How to dye eyelashes mascara

Long and thick eyelashes is every girl’s dream. But not every can such brag. To rectify the situation will help the mascara. Properly applied, it makes them thicker and longer. But here, as in any business, there are nuances. To wearing lashes do not stick together, and look nice and naturally, you need to know how to dye eyelashes.

Tinting of lashes mascara

Rule # 1: the choice of mascara

Before proceeding to the staining, you should choose a suitable ink.

  1. Lengthening is used when you want to give your lashes a expression, to increase their natural length. Part of this mascara is composed of synthetic silk and nylon fiber. When applied, they are spaced evenly on each eyelash, thus giving elongation. Dyeing eyelashes mascara, always need to be alert. If applied too thick a layer on the eyelashes lumps are formed, and they will look untidy. Brush lengthening mascara long, and its setae, on the contrary, are short and thick. This form of the brush allows you to paint over each cilium separately and to avoid them bonding.
  2. To make the eyelashes additional density use a different kind of mascara – voluminous. Volumizing mascara contains wax and silicone. Often the brush thick mascara, make curved, it helps to tighten up too straight hairs. How to paint your lashes with mascara? The consistency of the mascara allows you to capture and hold the bend, but too hard to apply it on the eyes is not worth it. When the ink dries, a thick layer can become cracked and begin to crumble. If the eyelashes are too rare, it is better to enhance the effect of thick lashes to draw black eyeliner hands.
  3. Special attention is given waterproof mascara. It is indispensable when there is a risk of moisture on the eye. A walk by the sea, relax at the pool or began to rain – waterproof mascara with dignity out of any testing. But using it constantly is not recommended. The composition of waterproof mascara contains special components, which are dried hairs and weaken them.

Curling and coloring

Curling eyelashes

Before applying mascara you can further tweak the hairs. If you had made a biowave, that she just has to give form, to spread smashies after sleeping eyelashes. Them enough to flatten forefinger for a few seconds to squeeze in the century, as seen in the photo.

Natural cilia that are not exposed to the biozavivka, you can tweak forceps. This is a special forceps that are used only for Curling lashes, and you need to treat them with extreme caution. It is advisable to practice clamping cilia forceps the cold, or her awkward movements can break the lashes or get burned. Warm them gently with tongs scoop from the bottom and gently squeeze it. To keep hairs in one place for longer than 10 seconds is impossible – lashes can flake off.


Curled lashes

  1. The upper eyelid. When painting eyelashes mascara applying makeup always start with the upper eyelid. Brush rid of excess mascara, repeatedly wiping it on the neck of the bottle. The first movement is done from the inner corner of the eye and gradually move the strokes to the outer corner, where lashes are the shortest. Brush drive only from the bottom up, in any case, not Vice versa. The main number of carcasses must remain at the roots of lashes, and do not accumulate on the tips. Otherwise, when the ink dries, the ends will become heavy and bending will be spoiled. Max mascara at the roots will help tip to stay longer twisted. The correct movement for applying mascara – confident and fast. You need to brush in a zigzag pattern, pressing lightly so that the ink is evenly distributed.
  2. The lower hairs are much shorter than the upper, and the technique of dyeing different here. Dyeing eyelashes mascara to the lower eyelid better to use a thin and short brush, and then work out the corners of his eyes. Dyeing eyelashes on the lower eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye. Movements short and smooth. If the top hairs cover the ink not only from below but also from above, the lower tint only on the bottom. Apply a thin uniform coat of mascara on the lower hairs from two sides is very difficult, but to overdo it and to weight them easily. How to dye eyelashes mascara? Useful tip: the extra cosmetics will pull the lashes down and they will not only look ugly but can also leave traces on century mascara.

Hairs on the upper eyelid to tighten up, taking the brush movement from the bottom up and the bottom down. The movement should be pushing a bit pointing outwards.

How to put eyelashes

Expressive eyes with painted lashes

Re-staining. After applying the first layer wait until it dries. The first 5 seconds you have to be patient and not to blink to the lashes upper and lower eyelids are not stuck together. When enough time has passed, you can move on to the second layer.

Dyeing eyelashes mascara, the second layer begin to apply with the tips. First brush rack up quite a small amount of mascara and paint over the tips of the upper hairs. Then the lower lashes along the entire length. And then come back to the top to paint over them from the roots along the entire length.

During re-dyeing the risk glue eyelashes is much higher, so the movement should be even faster. For uniform application brush lead from left to right, slightly flexing it under the right angle.

Staining color ink

In addition to the main color mascara – black – the beauty of the eyes to emphasize, choosing the appropriate color ink palette. Moreover, the black ink is not universal. Blonde girls desirable to combine it with the ink of another color, otherwise you may get an unpleasant effect: a few layers of black mascara will make you look vulgar.

How to put on makeup for daytime makeup:

  • brown-eyed blondes can use a grey or brown mascara;
  • blue eyes – blue;
  • and green eyes – emerald.

Color ink

If you brown-eyed brunette, dye your eyelashes purple. Blue eyes suit brown and green eyes – Burgundy ink.

For evening makeup you can use pearlescent ink with sequins, it will give the eyes a magical glow effects. The bottom layer of the carcass as the base can be black.

Combing the lashes after painting

To split hairs and rid them of the clumps of excess mascara, you need to use the comb. This is a special comb for eyelashes and eyebrows, it can be plastic, silicone or metal. Better to stay on the latest – the metal comb is the most rigid and better splits hairs.

Professional makeup artists who know how to dye eyelashes, use only special raschesochka, but at home in the extreme conditions of lack of time and means you can use the brush from the carcass.

Mascara previously removed with a damp cloth.

To comb the cilia is necessary and after the first and after the second application of cosmetics. To comb eyelashes, brush lead upward from the roots to the tips. This should be done with eyes closed to clumps of mascara not fallen down in them.

Makeup update

Makeup from time to time requires updating. And if you wipe the remnants of the lipstick and apply a new layer is easy enough, with the tinting of the eyelashes much more complicated. Remover carcass – the process is long and thorough, and to update the layer is fast and easy enough to tint only the tips.

To do this, brush with the ink tray to the tips of the lashes and keeping it straight, blinking a few times.

A few hours after applying mascara can begin to flake off. Not to leave it under the eyes smeared spots, the eyelids need to cover the loose powder. The powder absorbs the ink, and to remove century with a damp cloth, not touching the hairs. These helpful tips how to dye eyelashes mascara, will help to make the look irresistible.

Eyelashes, colored by all the rules, always look beautiful and well-groomed. Of course, the process of applying mascara long enough. But do not neglect recommendations of specialists for the sake of imaginary time saving. Beauty requires not victims, and only a bit of diligence and patience.