How to draw arrows on the eyelids beautiful?

How to draw beautiful arrows? This art wants to possess every woman.

The arrows on the eyelids

Fashion arrow near the eye came in the early 1950s, and still women are using them to create beauty. Arrows not only can enhance the iris color and make attractive look, they can also visually change the eye shape.

Than applied arrows

Draw arrows on the eyelids can be anything. This can be done using:

  • pencil for eyes;
  • shadows;
  • liquid eyeliner;
  • gel eyeliner;
  • dry liner.

Drawing arrows with a blue pencil

In order to draw nice arrows, you need skill, a steady hand, a fine brush or wide applicator material for applying eyeliner.

Eyeliner better than badly sharpened, otherwise you can cause yourself injury. It is best if the pencil is sharpened obliquely.

Those who want to do hands with the help of liquid eyeliner, should acquire a fine brush. Some prefer to use make-up brushes for paint brushes, which are specially cut at a comfortable angle.

Dry liquid eyeliner is convenient because its density can be adjusted independently. She is bred to be ordinary water.

If the lines have a century planned strike looms, it is understood that the line will be thicker. So, you must have a hard applicator. Best of all, if it is made of dense foam. These arrows have feather.

It is easier to adjust the shape of the eye eyeliner gel. The gel dries slowly, and the blemish will be easy to fix.

Currently released eyeliner in the form of a pen. It is very easy to use, it washes off with plain water.

How to perform eyeliner, everyone decides individually based on their own experience and convenience.

The choice of color to create the image

Beautiful classic shooter – black eyeliner. His eyes combined with bright red lipstick look extremely sexy.

Drawing arrows with a brush

That’s only in the daylight, with her makeup is unlikely to look natural. Day it is best to use a color eyeliner: brown, beige, blue or dark green. Mascara with such arrows do not have to be black. Daytime makeup looks good blue, brown or green mascara. Nice to put the arrow a little. They should match the color of your eyes.

Than daytime makeup more natural, the better it looks. So during the day instead of eyeliner or pencil lines on the eyes to shade with colored shadows.

Preparation for drawing arrows

Before starting the eye makeup, should skin of the eyelids to prepare.

  1. First, under makeup base is applied. European women at home neglect this stage, and for good reason. Base makes the eye more, the shadows longer crumble.
  2. The base is a makeup base. As it is possible to use a cream shadow neutral tones, cream concealer for eyes.
  3. The base is covered with a transparent powder or a neutral eye shadow from your favorite palettes.
  4. Clearly the line eyeliner will look if it is held after the imposition of the shadows.
  5. To beautiful to paint hands, elbow on the table must be placed firmly. If there is no proper skill, first line eyeliner can be described by the points and then connect them.
  6. Beautiful hands are as close to the lash line.

If you decide to do arrows eyeliner, the brush should act with particular caution. Liquid paint in case of contact with eyes it causes redness. To wash the eyes, make-up will have to get rid of completely.

The algorithm for drawing lines on eyelids

Applicator for applying mascara

Line outline with a pencil, then paint over the eyeliner.

  1. First, a thin line is carried out as close to the lash line. The head at this time, it is better to fold, then apply the line will be easier. For this contour line it is best to use a soft eyeliner gray or light brown.
  2. So the arrows look nice, they must exactly match the lashes and bend at the same angle. If the upper eyelids are heavy, the line in the outer corner of the eye requires a little lift.
  3. The contour lines required to connect the main color. Around the inner corner of the eyes need to leave the line thin at the outer to expand.
  4. On the lower eyelid, the liner is held with its inner side.

Mascara on the lashes applied once beautiful to draw an arrow has failed.

It is easiest to draw arrows of the shadows with an applicator. If you want to see the line more clearly, it is carried out with a damp applicator, pale line is obtained when the applicator dry. The outer edge of the arrow can even shade. Pearl shade used for drawing arrows, make the eyes look open. To cope with this can even the woman that the arrow connector to draw can not.

How beautiful to put the arrows, so they look professionally? Makeup artists prefer to use for this purpose cosmetic eyeliner. Thanks to the soft pencil lines on the eyelids shaded, which gives the look of mystery.

Wide lines on the eyelids, and smudge the owners of a small eyes are not suitable. They need clear paths that you can draw only solid lead. But then you want to consider: fine lines is able to do look tougher. The women like makeup adds years.

Tricks drawing arrows

How to make arrows those who are not able to hold the line smooth line even under pain of death? If there is no tendency to allergic reactions, the skin is not very sensitive, you can use adhesive tape. Tape is not suitable, it is very difficult then detached from the skin. It is best to take paper tape for checks, or apply colored tape.

Line is better to apply gel eyeliner.

  1. The tape is glued under the eye under the angle that most closely matches the growth of eyelashes.
  2. Eyeliner is applied from the inner to the outer corner of the eye parallel to the adhesive tape.
  3. Tape comes unstuck, eyeliner thickens and painted.

Of course, applying evening makeup with the application of the scheme with sticky tape is impossible. Under the belt it is impossible to apply a base or concealer. Thus, it is possible to practise and to get hand or limited colored arrows for a daytime option.

As soon as possible to learn the technique of this makeup, it is possible to apply various schemes of drawing lines on the eyelid. The raised liquid eyeliner can give eyes an elongated shape almond-shaped eyes of a predator, is omitted – it will create similarities with the Egyptian women. You can paint the eyelid fully – lashes will look more dense.

The arrow is the ideal way to add perfection to the look.

They are all women without exception. The main thing – to choose the color and direction of these lines to adjust the appearance.