How to disguise pimples on the face

Despite careful daily care of the face, almost every girl faced with the sudden appearance of unpleasant pimples. The reasons for this phenomenon can be quite different, and if the appearance of pimples was an unpleasant regularity, it is best to refer to endocrinologist to determine the exact reasons to eliminate acne help the proper diet.

Masking acne with makeup

But the problem is not solved in one day, and the question of how to disguise pimples on the face for a limited time, you receive in any way.

Basic tips to conceal acne

Drying of acne Vizina

One of the most important rules to keep in mind: in any case can not squeeze pimples, this will only aggravate the situation. Due to the extrusion of the area of inflammation on the face will be more, moreover, may remain a bloody wound, which will heal a little longer than if the pimple had been left untouched. So hide it will be much harder because of the increased size.

In addition, it is not necessary to put on the face very thick layer of concealer because it will look very unnatural to draw a completely unnecessary views, which you will feel not very good. It is better to use a few simple tips for visual reduction of inflammation on the face.

First and foremost, you can use a great method for reducing inflammation: this will take a very common medicine “visine”, which in the properties is the narrowing of blood vessels, and he could slightly dry the skin. A few drops of the drug should be applied on a small piece of fleece and put in the freezer for a few minutes. After it freeze, you need to put cotton wool covered with ice to the pimple and hold no more than 5 minutes. After that it will be significantly smaller in size.

Makeup for disguise pimples

Makeup emphasizing on the eyes to divert attention from inflammations on a face

Before to mask pimples with makeup, you need to cleanse your face of dirt and plaque of fatty discharge, as if this is not done, then a long time to hide the inflammation in the skin will not work, and all the shortcomings will soon appear. After cleansing the skin best sunscreen with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect, it slightly dries pimples.

Before to disguise the pimples, you should pay attention to the quality of your cosmetics, it is best to use a special hypoallergenic means: face powder, concealer, they are now quite common. So, how to conceal pimples? For this you will need a concealer, the shade is one tone lighter than your skin. A darker Foundation, as well as with the pink shade does not fit perfectly, probably, will allow to achieve completely the opposite effect.

Liquid concealer to mask the flaws much better than the other, put it best sponge on inflammation area, gently to blend. Next you need to use a powder, loose fits best, because it has the effect of a uniform distribution. Blush should be dark or light brown, light peach and pink colors do not fit, even if they tell you to face, because, on the contrary, they will mask the pimples, and those will become much more noticeable. Lipstick and lip gloss too, should you choose more neutral shades, in order not to attract too much attention.

Another option of how to disguise the flaws on the face: to strengthen the focus on the eyes, because the bright eye makeup will draw attention and skin imperfections are completely invisible in this way.

How to hide pimples without using makeup

If you don’t want to use excessive makeup if you acne, you might want to know how to mask imperfections without the use of cosmetics. If you have a few hours, it is possible to significantly reduce the inflammation, using as a means to combat acne paracetamol, streptocid or Advil. The tablets should be crushed as fine as possible, put the resulting powder on inflammation, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse, if these drugs you are in the drops, then you need to apply a few drops to affected area and leave until completely dry, but do not rinse after that.

If you still have one more night, you can put on the face layers of aloe Vera juice and lemon juice at a time. Thus, the skin a little brighter and it will make the inflammation much less noticeable. In addition, in order to hide the inflammation, you can try to use a conventional instant coffee powder. It should be rubbed into the zit for a few minutes, leave it for a while, and then rinse.