movable upper eyelid superimposed layer of bright eye shadow, and slightly above the lighter layer. Then undermined with a black pencil draw the border of the arrow. They must be harbouring, but not too long. This is the feature of this type of makeup in the style of the mods.

Then the space between the lines zarisovyval the same pencil. In this case hands become very thick and expressive. We should not forget the eyebrow pencil brown pencil: this feature is inherent in all options for the application of cosmetics in the style of the mods. And the last step is tinting eyelashes mascara.

Having spent quite a bit of effort and using makeup options style mods, you can make your looks very elegant and bright. These were beauties 50 years ago.