How to draw beautiful arrows?

Girls give up a lot of time to be beautiful and attractive, hide flaws and emphasize the dignity, to give your image a highlight. Today the stores are full of decorative cosmetics: Foundation equipment, lipsticks and lip glosses, shadows, eyeliners, pencils and blush. Modern designers offer bold choices in makeup, I advise you to go us pace with time and not be afraid to experiment. Every season there is some kind of novelty on the market, the latest trend in makeup, range of colors, which should be followed.

The arrows on the eyes

Whatever the new trends, but classics are immortal and always relevant. Beautiful hands never go out of fashion. The arrows are suitable for any celebrations and events, they are drawn quickly and are always spectacular. If you learn how to draw hands, then you will have several advantages:

  • stylish and discreet look;
  • underline a natural beauty;
  • less time is needed to create make-up;
  • expressive and bright eyes;
  • sophistication and femininity.

Ways of drawing arrows

The creating liquid eyeliner

Arrows can be created in two ways: pencil and liquid eyeliner. Only you should decide what you prefer to draw the arrow. Makeup artists recommend liquid eyeliner that pencil is brighter and more persistent. Many girls are afraid to use eyeliner, as the lines are uncertain and crooked, and sloppy makeup.

Dear girls, don’t be afraid to use liquid liner! Straight arrow – the case of equipment which is acquired with time. If you have the desire to learn to draw smoothly and create perfect eye makeup, take an hour time for training, you need to get the hand, then in the future you will miss 15 minutes. If you have limited time, and you need to draw arrows that had never been painted, give it up. The first time perfect arrows rarely work, so practice in your free time. You can experiment with length and shape of the shooter to determine what works for you. Try different eyeliner and a pencil, find something that will satisfy your requirements.

The creating with a pencil

The creating with a pencil

If you decided to paint the arrows with a pencil, then you need to choose the right pencil, which will make applying makeup more convenient. First, get a pencil for eyes, which would have an appropriate inscription. Why not fit any other? Because this pencil will not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes, they will water, and at the end of the day will not turn red. Secondly, the pencil should be well sharpened. You will not be able to make beautiful arrows, if you work with a dull pencil. Thirdly, choose a pencil marked “mild” or “medium” which will allow for more easy application. Solid pencil dimmer, so the arrows will be faded.

When the pencil is selected, you can begin to create arrows. First you need to align the complexion and highlight your eyebrows. Eyebrow in the classic makeup play an important role, so pay attention to them.

Step 1. Draw the spaces between the eyelashes on the upper eyelid and the inner part of the upper eyelid. Thus, your look will be deeper and more expressive. For convenience, slightly pull the upper eyelid on the outer side (in the direction of the respective temple). Start to draw the inner part of the eyelid with the outer part and gradually work your way to the inner corner of the eye. The inner area should not be shaded, otherwise during the day there can form clusters, such as after sleep.

The technique of drawing arrows on the eyes

Step 2. Using cotton swab, wipe the lower eyelids, if you get them soiled. Dip one end of the wand in a tool for removing eye make-up, then you can easily remove the pencil marks with age.Step 3. Start drawing the arrow. Always start painting from the outer corner to the inner eye. This way you will ensure success. Swipe a curved line directed to the outer tip of the eyebrow. The length of the arrows identify themselves, especially taking into consideration the structure of your eyes. The recommended length is 5-7 mm. Then proceed to the other eye, you need to draw a similar arc to get the mirror. If you managed to draw two identical arcuate line, more than half of the work you have done, because this is the most difficult step.

Step 4. Back off 1-1,5 mm from the outer tip of the arc and start drawing a line with a pencil, which will be parallel to the lash line of the upper eyelid. The distance between the eyelashes and the drawn lines can be different, the recommended width of the arrows is 2-3 mm. is Gradually moving closer to the lash line so that they are merged, when you reach the inner corner of the eye. An important condition in this step, the eyes should be open, otherwise the arrows are crooked. The same operation do with the other eye.

Step 5. Fill the space between the lash line and drawn line. Start this process from the outside of the eye, apply a short diagonal lines, not to stretch the eyelid.

Step 5. Can slightly draw the lower eyelid, if you wish. The final stage is the application of mascara. Use black mascara with the volume effect to give the eyes more expression.

Arrows do not have to do only with a black pencil, you can also use blue, grey, green, brown and other colors. Makeup will not be a classic but is sure to be spectacular.

The creating liquid eyeliner

Drawing arrows with a brush

Much easier to do eyeliner and arrows, they get brighter and clearer. The main thing is to find one eyeliner that will meet your requirements. All introductions can be classified according to several characteristics.

  1. Waterproof or regular eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliner it is recommended to use in rainy weather, the celebration, those people who often have watery eyes. The makeup is flawless, you can even RUB your eyes and eyeliner won’t wear off.
  2. Color. There are many shades of eyeliners: black, brown, blue, green, grey, white and others. The liner is also divided into matte and pearl. Pearl looked very impressive and suitable for evening makeup for photo shoots and celebrations. Photo your look will be irresistible.
  3. Brush. The most important role in plays an eyeliner brush, where you paint the arrow. There are long and short fibers, hard and soft, thick and rare. In addition to lint, use a small sponge, which is much more convenient and practical. Aspiring makeup artists recommended to use the last of the brush, which will create a smoother line.

The steps of creating arrows using liquid eyeliner

Scheme for the construction of the arrow

Step 1. Shake the bottle of eyeliner. Liquid on the brush should be in moderation, so it is not dripping and not spread over the century. Start drawing the arrow. Always start painting from the outer corner to the inner eye. Swipe a curved line directed to the outer tip of the eyebrow, as in the case with a pencil. The length of the arrow, adjust to your liking. The main thing that they were the same. It is not recommended to make the arrows longer than 1 cm otherwise you will look like Cleopatra. Draw the same arc is a complicated matter, which rarely turns out right the first time. If you make a mistake, take a q-tip and use makeup remover remove age arrow and start again.

Step 2. Begin to link the arrow with the inner corner of the eye. Back off 1 mm from the end of the arrow and draw a line parallel to the lash line. Gradually reduce the level and bring the brush to the inner corner of the eye. No need to paint the inner area, leave it intact. Its better to do thin arrow, and then to expand it. Otherwise, you need to wash hands with cleanser to remove makeup and to paint again.

Don’t forget that the eyes should be open when you draw the line.

If you close your eyes, the line will curve, you will have to redo it.

Step 3. Fill the gap between lashes and draw line. A brush of eyeliner is very easy to do and fast. Sometimes the girls touch the upper eyelashes, when drawing the arrow. This can hardly be avoided, but solved the problem easily. Just use a cotton swab with cleanser to remove eye makeup and wipe off the eyeliner from the lashes. Now the mascara will fall onto lashes easily and evenly. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. As the eyeliner has an intense color, you can use lengthening mascara without volume effect. It is possible to sum the lower eyelid, but know the measure, because in this case you should focus on the upper eyelid.

Till you get the hang of it, your arrows will be different every time. Value plays every inch that could significantly change the cut and shape of your eyes. Using eyeliner to round eyes, to make them almond-shaped, more. You can visually change their location. If you make the arrow longer and finish them away from the inner corner of the eyes, the eyes appear widely spaced.

The arrow is an extension of the image, do not forget about the other elements. The complexion should be smooth, if there are pink spots, then use a compact powder or Foundation funds. Then take care of the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be well shaped, well defined. They should make the look more expressive and tenacious. Eyebrows in this makeup should be darker than usual, so they are not lost on the background of the black arrows. The lip paint in the classical style, red lipstick.