How do you determine the proper eyebrow shape?

Every self-respecting woman simply has to take care of themselves, even if nature granted to her beautiful features. First thing you should pay attention to is the face. Should skin care and appropriate make-up have become valuable weapons in a skillful female hands, but a large part of the fair half of mankind do not realize how useful, from the point of view of improving women’s appearance may become the right shape of the eyebrows. It’s easy to be able to change facial expression, make it a more harmonious look – open and expressive.

The right eyebrow shape for oval face

Of course, to choose the right eyebrow is extremely difficult, and sometimes even professionals are not able at first to cope with the task, but because the eyebrows have a tendency to rapid growth, putting a lot of effort, you eventually will achieve your goals and be satisfied with the result.

The history of the art of making eyebrows the right shape

Photo 1. Winged eyebrows: sketch and example

For many centuries the eyebrows paid special attention, not only women but also men. Thus, the ancient Eastern cultures are characterized by the fact that in the era of ancient civilizations beautiful and right eyebrows was considered to be fused into one on the bridge of the nose eyebrows. Those women who could not boast of such a dense natural vegetation, resorted to toning the nose with antimony or some other colouring minerals.

In Egypt, the fashion was completely different – they are carefully plucked and then tinted with a black pencil. Approximately the same shape of eyebrows were predominant in Japan. It is from Japan, according to fashion historians, the tradition came plucking eyebrows in Europe that allowed women to give them the correct form. The hairs above the eyes began to pull out almost completely, and if you look carefully at the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Mona Lisa”, it will be noted that the image of her women, the Mona Lisa, there are no hairs above the eyes.

How can be created the correct shape of the eyebrows?

Photo 2. The dependence of the shape of the type face

Regardless of what the right shape of eyebrows you can pick up based solely on individual facial features, fashion still prevails, and many times the women prefer to keep eyebrows in their natural form, slightly precisava them, as at the end of the last century, proreal them to very thin lines. Now, the fashion trend can be considered the winged shape of the edge (photo 1) that is flexible and allows you to experiment with density.

But opinions are changing and perhaps soon each of the women will be like La Gioconda, to get rid of facial hair.

When choosing the right brow shape, it is worth considering some important factors, first of which is the type of person (photo 2). It is well shaped eyebrows can change the appearance of the person as to the best and failed to destroy even the most harmonious features.

The right eyebrows

Thus, even when eyebrow with a slight bend already out of fashion, but you know they fit you perfectly, feel free to be unfashionable, but it is better to leave the previously selected shape. According to the basic rule, owners of round faces will suit a curved eyebrow shape with a high rise and a cropped end, as the shape distortions will be very full face. If the person is different ladies oval features, then it should not form a high brow line, otherwise the face becomes more narrow and oblong.

If the face has a triangular shape, correct eyebrow shape can be created by a light curve of the arc, which will give the eyes and face in General softer features. At the same time avoid creating straight eyebrows. Holders of square type of person should not bow to excessive thinning of eyebrows, leaving them more or less dense.

Practical advice on how to define and create a graceful eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

To most accurately determine the right correct form of the eyebrows need to stand in front of a mirror and take a cosmetic pencil and a ruler, which will be awarded to three important points – the beginning, end and highest point of the arc. Starting point – the head, the right eyebrow is as follows – the lower end line is applied to the wing of the nose and sent him on a tangent to the inner corner of the eye. In the place where the upper part of the line will cross the eyebrow, put a dot with a pencil. It will begin with your eyebrow from the bridge of the nose. The outer end or, speaking to language of experts, the tail is about the same way, then the lower end of the line remains in the same place, while its remaining part must pass at a tangent to the outer corner of the eye. Here, too, need to make a mark. Now select the highest point through which must pass an arc edge. We find her again with the ruler, applying it at a tangent to the wing of the nose, and out through the center of the pupil.

According to the obtained coordinates, you now need to try to draw an eyebrow before plucking the hairs to make sure of the correctness of their calculations.

Stylists, by the way, allow to deviate from the intended targets, by changing, for example, the length of the arc, which slightly lengthen or shorten. In the latter case do not forget about a very important rule, which obliges you to focus on the size of the lips, which in any case should not be wider, because otherwise the human face will become a comic effect.

Modern cosmetic products (gels, eye shadow and powder) will fix the you have created the correct shape eyebrows and keep it for a long time.