How to draw eyebrow: advice women

How to draw eyebrows so they look natural and stylish?

An example of a beautifully designed eyebrows

Fashion is always fickle. Time changes it fundamentally. Makeup is no exception. Once the person fashionistas adorned the slim, elegant brownie arc. Then the women carried away brownii arcs in the form of a house that are twisted, giving the face an expression of surprise and distraction. Later natural shape that frames a woman’s eyes came into Vogue. The hairs are not plucked, but only a slight adjustment was made to the correct thickness. Today in fashion appear innovative ways of framing women’s eyes. Every morning the woman looking at her reflection in the mirror, thinks what it to draw the shape of the eyebrows to make them look stylish and trendy.

Why do women change the shape of the eyebrows

This ornament of a female face plays a very important role. Every woman knows that using the form of the eyebrows can change the expression. Upward they absolutely change the appearance. For example, for a woman who has larger facial features, your best option would be brownie a wide arc. If a woman with this shape has a thick brownie arc, others will feel that her face is permanently frowning.

If cheerful, kind girl has thick, wide eyebrows, her sparkling eyes entirely. To make your eyes look more open, you need a eyebrow shaping. But to do it properly takes training and knowledge of the rules making it women’s decoration of the face the right shape.

Not every woman has by nature the beautiful form browney arc. So the fairer half of humanity used different methods of transformation.

How to make a beautiful eyebrow shape

The most affordable way is to use the services of professionals in a beauty salon. There you can get professional help in changing their appearance. But you can do it at home itself. To get rid of unwanted hair and make a beautiful brownie arc, making hair removal. Using tongs, you will achieve the right shape frame for your eyes. To pluck extra hairs.

The space between brownie arcs must be clean, free of hairs. Then draw them yourself. Tweeze the hair is not very customer-friendly. So you need to first make the skin softer to avoid pain. Hot water treatments will help you relax the skin of the face.

What not to do, caring for brownie arcs? The hair in this area is impossible to cut out and shave. Because it can accelerate their growth and even change direction. May begin education Vikhrov, erect hairs.

Draw a beautiful eyebrow

The scheme of defining the ideal shape of the eyebrows

  1. Define fit eyes. This can be done by measuring the width of each eye and the distance between them. They are considered wide-set, when the width between them is greater than the width of the eye. They can be close together or have a normal distance between them.
  2. Browney visually divide the arc into three zones: where it originates, its peak (bending), extension (the tail).
  3. Find brownas the beginning of the arc. From the extreme point of the wing of the nose guide mentally a straight line perpendicular to up.
  4. Find the peak of the arc. Mentally hold a straight line from the center of the chin through the pupil of the eye.
  5. Find the end point of the arc. To do this, mentally draw a straight line from the edge of the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye.

How to draw beautiful eyebrows

Stages of eyebrow pencil

How to transform the face:

  1. Eyebrows located too close visually increase the age of the woman and lengthen her nose.
  2. With close-set eyes tint tail browney arc darker than the main part.
  3. When the eyes, set wide apart, the tail of the eyebrows should be painted a lighter paint.
  4. Round face looks good with highly arched eyebrows with a break. Must be the beginning of a wide and rather thin tail. It is important that the arc shape is not repeated round face shape.
  5. Women with oval shaped face are recommended to have straight, slightly rounded brownie arc. No need to make them too high. Eyebrows look better if they are thinner than the natural width. The facial expression looks too angry, if brownie arc straight and wide.
  6. To a square face will benefit from a slightly upward curved arc above the eyes. But they should not be too thin.
  7. For women with triangular face are recommended slightly raised brownie arc with a smooth, uniform bend. You need to be careful. Too sharp bending of the arc will give the face a sad appearance. Do not go to this type of person and direct brownie arc.
  8. Women with elongated face, will look good with the arcuate edge in a straight line. Visually the facial features become softer and more round.

Remedies for eyebrow correction

Use cosmetic pencil eyeliner framing women’s eyes:

  1. With the aim of eyeliner cosmetic use only, a well-eroded pencil.
  2. Choose the color close to your natural color.
  3. The pencil strokes are applied in the direction of hair growth and shade tassel.
  4. Tinting brownie arc pencil makeup artists recommend only in the case of rare hairs.

Eyebrows can be done using the shadows

  1. Using the shadows they are more beautiful and expressive.
  2. Wide brownie arc drawn shadow, not pencil. The latter will give them a rough look.
  3. More suitable for this matte shadow.
  4. The eyebrows should not be too thick layer of makeup.
  5. Comb the hair well. Apply the cosmetic touches of a fine brush, pointed on the end. Draw strokes from the nose to the temporal lobe of the head in the direction of hair growth.

What color scheme should i use?

  1. Dark brownie arcs will be combined shallow brown.
  2. To yellowish hairs suits a light olive shade.
  3. To brownim arcs light blond color pick up ashy shades.
  4. Blondes is not a dark arc-shaped edge.

Ink and chemical dyes for correction browney arc are rarely used.

Using these techniques you can refresh your face by drawing great eyebrows. Now you know what to draw beautiful eyebrows is possible. Before you can draw a beautiful line, you need to study the rules of preparation of this important attribute of a woman’s eyes. You can draw eyebrows with powder or a cosmetic pencil. You draw brownie arc should be perfectly suited to your face. To choose the right eyebrow shape, study your photo.

If a woman is correctly painted eyebrows, she will look more young and attractive.