How to dye eyelashes at home?

Most modern women use mascara regardless of what their color from nature. If you know how to paint eyelashes properly, how to pick up the paint and match colors of cosmetics, you will be able to create any look you desire. Skillfully tinted lashes become more attractive, and their owner looks more elegant. But not everyone likes to use regular mascara.For example, the hot summer is often a bad mood due to the fact that unstable flowing cosmetics to the eyelashes, smeared on the face and sometimes spoils the clothes.

Preparation for painting eyelashes

But out there – enough to paint eyelashes using a special composition with high resistance, and from troubles of this kind you may be long spared.

In this painting the makeup lasts for a long time, and if, moreover, the selected composition with high moisture-resistant properties, you can use the pool and sauna “in full regalia”. When tinting eyelashes using a conventional mascara is not possible – even price cosmetics such conditions will not survive.

For dyeing eyelashes in the long term it is better to call in a professional salon, but if desired, this procedure can be done at home.

What paint to choose – expensive or not?

If you are going to dye eyelashes at home, women who do not have experience in implementing this kind of procedures try to find the relevant information, to check reviews about the procedure on the Internet. No information will be superfluous.

The application of paint on eyelashes

If you think that the price of some varieties of this paint is too high and you can do low-cost funds, keep in mind that cheap chemical compounds can be bad for the condition of your skin. Often cheap dyes leave around the eyes where skin is very delicate, chemical burns.

Do not choose to paint the eyelashes such compositions, which are designed for dyeing hair. The composition of these staining mixtures is that of a gentle action for the eyes and the surrounding skin there is nothing to think. The result may be a severe inflammation of these areas of the skin.

If you are going to paint eyelashes, it is better to entrust the job to professionals. Or choose paint high quality – so less chance that the process will go wrong.

How to choose color?

Choose the colour and tone for painting properly. Keep in mind that for a good visual impression of the eyebrows should be a couple of shades darker than the hair on your head, and your eyelashes a bit darker than the eyebrows.

Before painting eyelashes at home prepare all the required accessories:

  1. Capacity in which you will use to mix paint. You can choose any, from plastic, glass or ceramics.
  2. Clean mascara brush or cotton swab, which you will apply paint.
  3. Dye need gloves to protect hands.

Important! Any eye disease the procedure is carried out it is strongly recommended not to since there was complete recovery!

Take a sensitivity test to the selected tool.

Fold hands spread a little of the dye and let it sit there for a quarter of an hour. Then the paint must be washed off. If then during the day will not be marked allergic reaction, the paint can safely be used. While working with paint must be attentive to the proportions specified in the instructions and sequence of work.

How is the coloring?

Dye lashes at home you will need a helper. When performing the necessary manipulations alone are unlikely you will be able to efficiently do everything. Paint over the lashes yourself is not as easy as it may seem, needs a little training.

Under eyelashes put cotton pads. The eyes need to be closed. If you are careful to hold the eyelids with your fingers, the assistant will be able to apply paint on the eyelashes throughout the length. Caused by the composition should be left for 10 minutes, after which eyelashes need to be washed gently and blot them dry faster, but do not rub.

Coloring the eyelashes both at home and in the salon should not exercise more than once per month. With intensive use of dye may occur such unpleasant consequences as irritation of the skin, loss of hair. If you use this method properly, he would replace the use of cosmetics.