How to draw hands for the impending century?

Due to the various types of makeup, any eye can be adjusted, embellished, or accentuate so that the slit and the look will look irresistible. That is why learning how to draw hands for the impending century and mastered the nuances of this makeup, you will be able to give the look of lightness and openness.

Makeup for the impending century

If you are a happy owner of open movable eyelids, almond eyes, or a large podrobnoi areas, then congratulations, because you are experimenting with any kind of makeup. But what about those who have the form and fit of the eye require correction? One such problem is the “heavy” eyelids.

Drooping eyelid: this is a fault or a highlight?

Overhanging eyelid

For many women, this feature becomes a real problem. Conventional techniques make-up drawing arrows don’t work here, because when the overhanging century they hide and loose skin. Capsonic overhanging movable century, creates major difficulties and inconvenience in makeup. But that’s no reason to get upset and be upset. Many stars has the same feature, but it does not prevent them to look amazing and enjoy life. Is creatively the case properly using the color palette, as well as learning the art of correct makeup. Even those who have perfect eyes, or a classic cut, can not always nice to paint. The conclusion is obvious: you need to learn and more to practice.

People suffering from the problem of the impending century

Evening makeup for the impending century

The main age group affected by this problem are women older than 35-40 years. It often happens that young women and girls also face this problem. In the case of age-related changes drooping eyelid occurs due to the weakening of muscle tone. The reasons are:

  • natural aging of the skin;
  • unhealthy lifestyle (bad habits, poor immunity, stress, fatigue);
  • strong hormonal surges that appear since the beginning of menopause.

Options to plastic surgery to return the age to its former state is not available to everyone. And raises the question of whether to go under the surgeon’s scalpel, if you have the opportunity to take advantage of the secrets of makeup and using makeup to hide the defects. For young women who have drooping eyelid is the anatomic feature (for reasons of nationality), these beauty finds will be relevant and will help not to notice a small flaw or turn it into the highlight.

How to do makeup for the impending century?

Applying makeup for the impending century

The main purpose of any makeup is the careful correction of the face: it is necessary to emphasize the advantages and conceal the disadvantages. The owners of overhanging eyelid need to give your eyes expressiveness and to get rid of plaque visual fatigue. To do this, the eyes should be “open” with the help of cosmetics and tricks of makeup. This will lift the outer corner of the eye and will hide the overhang that will create the feeling of an open and clear view.



Common techniques of correct make-up

Working his way, never forget the basic rules and techniques of makeup, without which a good result is impossible.

First, give credit to the care of eyebrows. The correct form of the eyebrows is very important for women with overhanging century. If you cannot do that alone, you should seek professional help and make correction of eyebrows, then constantly keeping their shape. Remember, they can’t be too thick or very thin. The most suitable line is the elevated and elongated, without creases, even with the most raised top edge. Owners of short eyebrows is paint them with corrective pencil.

Secondly, do makeup with the eyes open. This will help to see you the result because even any combination of colors or lines on a closed century will look different when you apply the shadows and look at them with open eyes.

The main mistakes of makeup for the impending century

Phased makeup for the impending century

Doing make-up, it is necessary to avoid misses:

  1. When draw arrows on the eyelids, be careful to not have taken down the outer corner of the eye.
  2. If you apply shadows on the lid in the open eye, there is a chance not to paint evenly all the folds of skin.
  3. Do not use the pearl shade, which gives the surface a century lacquered Shine. This will only make the extra focus on your problem. Visually enhanced oil sheen eyelids will appear more raised, tender. You can apply the shadow with a pearly texture only as a thin line underneath the eyebrow to create the effect of ease and lightness.
  4. The same prohibition applies to glitter.
  5. On the inner corner of the eye should not be iridescent colors (better select a bright or matte) because the eye will be perceived disproportionately.
  6. Straight brows will contribute to the overhang of the century over the eye, and the round – make a person frightened.
  7. Liquid liner to draw an arrow should be excluded from your Arsenal, replacing it with a pencil and loose shadows.
  8. Avoid spicy and sharp lines, because they can highlight any deficiencies. Try to blend each stroke, moving from one shade to another. Even using a pencil, refrain from a clear drawing.
  9. The situation may deteriorate because of the rolling of dark shadows. To avoid this, you should handle before makeup each eyelid using a special base.
  10. Cosmetic products are presented in great abundance of colors, but better be careful. Remember that excesses are bad in any kind of makeup.

The tools and cosmetic products

The essential tools for applying makeup

Everything you need is available in the makeup bag of any woman:

  • the shadows of different colors and shades;
  • shade, shade;
  • corrector or concealer;
  • different brushes;
  • ink;
  • eyeliner;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • raschesochka for eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • brow gel;
  • curling eyelashes;
  • tweezers;
  • eye primer;
  • highlighter.

This set is not required for daily makeup. Try to work with different techniques and different palette, gradually picking up the best choices for them.

Makeup for the impending century: algorithm

Makeup for the impending century at home

The first is to apply a base Foundation on the eyelid. This will help prevent rolling of the shadows, so they are as long held and not disappear under the fold after some time. The base will also facilitate your application and feather color pigment. You can apply it with a brush or even just your finger. Remember that the base is applied all over the eyelid (from the ciliary edge to the eyebrows). Its layer should be as thin as possible. To disguise bruises under the eyes use concealer.

The second step is applying the base colors. Texture, if you remember, must be matte, because the glitter will create an extra volume instead of having to hide or reduce the overhanging part of the century. Shades better to take bright and calm (ivory, white). Then check with open eye the lower edge of the impending century and draw it using a dark matte shadow. All the borders between the shades should blend with movements upward. In the middle part of the hood is to shade on his shade lighter than the previous one (about 2 shades). They also need shade, dimming the outer edge of the eyelid.

Under the eyebrows need to shade the lightest shade (or highlighter). And top lid to paint using light color shadows. With the help of lighten the area around the upper eyelid you will add depth and relief. To draw with a pencil only the upper eyelid. Start making the arrow from its middle, it is noticeable thickening it towards the outer edge and leading upward. In order to sum the lower eyelid, use shadows. Draw a circuit from mid-century to its outer edge. Your mascara may have some mascara and a lengthening effect. You can still use tongs for Curling eyelashes. So you can help give them the desired shape, and then paint. Drama and volume will help you make the right accent. The main thing – not to overdo it, so the ink did not spread and have left no marks under the eyes.

Don’t forget to take care of the eyebrows. It may be that with the right form that doesn’t add up. You can always finish the line using a fine pencil for eyebrow wax-based. The more the wax will help to stick to this makeup during the day. Another problem you can encounter is the bald spots in my eyebrows. Gently fill the form shadows so that it looked as natural as possible. For the final fixation of all of the hairs and the eyebrows, use the gel.

Some secrets and tricks of makeup artists

The ciliary margin is to place the most pronounced.

Creating a soft mist, you will be able to visually make the eyes large and expressive.

The nuances of drawing arrows for the impending century

Shading shade from the outer corner (keeping as close as possible to the ciliary edge), go through the crease between the fixed and movable eyelids. So, you have to give the eyes some depth, to hide the overhanging part of the century, obscuring it visually by removing the inside.

Choose for your sustainable makeup tools because unstable the product will either print the line close under the brow, or spread out around the movable century. Smooth transitions in the colors will help you make good tusovochka brush. It can make the famous smoky-eye look (smoky eyes). Draw the creases and outer corners of the eyes need shadows of dark shades, while for the interior parts is recommended to use light colors.

To make the look easy and relaxed will help painting with light shadows of the overhanging parts of the upper eyelid (you can use white, cream or beige shade). Lower eyelids, on the contrary, are dark and saturated colors, helping to visually enlarge the eyes, to give them expressiveness and depth. But don’t do in between big contrast. You can try receiving professional make-up artists: “drop” a little white color, like touching the nose, the inner corner of the eye.

The nuances of drawing arrows for the impending century

The usual arrows close the looming century. Therefore it is necessary to draw special (see photo). First, draw a line that will continue the lower eyelid. Print it along the contour of the upper eyelid to the middle of the eye. Then draw a line on the crease of the upper eyelid. This line will be the outer side of the arrow. The angle that you get, you need to fully shaded, using a gel eyeliner. You will then be able to put the shadow of any selected color. Such a broad and expressive hand will hide in the crease. You need to choose the right angle and place of its bending.

The arrows in makeup for hanging eyelids always need to be large and expressive, with hazy background on the fixed part of the century.

Liner owners heavy eyelids need to be careful. Don’t be afraid to use a solid shade or a pencil when you hover of the arrows. Because you are important for smooth transitions of shades and clean lines only worsen the situation. You can easily do everyday makeup, using only mascara and a black pencil. To do this, draw the arrow all the rules of makeup for hanging eyelids: start from the middle of the top edge and make it a line gradually moving to the outer edge. Then carefully paint mascara on mascara and curl the upper lashes. As a result, you will get a very expressive and deep eyes.

If the needle is too thin, it may be the feeling that century several folds. This is another argument for and against the pencil eyeliner. So the arrows turned out nice and smooth, please remember to sharpen the pencil before doing makeup.

Summing up

Don’t think heavy eyelids – this is a serious drawback. Try to look on the bright side: these eyes are often called the languid, sexy and seductive. Such an age structure can be found in many renowned beauties and sex symbols, for example, uma Thurman or Marilyn Monroe.

Any type of appearance required care, underlining advantages and hiding disadvantages. Ignoring the basic rules of make-up (especially drawing shooter), you will not be able to pay looming forever in the highlight. Therefore it is necessary to practice a little to easy to mask this problem and always look beautiful and confident woman.