Effective tattoo removal

In our time very common permanent makeup, the so-called permanent makeup. Beauties don’t want to spend time on makeup, wanting to look bright. This makes tattooing of lips, eyelids and eyebrows. But not always the desired result coincides with the received. Can get ugly shape, not the color, and permanent makeup may just be annoying. The most common removal of eyebrow tattoo. Tattoo age is usually not removed, it is fraught with adverse consequences, because the eyelid skin is very thin and the result can be unpredictable. Permanent makeup lips to remove easier, but not everyone is ready to walk with swollen lips and sores after the procedure. But in General to get rid of permanent makeup lips can be the same way as in the case of eyebrows. It is about how to remove permanent makeup eyebrows, will be discussed.

Figure 1. Slim tattoo

How to get rid of tattoo at home?

Before you decide to clean the eyebrow tattoo, weigh all the pros and cons. Plus in this process only one – you will not spend a lot of time and money. The rest are cons. Get rid of tattoo eyebrows as effectively as do experts, you do not get yourself. You can get chemical burns and scars. The color of the tattoo can acquire an unexpected hue, which to reduce will not succeed.

Removing tattoo eyebrows at home, you can use a special staining liquids for tattoos purchased in the salon. The tattoo will fade and become ruined, but in this way it is unlikely you will remove it completely.

Figure 2. Tattoo, stray beyond the boundaries

Eyebrows in some cases nice prints 5% solution of iodine. However, we must be very careful using this method. The procedure is as follows. It is necessary to moisten in the solution with a cotton swab and carefully cut around the tattoo, do not go beyond its boundaries, otherwise it will burn the skin around. You can’t miss much, 2 times to hold cotton wool with iodine enough.

The procedure must be repeated 3 times a day for a month. Formed a crust, which in any case can not tear off, otherwise the scars can not be avoided. When the crust starts to move, the skin should be lubricated with Bepanthen or its analogs, promotes healing. But remember that this method does not guarantee that it will be possible to completely withdraw the tattoo. Someone he can help, and someone will only aggravate the situation. It’s dangerous getting a burn and scarring. So still at home to carry out tattoo removal is not recommended.

To make tattoo, you can try chemical peels, but this procedure is best done in the salon at the beautician. Note, however, that bring the eyebrows in such a way will fail, because the peeling only affects the superficial layers of the skin, and tattooing is clogged deeper. Eyebrows can brighten that in many cases will already be a good result.

Common mistakes in tattoo removal

Figure 3. The final design of the tattoo

The most common mistake is the attempt to remove permanent make-up at home. As described above, the result can be unpredictable, so such measures may be resorted to only in extreme cases. The face is not a place for experiments, the scars from your unprofessional actions can stay forever. Even if you know for reviews, how to get rid of tattooing, it is always best to refer to a good specialist. But in this case, there are negative aspects. It is important to find a specialist who knows his business. Gather feedback of your friends about clinics and beauticians. It does not hesitate to wonder how you are going to remove the tattoo. If you are information savvy, many troubles can be avoided.

If you offer to remove the tattoo eyebrows, pocketing his bodily paint, run from this master immediately. Do not in any case impossible. This method is, of course, the easiest and fastest, but only at first glance. You’ll never guess how to behave in pigment over time, and what color will be the result of the body paint. May form a spot on the skin. In this light pigment removal is not amenable in any way, so to correct this mistake would be impossible.

The most effective way

Laser tattoo removal


The most effective is laser removal of tattoo. Specialists laser clinics know exactly how to get rid of this problem forever. But you need to be patient. For complete removal normally require 4-8 treatments, depending on the intensity of the pigment.

The procedure is not pleasant, but for the result to be patient is. The advantage is the fact that the whole procedure usually lasts less than 5 minutes. During the laser application there is a tingling sensation in the affected area and unable to tear your eyes. But if you courageously endured the process of getting your permanent makeup, and its deletion does not seem like torture. After the procedure is slight redness and slight swelling.

May appear small bruises along the contour of the eyebrows or to form a crust, which in any case can not be touched. The hairs on the eyebrows can become discolored when exposed to laser, but do not be afraid, everything will be fine. You can paint hairs paint for eyebrows, harm will not cause. Besides, the neodymium laser stimulates hair growth. It will be a nice bonus for those who have problems with the vegetation on the eyebrows.

Immediately after the procedure and the first week, a few times a day, eyebrows should be lubricated with ointment or Bepanthen cream. During the day it is not recommended to wet them. The first time forbidden to visit the sauna and Solarium. If you plan to stay in the sun, apply on the affected areas a sunscreen with high protection factor to avoid pigmentation.

Wide tattoo

The first removal results are visible a week after the procedure, when the bruises and go brown if they were. The procedure must be repeated after a month, each time increasing the laser power. After the first few treatments you may not see results, only a little pigment will change the color, everything will be without bruises and crusts. This is due to small power of the laser in the early stages. Do not hurry, you need to gradually increase the capacity to gradually prepare the skin and avoid scarring. But each time the result will delight all the more. And complete removal of the tattoo will become a reality.

However, this method has a number of contraindications, which you need to ask the specialist.

The reason for the removal of the tattoo, photos

The reason for the removal of permanent makeup can become not only his unsuccessful application. In the case of eyebrows it so happens that just bored form. A couple of years ago, the fashion was thin eyebrows, respectively, and the tattoo did thin, and the hairs plucked. Now more relevant neat, but thick eyebrows. They should not be too massive, but the brow-threads in the past.

Of course, you can fix the tattoo and make it wider, but not in all cases, it will look aesthetically pleasing. For example, having grown my eyebrows a little wider, have you noticed that the boundaries of tattooing do not coincide with the growth of hairs. If you’ve plucked the hairs and discrepancies were invisible, but now I would like to get broad eyebrows in a natural way. In this case it is recommended to remove permanent makeup, and not to correct it, otherwise the eyebrows can be too massive. In the photo (Fig.1) shows a thin permanent makeup, your hairs are present only where they coincide with its boundaries.

In the next photo (Fig.2) eyebrows have grown wider and clearly shows that tattooing goes beyond hair growth requires its deletion.

The last photo (Fig.3) the result is visible after the fourth procedure of laser removal. The tattoo still visible, but it is much lighter and almost merges with its own eyebrows.

Get rid of tattoo is quite real, but before you do permanent make-up, are you ready then to undergo the process of removing it, if something is wrong.