Eyelash extensions: procedure

Many girls with short eyelashes you dream to increase in volume, to do long. If nature has not given thick and lush lashes, the beauty industry is always ready to help. Eyelash extensions – a popular procedure in many beauty salons. It can benefit both girls and middle-aged women who want to change something in themselves or to attract the attention of any men.

Eyelash extensions

Extended lashes will make girls Princess, of women the Queen.

The technology building

After the decision to build is taken, it is necessary to define the salon and master. This is especially true of the latter. A good master weight in gold. You must be familiar with his previous works (photo girls) to assess their skills and decide whether to continue cooperation. You can ask the feedback of friends and acquaintances who have used the services of the master.

The technology building consists in attaching the artificial eyelashes to the base of the natural. All this is done with glue-based resin. As material for false eyelashes often use hair of sable, mink or silk. Artificial materials are better not to choose, as they can cause allergies. However, this does not mean that they are made of natural wool of the animal. It’s just a name. If used the hairs from the wool of animals, it would be a risk of Allergy or the development of conjunctivitis.

You should pay attention to the glue from resins. It can make and with the addition of keratin. But most importantly, this material was from a reputable manufacturer, tested by many clients.

Eyelashes are most often 5, 8 and 10 mm. will be the Most harmonious cilia with a length of 8 mm. longer will make girls a Barbie doll. However, this is a private matter. Maybe someone like to look eccentric.

Types of extensions

Volume eyelash extensions

There are several ways to perform this procedure:

  • volumetric capacity;
  • two-row;
  • incomplete.

In the first case, the results are staggering. Eyelashes don’t look graft, and acquire a natural look. This is all due to the fact that each synthetic eyelash is glued to the mother.

With two-row capacity using just two false eyelashes. This happens only in case of insufficient number of relatives.

Incomplete the method of building is that false eyelashes are glued in a free manner, i.e. selectively. It is recommended to paint them a dark color so that the color difference wasn’t as noticeable.

You should also determine the shape of future eyelashes. The selected style will only emphasize the individuality of girls. Known for such forms:

  • multicolor;
  • fox form;
  • puppet;
  • squirrel;
  • rays;
  • natural.

Fox form, like natural, will look great on any girl. Puppet form is more specific, because it is not suitable for girls with a big nose, or coarse features. Doll lashes make long that the girls looked like dolls.

Care for eyelashes

Care for eyelashes

To extend the life of the patch to the eyelashes, follow these instructions to care for them:

  1. The first days it is forbidden to wash their eyes or carry out any procedures on cleaning of the face. This applies to the home inhalation.
  2. Do not expose them to moisture. That is, the pools and the sea will have time to forget. Sauna visit is not recommended.
  3. It is not desirable to cry, as this have to RUB your eyes with your hands or with a handkerchief.
  4. It is not necessary to dye eyelashes (only the tips). It is not recommended to use waterproof mascara or oil-based. Oil false eyelashes too. Though thus it is possible to get rid of them. But the master did not advise to do it. It is better to contact with this request to the professionals. Curling eyelashes is also not worth it, otherwise they can break.
  5. Apply rich cream on eyelashes should not be. This also applies to the area around the eyes.
  6. You need to take responsibility to care for false eyelashes. Should sleep only on her back. To those who like to sleep on the abdomen it is better to abandon it, or eyelashes may come off and stay on the pillow. Although the reviews of many girls testify to the fact that you can sleep in any position, but still not worth the risk. If in the first days after the procedure glued cilia can still be spread with a brush, then in the future it will be impossible to do. The lashes become more fragile and sensitive to any mechanical stress.


  1. Diseases of the eye, manifested quite often.
  2. High sensitivity to the glue or the material of false eyelashes. If on skin sensitivity to cosmetics are known in advance, it is necessary to ask the master to put a few of the cilia to check skin reaction. Then will it become clear whether you can do the extended eyelashes.
  3. Increased oiliness of the skin of the eyelids or weak native eyelashes can be the reason that you can lose eyelashes. Extensions for a long time not to linger.

Special attention should be paid to wearing the lenses. This is not some obstacle, but the lenses need to be removed, and it will constantly disturb the eye.

The advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Poresnichnoe eyelash extension


  • saving carcasses, because they do not need to apply it morning and evening (and to remove);
  • damage the skin around the eyes is reduced;
  • lashes will be able to visually change the shape of the eye.

Negative points:

  1. You must get used to many things. Some habits should be avoided. Excessive moisture to the lashes, not a friend, so in the sauna, walking is not recommended. Have to sleep not on the stomach, otherwise the lashes will remain on the pillow. The cream is oil-based will not work, and the eyes clean will have a cotton swab.
  2. There is a risk of allergies, inflammation of the skin around the eyes, discomfort, swelling.
  3. The probability that native eyelashes can fall out, extremely high. The beauty demands victims. Gorgeous and thick lashes will cause a loss of native cilia.

Lashes get as a result of lengthy procedures. Some experts do not advise busy women to do lashes. The cause is their excessive employment, which can lead to the fact that they have no time to go and remove the lashes. Care even the speech is not conducted. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons before you go to a salon and build cilia. You should pay attention to the fact that the eyelashes often fall out. Therefore, it is necessary after 3 weeks to make the correction. But the increased male attention is worth it to make beautiful eyelashes.