How to dye eyebrows with a pencil?

Makeup cannot be considered complete and integral without knowing how to paint eyebrows. Few are born with perfect eyebrows, so to correct their form or give them the right shade – this is something faced by most girls. This can be done by different means. For long lasting effect you can resort to painting, however, if this procedure causes concern, we can restrict them to touch up with a pencil. How to paint eyebrow pencil, I know not all, so you should remember a few key points that determine the result.

Eyebrow pencil

How to choose the right pencil?

We must distinguish between makeup for eyelids and for the eyebrows. Often girls neglect it, considering eyeliner multifunctional tool. Of course, in extreme cases, using it as a means to correct possible, however not recommended. The main reason is the color.

The basic rule that should guide during the selection of the shade of the pencil, its shade should be darker than the eyebrows, but lighter lashes.

Along with this, the makeup artists recommend to focus on the hair color when choosing a shade of pencil. For example, the black pencil is best suited for owners of dark hair. And fair-haired ladies with brown hair can use a dark brown tone pencil. Naturally blonde it is advisable to forget about the palette of dark shades. They are best suited beige color. Warm shades of brown are recommended to use red-haired girls.

Color eyebrows

Equally important when choosing cosmetics is the degree of hardness of the stylus. Many prefer a soft rod, which simultaneously fills the empty space between the hairs and the hairs. Due to this girls trying to kill two birds with one stone and form correct and to give a visual density. That is why the end result of such actions causes the surprised looks of passers-by. The fact that overly painted eyebrows draw attention to himself. In addition, they create a sullen expression on his face. Therefore it is best to use a perfectly sharpened hard pencil.

Some of the girls for a correction do not use a pencil, and eyeliner. This idea failed because none of what natural beauty is not worth it. A clear and direct line of eyeliner, is able to nullify all the efforts of the girls to look perfect. Eyeliner should be used when you need to draw or to paint the eyelid, not the eyebrow.

Paint eyebrow pencil: basic techniques

Before you apply makeup, you need to ensure that the eyebrows do not require correction. Because the how to paint eyebrow pencil, when there is excess and protruding hairs? First you need to adjust the shape of the tweezers, and then put make-up eyebrow pencil.

Before you begin painting, you should decide on the form. It all depends on the type of person. Those who have it triangular (of course, relatively), I can safely do is not too long and raising eyebrows. Smooth lines can do owner oval face shape. Rounded tips recommended for those who have a square face, but if the face shape resembles a circle, it is necessary to give preference to an extended arc. The ideal shape is formed by three main points, as shown in the photo.

How to dye eyebrows, so the effect lasted a long time?

It is worth remembering that the eyebrows need to paint only after the applied layer of Foundation and powder.

Otherwise, all efforts are equal to zero and the effect will be negative.

Dyeing eyebrow pencil is not difficult. However, there are some recommendations how to do it properly, so the result is dazzling. It is also important that the pencil does not need to draw the line. Right makeup helps small strokes. If the gaps are quite large, their length needs to be increased.

To achieve the perfect color, you must use two shades of pencil. First, a darker, it is recommended to draw the bottom line, and all the gaps – the second pencil light shade. This way it’s possible to paint the outline.

After you have painted all the areas you need to shade clean lines. This will require a brush. It’s easiest to do a solid brush with a slanted edge. It perfectly follows the shape.

How to dye your eyebrows to give them the effect of density? Pencil with the task to cope with is not very good. In this case, you must use the shadows. If painting eyebrow pencil, but use of shade, then the efforts must be justified.

The last stage of correction – fixing. The hairs need to “comb” brush with a special gel. It ensure color fastness and shape.