Eyebrow shape: how to pick up and adjust.

To emphasize the natural beauty of a female face and make eyes more expressive eyebrows help. Particularly relevant is their correction becomes in the years when the fashion is minimal amount of makeup – the effect is “washed face”. In such cases, the shape of eyebrows, the type face chosen individually for each woman, becomes one of the most important tools that can visually correct the shortcomings of the oval of the face, solve the problem of close-set eyes and even a little disguise crow’s feet.

Perfect shape of eyebrows

To correctly choose the ideal form of yourself. You need to know some basic rules of correction and be guided by their own sense of proportion and taste.

How to determine the main point

Depending on the proportions of the face change shape of eyebrows. It is important not to emulate Hollywood movie stars and models on photos from magazines, and correctly identify shapes, individually suitable for the most beloved women themselves. It is very simple:

Photo 1. Main points: 1 - start point 2 - the highest point, 3 - end of eyebrow, 4 - video between the start and end point of eyebrow

  1. To define the start point, the charge vertically to the wing of nose cosmetic pencil. At the intersection of it with the line of the eyebrows (brow arch) to supply the label.
  2. The highest point, a bend or kink will be located in the place where is attached to a point on the wing of the nose in the pencil passing through the outer edge of the pupil, crosses the superciliary arc. See, it should be directly in front of him.
  3. The end of the eyebrow find, holding a pencil at one end to the middle wing of the nose, and the second pointing to the outer corner of the eye. On the brow arch to highlight the crossing location.

If measurements were made accurately, then the out point and start will be located on one horizontal straight line (photo 1).

To visually increase the distance between the eyes is possible, increasing the distance between the initial points of the eyebrows. It is important not to overdo it and remember that this value must not be greater than the width of two fingers.

To hide crow’s feet can help a slightly raised end at the temple. Such a correction will make the eyes look more open and naive, giving a youthful face.

Photo 2. Eyebrows for round face

Face with small features, with thin lips or with deep-set eyes will only fit thin graceful eyebrows. Expressive face with large features, a wide mouth and full lips is perfect to decorate the eyebrows of medium width, tapering towards the end.

These rules are common to all. But the individual shape of the eyebrows on the type of entity depending on its size and structure is chosen slightly differently for each of the oval face is easy to find the ideal.

How to choose eyebrow shape for different face types

Owners of an oval face type, which is characterized by equal widths of the forehead and chin, and rounded cheekbones, eyebrows will fit almost any shape: straight, curved arc, or a soft break at the highest point. Elongated oval face will decorate your eyebrows with a break in the form of bird wings.

But when you choose straight-shaped ladies with a classic face it is worth considering that lowered over the eyes, they can give the face a sullen or gloomy expression. Width straight eyebrows must be medium, while the end at the temple doing a bit pointed, but the beginning (in the nose) round.

Perfect eyebrows for round face

Photo 3. Eyebrows for rectangular or square faces

Common type, characteristic of the inhabitants of our country, requires some adjustment of the width in the middle part of the face. To divert attention from this help eyebrows of medium width with a slight kink at the highest point. As for the previous type, this form of eyebrows is reminiscent of the curves of birds ‘ wings. The ends of the temples do not make too thin and pointy, just a little to narrow them compared to the total width. The ideal would be a gradual narrowing from the starting point to his head (photo 2).

Owners of round faces, it is worth remembering that too sharp a bend in this case can only emphasize roundness.

The same effect has and too rounded line of hair growth. This gives the eyebrows an arched form, and duplicates the shape of the face, enhancing the feeling too big in its width.

Eyebrows for rectangular or square faces

These types of oval faces have a wide and heavy chin. A sharp jaw line makes them rough, which need correction by using eyebrow high lift from the beginning to the highest point. This allows you to direct attention to the upper part of the face, visually lightening and narrowing the chin.

Photo 3. Eyebrows for a narrow face

The shape of the eyebrows can be curved, kinked at the highest point, which is best to slightly shift in the direction of the temple. Dipping the ends of the best would be to send to the middle ear. The width of eyebrows for square face recommended this beginning there should be well defined, and the end is after the break should be done gradually tapering (photo 3).

You should not choose for the face of square or rectangular shape straight eyebrows. Creating an additional horizontal in the upper part of the face, they visually reduce the length and accentuate the horizontal line of the lower jaw. This will lead to additional emphasis on the fact that I would like to hide.

Eyebrow shape for face with narrow chin

Type of face with a broad forehead and pointed chin, sometimes with sharply protruding cheekbones is called a triangle. Visually to eliminate the disparity of such person can be curved eyebrows, with a smooth and low rise at the highest point. The width should be average, approximately the same throughout or with slightly constricted end (photo 4).

The arcuate shape of the eyebrows will soften the facial features, but in this case, you should adhere to measures in width and the curve of the arc. Too thin or raised eyebrows will look unnatural and give the woman’s astonished expression.

Absolutely not suitable to the triangular face straight horizontal eyebrows. Visually cutting off the forehead, they just accentuate the sharpness of features and will serve as one of the parties of the “triangle” in the lower part of the face.

By defining a suitable shape of eyebrows, you need to draw the line cosmetic pencil, to more fully assess what should happen as a result. Then pointed tweezers to remove extra hairs, trying not to get involved in this process and preventing breaking of the hair shaft. Adjust the shape gradually by 2-3 threads, each time assessing in the mirror the result and trying to observe the symmetry of both eyebrows.