The definition of the color type appearance

Every woman wants to look attractive in the eyes of others. Women spend a lot of time in search of his own style, which will help them to stand out from the crowd. In order to choose the right makeup and clothes, you need to be able to determine your color type appearance. Here come to the aid of a fairly simple test. If you want you can go straight online.

Thanks to this test on the Internet you can easily learn how to determine your color type appearance. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in such searches, then you could cope alone with this task. The test is based on the determination of skin tone.

How to determine your color type

One distinguishes four types of appearance: winter, spring, summer and autumn. The warm tone of the skin corresponds to the spring and autumn color type. Summer and winter present the winner of the cold color of the skin. Test to determine your type may cause some difficulty even for novice stylists. This is due to the fact that there are mixed color types. The test consists of a set of certain characteristics in a person’s appearance. Special attention is paid to the color of their skin, hair and eyes. To find out your color type appearance, you must comply with the following conditions:

The definition of the color type

  1. The skin of the face should be clean from makeup.
  2. You need to take a small piece of paper.
  3. The test is carried out only in daylight.
  4. It is recommended to stand near the mirror, which is located close to the window opening.

After all preparations are done, you can proceed to test to determine the tone of your skin. Put a sheet of paper to face. If the skin acquired a light peach or brownish color then you are the owner of a warm color type. If the tone of your face was light brown with pink, then you have the cold type of appearance.

The basis of color appearance can be defined and due to test on the skin of the wrist. For this you need to carefully consider your hand. If through the skin Shine pale blue wreaths, then you have a cool style. A greenish hue indicates blood vessels on the skin of warm colors. Now you need to know the characteristics of each of the types of appearances in order to discover which one is yours.

It is very important to know how to choose colors of clothes and makeup.

Due to the different shades you can be 10 years younger or look older than your age. If you pass that test, how to determine the color type, then the ideal way is already done. Now you will be able with certainty to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses.

Winter color type

Photo 1. Winter color type

The owners of this type of appearance is dominated by the contrast throughout (photo 1). In the photo you can see that hair is a dark shade combined with transparent pale skin. Women with the winter type of appearance have very bright whites of their eyes. The eyes can be brown, green, black and blue.

When choosing an outfit in the winter type, you need to focus on bright and contrasting things. It is not recommended to use pastel shades. These colors in clothes or makeup will just be lost against the bright appearance. For winter choice is white with a blue tint, black, red, silver, blue and green.

To get a good tan owners porcelain skin hard enough. Under the influence of sunlight the skin may acquire a pinkish hue, but it is not gold. If you continue to stay in the sun longer than allowed time, you can get burns.

Women with winter complexion, it is recommended to adhere to the classical style in clothes or to give preference to the extravagant. When choosing jewelry it is advisable to choose jewelry in white gold and silver. Also this type is well suited pearl white and black color, mother of pearl and rhinestones.

Spring type of appearance

Photo 2. Spring color type appearance

This color type is light and airy. Woman-spring is dominated by blond hair from Golden to brown. Sometimes there are red members of the fairer sex. In addition to the bright spring hair color type appearance is dominated by light skin and a gentle flush (photo 2). Such women it is advisable to use bright colors in clothes and makeup. They will help to make the eyes more expressive and will give a fresh appearance to the skin. In the wardrobe of the spring type of appearance should prevail Golden, turquoise and blue shades.

Women with the spring type of appearance it is not recommended to use white color. He will age. Unwanted dark shades which give a tired look. Clothing should give preference to soft tissues flying. A wonderful choice will be the wardrobe in sporty style. It helps to emphasize the tenderness and ease. The jewel of this color type is most suitable articles of gold. It is desirable that they were discreet and careful. Do not overuse different jewelry.

Summer color type appearance

Photo 3. Summer color type appearance

Women summer type of appearance have light blonde or ash blonde hair and blue or green eyes (photo 3). This color type is cold as winter. Characterized by fair skin, which can be grayish hue. Such women should choose the clothes and makeup of blue, grey, blue and lilac shades. It is not recommended to use dark colors, which can emphasize the flaws of the skin. Summer color type doesn’t go well with orange. Unlike women winter summer the fairer sex are perfect pastel colors.

The color type more suited to the romantic style. Lace, ruffles and bows will add year old woman’s charm. Fabric it is advisable to choose light and rustling. Jewelry is preferably worn in moderation. Gold and silver jewelry with precious stones will be a good choice. Harmoniously fit into the image of pearl pink or white.

Woman autumn type

Photo 4. Autumn color type appearance

Autumn color type is a dark version of a warm kind of appearance. Its owners inherent curls Golden-brown, chestnut and reddish hue (photo 4). They have a beautiful ivory leather. Women of the autumn type is recommended to choose the wardrobe and makeup in brown, red, yellow and green color palette. Black or shade of gray can visually spoil the tone of the skin.

The stylistic choice of the image of women of the autumn type should not go beyond naturalness and comfort. Use fabrics with a rough texture. Jewelry should be massive enough, but without excessive Shine. Excellent material for jewelry can be gold, copper or brass. Pearls in warm tones, bead weaving and leather will complement the look and rhinestones, it is desirable to completely eliminate.

If a responsible approach to the test, which helps determine the color type of appearance, to listen to all the recommendations, you will be able to create an interesting and memorable way.