Effective make-up technique

To imagine a modern woman without makeup today is quite difficult. However, to apply makeup so that it was really beautiful, not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Make-up technique depends largely on what kind of face shape women, qualified make-up artists believe that the ladies there are 4 face shape. In this regard it should be noted such shapes as oval, round, triangular, and elongated. If you have applied proper make-up technique, there is no doubt that the facial features will be highlighted, attractive and expressive.

Ready makeup for women with oval face

Be aware that the techniques of makeup have their secrets, so before you apply makeup, you need to determine the shape of the face, which is very useful not only for special occasions but also on ordinary days. For quality makeup application technique can be very diverse, but the imposition of makeup should always be neat. Only in this case you can achieve a perfect result, which enthralls all representatives of the stronger sex.

Features of the art of blending makeup for triangle face shape

The line of toning

The triangular face of women, is characterized by the following features: the forehead is wide, the cheekbones protrude, the chin is quite narrow. Women with this face shape need to focus on its middle part. Technique in make-up in this case to apply loose powder, using a wide brush. If under eyes are dark circles that does not paint the woman, you have to use a concealer, that it should make a little Shine in the bridge of his nose.

On the eyelids apply a shade of beige, as for the eyelashes, they are stained with ink. As for the cheekbones, the technique in make-up provides for the allocation of their pink blush, so you can achieve the effect of rosy cheeks, it looks very attractive. With such a technique, the makeup should blush to spread to his temples as gently as possible. Lips can be covered with neutral color gloss.

Make-up for women with oval face

Face women with an oval shape has wide cheekbones, in General it is narrow. According to most makeup artists, these are the features of the face are correct, so the adjustment is not required.

Create up steps

When makeup techniques, consider the following: the Foundation should be applied under makeup that evens out the skin, then I apply Foundation fluid. With the headlight to get rid of dark circles, if any. You can apply the technique of applying makeup that creates a flicker effect, concealer should be applied on the forehead and nose. The upper eyelid should be covered with light shadows, but the layer should be as dense.

The inner contour of the upper eyelid is supplied by the pencil of white. It is noteworthy that to simulate such a person there is no need that allows you to use blush, only in case of need. The contours of the lips are brought pencil pink color and paint.

Applying makeup for a round face

Eye makeup for different face type

Women with this face shape features a round forehead and cheeks, it is necessary to concentrate the focus on the eyes, it is recommended to use dark colors, but bright colors should be avoided, as they visually make the face larger, than no good.

The technique of applying makeup is: first apply concealer, then you should use concealer. On the eyelids apply a green shade, as this color focuses attention on the plot in the center of the face, the wide forms remain invisible. The shade should be applied to the mobile eyelid, should be gripped on the crease, then all you need to blend.

Applying makeup on the face elongated

If the forehead and cheekbones, very tall, the person is recommended to expand, making the middle part of the face comes to the fore, and it is very beautiful in life and on photos.

To do here: first, we must carefully apply the base (Foundation), then place under the eyes to brighten with the help of concealer. Bronze shadow applied to the eyelids. Beige glitter eye shadow applied above the eyebrow. The look becomes more expressive, no doubt, it gives the woman a unique charm that will celebrate all around.

Blush applied on the cheekbones, helping to select the Central part of the face, and this factor is very important as the person becomes more attractive.

The contour of the lips stands out with a pencil, then apply copper lipstick, and the emphasis is berry Shine.
Thus, the scheme of applying makeup can be different, but whatever the technique, neither was chosen, keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Use only high-quality cosmetics.
  2. When applying makeup, do not rush, everything has to be done carefully.
  3. You should not use heavy makeup.

If done correctly, the makeup will definitely be exciting, and there is no doubt that all men will be just delighted from such women, as for women, they will only envy. And we must note that the technique of applying makeup depends largely on the image of modern women. With the help of make-up can completely change the appearance that can appear in a new image. Isn’t that dreams of a large number of the fair sex? So do not assume that quality is to apply makeup only by specialists, it can be done by hand.