What are eyebrow powder and how to use them?

Every girl should look after themselves and know how to apply makeup. A large role is played not only properly selected eye and eyebrow.

Expressive eyebrows

They can give the face an irresistible, decorate it, or, conversely, to do not very attractive. A special role should be given to this means of makeup like eye shadow for eyebrows. They can be used to achieve the desired shade, which if necessary can be quickly changed. Learn how to apply eye shadow for eyebrows is a snap.

The benefits of using eyeshadow for the eyebrows

Eyeshadow palette for eyebrows

Benefits of using eye shadow for eyebrows quite a lot. Chief among them is the ease in application. You can do this quickly and effortlessly. Even if eyebrow powder smeared around, they can be easily removed. Moreover such makeup tool, you can choose to come closest to the natural hair color and change if they are coloring in a different hue. In any case, your eyebrows will look more natural.

Particularly well suited to the shadows instead of pencil girls with short eyebrows. They can be used conveniently to finish a missing tail. To do this with a pencil is difficult and not always smooth shape. Shadows to create the desired shape much easier. Besides, they always lie flat, filling the entire circuit. Unlike paint, you can always make a new form. The undeniable advantage is that the shadow for the eyebrows do not cause strong allergic reactions, as is often the case with ink for the tattoo. Of course, there are some cases where irritation may occur to such cosmetic, but not so often. The main thing – to learn how to apply eye shadow for eyebrows and match your unique style.

Correct colouring of eyebrows shadows

The procedure for applying eye shadow to eyebrows

Before you apply the shadows, you should make the eyebrows form. If they are too big and wide, then correct them using special tweezers. Here, however, do not overdo it. They should look natural and natural. After that, the hair should be well combed with a special brush. You can do this and brush under mascara. Now you can start drawing shadows. This should be done in smooth strokes in the direction of hair growth. Thus filled the entire eyebrow.

After eyebrow powder will be evenly applied, the hair must again comb brush. On their edges and boundaries can stay the excess shadow. Remove them with a cotton swab. If struggling stubborn hairs, thus spoiling the General appearance, they can be fixed using a special gel. Often it comes with shadows. If not, you can use gel or hairspray.

To make the image more expressive worth experimenting with the colors in the shadows. They can be mixed, to make darker or lighter. In this case, apply one shade over the entire surface is only those girls who have a standard eye shape. If they are planted close to each other, then you need to leave the inner edge of the eyebrow nenarushennym or make it lighter than the main element. In the case when the eye is located far away from each other, you should paint the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose is brighter than the edges. You can also make a lighter line along the contour of the bottom. This will give the eyes more expressive. Observing these simple rules, you can always look stylish and beautiful.

What shade eyebrow there?

Highlighter for eyebrows

Making a review of shadows for eyebrows, should pay attention to the shape of manufactured tools. In cosmetic shops you can find the shadow of a pencil, called the highlighter. Is such a tool of pressed powdery stylus, Packed in a plastic cartridge. To use this tool quite easily. To draw a thin arc of the tip of the pencil slightly sharpened. Due to the fact that the texture of these shadows are quite soft, they are applied smoothly and evenly.

Quite popular among fashionistas eyebrow powder in the form of palettes. They are sets consisting of two shades. It can be such colors as: grey and dark grey, black and dark chocolate, etc. Every girl can experiment on themselves with several shades. Such funds are crumbly or creamy. Reviews of them can be heard the most flattering.

Today, many cosmetic companies produce such tools in the form of universal kits. With their help you can make-up at the highest level. There is already the set includes a few shades of eye shadow, tweezers, cosmetic wax and gel, brushes and a special stencil. All this will help to create a smooth and clear path. Besides using a stencil to achieve a positive effect is not difficult, because only need to apply it to your eyebrows and to fill the space need shade. Hairs, which remain on the border of the stencil need only tweeze tweezers.

How to choose the color of shadows?

To shadow for the eyebrows is not conspicuous, did not spoil the overall look should be to choose the right shade. They don’t need much to stand out. Choosing the right shade, you need to first take into account the color of the hair. So, the owners of red, chestnut or dark blonde hair will suit the shade of dark brown. Brunettes should choose only black shadows. If the girl has blonde hair, then eyebrow powder should be selected so as to obtain a tone lighter than your eyelashes. Blondes should choose shades of beige. Will suit them and ashy-brown tone, if the color will blend in with the skin.

In addition, the color of the eyebrows should match with that hair, he should go well together with the skin tone.

If the face is too pale, you should not use too dark colors of shadows. You should try to find something between skin color and hair. Also dark skin will not look good wheaten or reddish eyebrows. If the desired shade in the palette were not available, you can mix several pigments. Thus, armed with a shadow for eyebrows and after reviewing photos of possible options, you can try the new tool and experiment with his image.