Eyebrows design with a kink

Eyebrows with a break, never out of fashion. They are perfect for any face shape, giving it extra femininity and sexuality.

There are many options for adjustment, which are selected depending on the type of entity:

  1. The face is round. The owners of such entities are more suitable for high raised eyebrow curved bow-shaped, with a broad beginning, from the nose, thinning to the end. Kink can be quite high.
  2. Face oval shape. It is advisable to tweeze in the thread, and bend to make a smooth, barely noticeable.
  3. The triangular face. It is very suitable rounded neat, carefully manicured eyebrows with a soft kink, raised quite a bit.
  4. Face with square shape. Here about the thin eyebrows with a gentle curve and the question. It is desirable that the form of this feature of the face resembled a curved arc.
  5. If a person is long, long, eyebrows with a bend don’t normally do. Straight line of the eyebrows of medium thickness helps to visually face look rounder and softer.

These rules are optional Canon. They should be guided and a decision what will be the shape of eyebrows, accept depending on individual traits. After all, there are such persons, which is everything.

Adjustment browney line

The dependence of the shape of the type face

It is impossible to make your own eyebrow with a kink, if by nature they are absolutely straight. In this case, help can only master that is executing the tattoo.

If Brownell line is set to break, with the help of necessary tools can deepen, creating the desired shape.

Tools required for adjustments:

  • tweezers or trimmer;
  • cosmetic pencil;
  • brush for combing and styling hair;
  • for antiseptic treatment of instruments and skin.

We must not forget that tweeze the hairs you want one and only by growth lines. It makes the process less painful and does not damage the hair follicles.

Almost no pain, if the skin is to apply a cotton swab dipped in boiled water. But it may prevent further paint a perfect line.

How to make eyebrows with a kink?

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

Using a cosmetic pencil to hold the line that defines the shape of the fracture. Its beginning coincides with the point of intersection of the invisible cut from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of your eye, the end – cut intersection between the outer tip of the eye vertically to the place where browna line. The breaking point is on the invisible line connecting the wing of the nose and the pupil when looking straight ahead. The end and the beginning browney lines should be at the same level. In order to check this, put a pencil horizontally.

  1. The distance between the eyebrows should not be less than the thickness of 2 fingers.
  2. Start by removing hairs from the upper eyelid. If doing eyebrow with a soft bend enough to pull out the series in 2-3 hair. When a shape is selected “house”, then in the 3-4.
  3. At the time of plucking the hairs should be brushed in order to evaluate the received view and to stop in time.
  4. You should try to avoid hair removal from the upper edge of the eyebrow. In the future, regrowing creates additional problems, correct them would be difficult.

After to make the necessary break and turned, the shape of eyebrows is what you want, the area which was carried out the manipulations required to treat with antiseptic.

Those who have thick, dark thick eyebrows, for work you may need a special epilator. Hairs they grow back quickly, but until it grows back to the right for plucking length, General view will be neglected.

But the owners of the thin light edge you can experiment ad libitum. If something does not work, the result is transformed using a cosmetic pencil.

Fashionable shape of the eyebrows with the fracture helps to make the look softer, increase the visual eye.

But you need to keep in mind: you want to focus not on fashion, but on their own type of person.

No adjustment needs to depersonalize and make all similar to each other. It is needed to emphasize their own individuality.