Effective means for removal of lashes

The procedure of eyelash extensions becoming more popular: almost everyone wants to have beautiful thick long lashes without spending time and effort on a daily basis. Eyelash extensions can be in almost any beauty salon for a quite reasonable cost. Sooner or later there comes a time when lashes have got to go. Almost every second girl stepped up and removed the lashes.

Eyelash extensions - a popular procedure

To relieve not necessarily re-visit the salon, you can buy a specialized tool and do it yourself.

How to know when to remove the extended eyelashes?

Artificial eyelashes are attached with a specialized adhesive. Despite the fact that such adhesives are highly reliable, in any case, there comes a time when they begin to fall away, it does not look very attractive and signals that it’s time to withdraw. Tool for removal of lashes is called debonders. Some components of this tool are somewhat “aggressive” because it is specifically designed to dissolve the glue in the eyelashes extension. It is therefore very important to know how to use this liquid to incorrect actions not to be deprived not only of your lashes, but its.

Removing the eyelashes after they begin to fall off

The use of a liquid for removal of lashes is necessary in the following cases:

  • eyelashes after extension approximately 2-3 weeks require correction, because they need to be updated;
  • if some of the lashes started to fall by themselves, regardless of how much time has passed after extension;
  • if you don’t like the look of lashes;

It is also worth remembering that from time to time eyes should have a rest, so regularly build-up absolutely not recommended.

How to choose the right tool for removing

The result after the removal depends directly on the quality of the tool was used. Many do not know what they should focus when buying debander. First you should ask from the master, who spent the build-up, he can advise on the safest means is to know the brand of the glue, which “planted” the lashes.

Debander - tool for removal of lashes

Dibanderol there are several types. For example, there are classification consistency: liquid to buy is not recommended, as with them to work without flaws can only be experienced craftsmen. If you use this liquid itself, you need to be wary of contact with the eyes, but it at least can deliver some trouble. It is best to use the product on a gel base, it also dissolves the glue, but the risk of contact with eyes minimal. In addition, there are tools for removal of your lashes, the consistency resembles a paste or cream. They put slightly more difficult than the gel, but the eye contact even more unlikely.

In any case, before you prefer any tool, it is first necessary to view the contents. Despite the abundance of obscure names, it’s easy to understand means of acetone. Compositions based on it is not too safe, after removing the mucosa of the eyes may be damaged due to the caustic fumes. But if the list of ingredients will be oil, then it is good, it nourishes the eyelashes and protects against the harmful effects. The more natural elements in the component list, the better.

If you have a choice, it is best to stay on the hypoallergenic washes, this information must be on the package. In addition, before using the liquid, smell it, it is best to choose a wash with a weak, barely perceptible odor. Fragrance in no case should not be corrosive.

The process of removing the lashes

The use of special tape for the lower eyelid

If removal of lashes yourself is new to you, then you need to be very careful and thoroughly examine all the details of the process. If you are not sure what to remove to get the most, then it is better to go to the master who stepped up, let he relieves, because insecure inept actions can lead to unpleasant consequences: from the loss of your own eyelashes to eye damage. If you are confident, successful removal will help:

  • specialized cosmetic tape;
  • cotton pads and sticks;
  • debander;
  • moisturizing lotion;
  • mirror;
  • degreaser;
  • liquid for removing makeup.

You first need to remove all the makeup from face, eyelids it is best to process the moisturizer in order not to overdry. Next, you need to place a mirror at head height, comfortable to sit. The lower eyelid should stick with a specialized tape, after close your eyes, who will handle first. Cotton swab apply debander and gently swipe along the lash line from the inner corner to the outer. In order that the remover worked on all lashes without exception, to repeat the procedure need some time.

The use of nourishing products for eyelashes after removal

After applying debander need to wait a few minutes, then it is best to test to try to separate the artificial lashes with tweezers. If they are easily separated, then calmly continue on. If the cilia do not want to separate, try to put debander a few times and wait. If after re-application of lashes don’t want to come off, it is better to address to the master.

After removal of the lashes must be removed glue residue with a cotton pad, and after treating a degreasing agent. Every time after the removal of extension eyelash, it is recommended to give your eyes a rest at least for a week. During this time it is better not to use decorative cosmetics and buy special dye for your eyelashes.

Other means for removing

If you want to save money and at the same time protect eyes from the rather aggressive actions of debonders, you can experiment with the removal of traditional methods. Many they are removed, using ordinary oil, and is better to use a burdock as it promotes hair growth.

Before removal, thoroughly wet the face, it will help some to soften the glue. To do this, remove the eye make-up, heat the water in the bowl or in the pot, lean over a bowl, cover your head with a towel, as by inhalation, stay there up to 10 minutes. After face steaming, remove eyelashes: on a cotton ball to apply the oil, thoroughly but gently rubbing it. The glue should have softened, so you can try to start to remove.

It is worth remembering that the means for removal it is best to try on a small area to after removing to avoid an allergic or inflammatory responses, in case if the tool is not right for you. When removing eyelash extensions it is not necessary to use force and pull, it can lead to loss own.