How easy it is to make a classic makeover?

In our time, decided to allocate many different types of makeup. Each of them has its own particular application. Each type of makeup is suitable for certain cases and for certain facial features, so you can use all kinds of absolutely impractical.

Classic makeup face

However, there are types of makeup that suit absolutely everyone, without exception, women, and the most relevant in this case is a classic makeup. Surprisingly, the makeup of this type is suitable for both everyday and evening use. Because everything will depend only on the intensity of application of cosmetics.

Preparing the face for makeup

Preparing the face for makeup

So, in the classic makeup the basic rule is to correct possible imperfections and to accentuate his dignity. Therefore, attention should be given to all without exception areas of skin, using cosmetics with maximum naturalness.

Let’s start everything in order. Classics should imply health, which will be seen in the glowing eyes and tender smile. And in order to achieve all this, of course, to properly care for the skin. But now it won’t focus, and in order consider how to work with what we have.

You first need good to wash the face with foam or gel for washing and a special sponge of loofah. As a rule it helps to clear pores of excess oil and dirt, and still leads the person to tone. Afterwards, Pat skin with a towel. Next, a very thin layer on the skin, applied moisturizer (in warm season) or protective (in the winter) daily face cream. Just do not overdo it, otherwise you’ll have to remove the remnants of cloth.

Color correction of face and eyebrows

Correction of eyebrows and eyelashes

After about 5 minutes, when the cream is absorbed, proceed directly to the process of working on the makeup. Start with the complexion. It is necessary to apply the concealer that best suits the colour of your skin. If the skin is very pale and untanned, you can use the tone a little bit darker natural. But too be different he shouldn’t.

Many makeup artists argue, how to apply cream. But in recent times prefer simple application with fingertips. Good tone, it can be easily rubbed into the skin and is very smooth to go. Only applied to small portions to avoid excess, which can create unnatural effects. The skin under the eyes also need to lightly tone to look healthy.

If you pick up the right and cause the tone, it soon becomes apparent, as the skin is being transformed, and his face shone with health. The next step is eyebrows. Here there are 3 options: shadows, pencil or gel. Gel it is advisable to apply to those women who have natural dark pretty clearly defined line. But in most cases still need to adjust the form.

Color correction of face

A perfect option for correction is a pencil that is as close in color to natural hair color and eyebrows. However, he should not be too soft so as to cause it to be uncomfortable, and the natural effect you are unlikely to reach.

The pencil puts subtle touches on the skin on the eyebrow, where the hairs are not sufficiently filled. It is impossible to move away from the selected shape and to do the strokes bright, as it will look rough and unnatural. Eyebrows should be sharp, smooth, but not look vulgar. The person should be noble.

Another option for eyebrow – the use of shadows. The rules of matching are the same, only on 2 conditions: no pearl and superticket shadows. Otherwise, they will quickly erased, with the result that the natural shape of the eyebrows will be broken. Whichever you chose, preferably slightly eyebrow powder to fix the result.

Eye makeup and lips

Now on to the main part of makeup – the eyes.

Drawing arrows when eye makeup

Classic style involves the selection of the eye to make it seem that they are from nature. So first of all you need to do 2 things: shadows in the color of the skin (they can be with fine glitter), you need a little to paint the upper eyelid and the special tweezers to curl the eyelashes. Then you can move on to the eyeliner. Classic implies the use of to highlight the eyes type of black pencil or eyeliner. And for an evening option additionally, you can use a darker shade.

First, work with a pencil. Consider the case when the liner will be suitable for any eye shape. For this purpose a pencil, starting from the outer edge, swipe a thin line on the eyelid just before reaching the middle of eyes. The line should be located close to the lashes, not hanging over them. The more correct the shape of the eye, the closer can be the arrow to the inner edge.

After the outer edge of the arrow extends slightly further to make your eyes look bigger. Overall, it looks like this (Fig. 1). In the photo the arrow is quite bright due to the use of liner that can successfully replace the pencil for an evening version of the classic makeup. Now paint mascara on the lashes in 2 thin layers to separate them.

After that, you have to put it on my lips. The brighter the eye, the less needs to be bright lips and Vice versa is one of the basic rules of the classics. For lips you can use both lipstick and gloss. After lightly powder the face a natural peach blush. The scheme of makeup in a classic style considered!