Are there any downsides of this kind of cosmetic procedure?


Good afternoon. I read on your site great article about eyelash extensions and the only thing I would like to clarify – are there any disadvantages of this kind of cosmetic procedure?

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are there any downsides of this kind of cosmetic procedure?

Expert’s answer

Yes, indeed, as in every kind of complex cosmetic procedure has very significant disadvantages, I will list them, and you decide you will accept them or not:

  • The cilia will require extra care, this will need to be further adjusted;
  • If you wear lenses, then get ready for what you have at the time of building would have to give. Additional manipulation of the lenses can “shorten the life” the eyelashes;
  • Sleeping on the stomach is impossible, as the lashes may just at some point “break”;
  • When applying shadow can’t drive with a brush or applicator along the line of growth of eyelashes;
  • Every 2-3 weeks I will have to come to the beautician to edit (also pay you to understand);
  • Fatty cream, oil-based eye on the time wearing these cilia are excluded.

Here are the cons.